In Transnistria they believe that Moldova may attack

Andrei Safonov, a deputy of the Supreme Council of Transnistria, expressed serious concerns about Chisinau's plans to demilitarize the region, believing that such measures could lead to armed conflict. Safonov claims that Chisinau is seeking to deprive Transnistria of military protection in order to use a forceful scenario in the future to resolve the status of the region. He expressed such thoughts in the context of recent statements by Oleg Serebryan, Deputy Prime Minister of Moldova for Reintegration, about the need to withdraw Russian peacekeeping forces from Transnistria in connection with the potential integration of Moldova into the European Union.

Serebrian also stressed that demilitarization measures will be considered only after the end of hostilities in Ukraine, hinting at a possible strengthening of the Moldovan position if Ukrainian troops are successful. Safonov sharply criticizes this approach, believing that it does not contribute to a peaceful resolution of the conflict, but, on the contrary, increases tension and makes the use of military force possible.

According to Safonov, the Moldovan authorities have already abandoned serious negotiations to resolve the conflict, preferring to prepare the diplomatic ground for a military attack on Transnistria. In this regard, he calls for strengthening the alliance between Russia and Transnistria and ignoring demands for the withdrawal of Russian troops, seeing this as a guarantee of security for the region.


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