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Russian officer captured in Syria

A Russian officer was captured after a counterattack by terrorists against the city of Kafr Nabuda.

Tonight, the terrorists counterattacked the town of Kafr Nabuda, which for several hours was under the control of the Syrian military, as a result of which one of the Russian officers was captured by the militants. According to some information, a Russian officer was wounded as a result of an artillery strike by militants, as a result of which he was unable to leave his position and was captured.

No official comments on this matter have so far appeared, however, the information is presented not only by the militants, but also in the unofficial Turkish media, which may indicate that the Russian officer was in fact captured by the militants.

According to some information, we are talking about the major of the Special Operations Forces, but due to the fact that data from different sources differ, the objectivity of the information is in question.

A number of sources point at all to the fact that we are talking about the capture of several Russian soldiers, but no official confirmation of this fact has been provided.

At the moment, the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation has not confirmed the capture of a Russian officer.

* image taken from public sources

It’s time to cover with a thin layer of napalm, even those places where there are at least suspicions of terrorists and the war is over. And since everything turned into such a burden, it means that it is necessary and that and that.
It is a pity that the children of those who make decisions are not fighting there.

There is an urgent need to negotiate to get our officer back. This can be done by Kadyrov, he is a specialist in negotiations in the Middle East.

Have you made all the conclusions from the photo? Kitchen experts !!! This photo is from 10.03.18. when our sappers were wounded by a exploding bomb during the search for a suburb ...

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In the background, an ambulance car based on gasNUMX, the same was captured.

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And I said that the Turks still stuck a knife in the back.

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Some naive. “According to some sources, this is a major of the Special Operations Forces,” bullshit. There are no insignia on the form and do not take any documents with them. This is classified information. They just blurt out that they are not only because of the fact that the SSO is now more widely known.

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How so? We have already defeated them twice and once withdrew the troops?

I wonder where it is clear that this is a major?

Photo sappers to rest. So it's just a fake.

you will not know geopolitics and such issues will not come up

strange as that. It seems that 4 has already reported a victory over terrorists. And all are captured.

These are not those action movies. Before, ours along with the Syrians fought with ISIS. This, according to Western politicians, is the armed opposition. With them the type of truce was concluded. They were not touched because of this. That is not to get under way

A whole major ... The lieutenant had the young spirit to summon fire on himself ... The Syrians fled so they forgot everyone and abandoned everyone ... They used to carry the advisers and instructors on their hands ... well, or finish them off ...
There's something interesting going on ... Tanks, armor cars ... attacks counterattack ...

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If you are so stupid that you don’t see the differences between ISIS and Hayat Tahrir Ash Sham, then it’s better not to shut up.

in Russia are battles? Need to abandon detachment MTR?

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So we already won everybody there. Where does our officer come from, and even in some positions?