In Russia, an absolute record of the incidence of coronavirus was recorded - almost 12 thousand patients

The incidence of coronavirus in Russia per day reached an absolute record.

According to the official Telegram channel of the Moscow operations headquarters on the situation with coronavirus, over the past 1786 hours the number of people infected with coronavirus in the Russian Federation increased by 11917 people, as a result, the total number of infected citizens increased to XNUMX people.

In addition to a sharp increase in morbidity, the number of deaths has also increased significantly, in particular, if 76 deaths were reported even days before, today this figure has already reached 94 cases.

“Over the last day in Russia, 1786 new cases of coronavirus in 57 regions were confirmed, 18 deaths were recorded. The diagnosis was first made in the Republic of Tuva. In a day across Russia, 97 people fully recovered. In total, today in Russia 11 917 cases of coronavirus are registered in 82 regions. Over the entire period, 94 deaths were recorded, 795 people recovered ”, - the Official Telegram informs the channel of the Moscow operations headquarters on the situation with coronavirus.

The record number of deaths among citizens for whom a new type of coronavirus has been confirmed raises serious concerns, especially considering the fact that, according to official figures, the peak incidence rate in Russia is still quite far.

Experts do not exclude that, due to the worsening situation, measures to combat a new type of coronavirus can be tightened in Russia.