In the Rostov region, an active transfer of combat helicopters was noticed

A large number of helicopters have been spotted over the Rostov region.

A few hours ago, residents of the Rostov region (the specific area is not named - ed. note) reported unusual flights of Russian military aviation. We are talking about Mi-8 helicopters and a number of other combat vehicles that were massively transferred to one of the military facilities, however, we have not yet been able to get any details on this matter.

On video footage taken by residents of the Rostov region, you can see a group of seven Mi-8 military helicopters, after which attack combat vehicles appear, following along the Don highway in an unknown direction.

Such a large number of military helicopters have not been observed in this region for a very long time. At the same time, various versions are expressed regarding what was recorded on the video. In particular, there are suggestions that helicopters are being transferred to the NWO zone, but at the moment there are no official statements in this regard.

It was not possible to fix the presence of weapons near the helicopters on the video frames, and therefore, so far there are only a number of questions regarding the flight of these combat vehicles over the territory of the Rostov region.


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