Start of a rocket


Washington Announces Testing Forbidden DRSM Missiles

The United States is preparing to test banned DRSMD missiles

The Pentagon intends to test missiles banned by the Treaty on the Elimination of Intermediate-Range and Shorter-Range Missiles (INF). As reported by the Associated Press, referring to a source in the US Department of Defense, in this case refers to a cruise missile with a range of up to a thousand kilometers, and a ballistic missile, having a range of up to four thousand kilometers. It is specified that the Pentagon intends to test the first rocket in August, the second - in November. There will be no nuclear warheads on the missiles.

The Associated Press emphasizes that if countries manage to agree on compliance with the INF Committee, before they come out of no, missile tests can be canceled.

On March 4, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a decree that says Moscow is suspending the implementation of the INF. The Russian side is doing “Until the USA removes the violations of obligations under the named agreement committed by them or until its termination”. This presidential decree was a response to similar actions by the United States.

The INF Treaty between the USSR and the USA was concluded in 1987. The document prohibits the parties to be armed with ground-based ballistic missiles, as well as cruise missiles that have a range of 500 - 5,5 thousands of kilometers. Moscow and Washington accuse each other of violations of this treaty regularly.