US troops and aircraft arrive in Tajikistan

American troops arrived in Tajikistan for a strange exercise.

The Central Command of the US Armed Forces and a group of US military personnel, as well as several dozen pieces of military equipment, including armored personnel carriers and aircraft, arrived on the territory of Tajikistan. As it turned out, the arrival of the US military in Tajikistan is associated with a rather strange exercise, allegedly designed to increase cooperation with Tajikistan in the region in order to ensure security, which raised a number of questions as to whether the maneuvers are also directed against Russia.

It was previously assumed that after the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan, the US military left Central Asia, however, as it turned out, the latter intend to strengthen their presence here, which is one of the goals of the ongoing exercises.

“Regional cooperation-2022” is the name of this action. The exercise "provides a unique opportunity to strengthen relationships with our partners in the region", - commented on the current situation, US Ambassador to Tajikistan John Pommersheim.

It is known that the exercises will continue for five days, while aviation will also be involved in them, since American military helicopters have also arrived in Tajikistan.