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Japan demanded to evict all Russians from the South Kuriles

In Japan, they demanded that Russia evict all Russians from the South Kuriles.

The situation between Tokyo and Moscow could become very serious after the Japanese news outlet Yahoo News Japan published comments from Japanese citizens demanding the immediate return of the South Kuril Islands to Japan and the forcible eviction of all Russians from this territory. The provocation appeared after a similar statement was made by the new Prime Minister of Japan, Fumio Kishida, who arbitrarily proclaimed the South Kuriles a territory of Japan.

“We must offer Russia: return the islands, and then we will not persecute you and demand compensation in connection with the intonation to Siberia. The Russian inhabitants of the islands can be relocated to other regions, since they themselves moved to the South Kuriles some time ago. "- said in one of the comments to the material publication "Yahoo News Japan".

Such provocative statements from Japan and Japanese citizens require a tough position on the part of Russia, since it is more than obvious that Tokyo is conducting targeted propaganda, although most Japanese citizens realize that further confrontation with Russia can lead to very negative consequences.

Ponty of Japanese politicians, vassals of the United States.
They are checking whether the Russians will give up slack, 75 years after the defeat of the Kwantung Army.

They got drunk there or what?

They say "thanks" to their invaders, and on a regular basis! Russia may not need these islands so much, but giving them to the US satellite is at least unreasonable!

The dog barks - the wind carries. Not worth paying attention. Do we really need this peace treaty? We lived for 75 years without him and will continue to live.

Can human ash be used as fertilizer?

Yes, we will most likely help everyone from Hokkaido to relocate to Honshu! Let the Japanese think about it better than the South Kuril Islands.

Will we also ask Russians from Siberia? They have been there recently ...

and where is this Japan located?

when the Japanese make their eyes wider - you can talk.

the ancestors of the Japanese, the so-called proto-Japanese ("puyoski") tribes, in the 1st millennium BC. NS. (and according to some reports even earlier) in separate groups moved to the Japanese archipelago from the Korean Peninsula [1]. At the same time, the ancient indigenous population of Japan, the Ainu-Emishi (tribes of Caucasian appearance and unknown origin) and the Austronesian tribes in the south of the Kumaso and Hayato, were gradually ousted and assimilated by the proto-Japanese tribes, whose language (possibly belonging to the Altai language family) prevailed, having adopted elements of the Austronesian substra. Presumably in the XNUMXth century (it is not known for sure) the first common Japanese state, Yamato, appears.
So, we ask the Japanese to vacate their current territory and move back to Korea.

we need to think about Hokaido

Japanese citizens should remember that Japan lost the islands due to aggression and mass murder of people, only the Chinese were destroyed up to 30 million (plus Koreans, Vietnamese, Filipinos) let them say thank you for saving their state and life, like the Germans