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In the Russian air defense / missile defense systems found foreign components subject to US sanctions

In the Russian air defense systems found foreign components.

Sanctions imposed by the United States against manufacturers of Russian air defense systems can seriously affect the country's defense capability. This is due primarily to the presence of foreign electronic components in the composition of the same complex “Pantsir-S”, and this applies to its latest modification - “Pantsir-SM”, which fall under the new sanctions of Washington.

Such conclusions were made by specialists after the publication of the corresponding document in one of the Telegram communities, according to which the manufacturer ZRPK Pantsir-S carried out the production of these complexes using electronic components of foreign manufacture (their origin was not disclosed). Ed. . According to some reports, the relevant documents were posted on the government procurement website in 2015.

Moreover, the specialists were able to establish that in the newest version of the Pantsir-SM, foreign-made electronic components are used, including as part of hypersonic guided missiles (GZUR).

At the moment, the manufacturer of the ZRPK Pantsir-S has not yet commented on the imposition of sanctions by the United States, however, if Russian complexes do use components from Western production, this could have serious consequences for the production of these air defense / missile defense systems.