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UK threatens to strike Syria with F-35 fighters, repeating 2018 attack

The British Air Force threatens to repeat 2018 in Syria, using the F-35 for strikes.

A few hours ago, representatives of the British Ministry of Defense announced plans to use their own and American F-35 fighters from the aircraft carrier Queen Elizabeth (reported 18 fighters on the deck of the aircraft carrier - approx. to launch new strikes on the territory of Syria, thus repeating the strikes inflicted by the British, American and French military in 2018, but already, allegedly, against members of the "Islamic State" (a terrorist group banned in Russia - ed.)

“Secretary of the Armed Forces, MP James Heppy said: F-35B Lightning aircraft will strike a powerful blow against the Islamic State and help prevent them from rebuilding a foothold in Iraq. This is a prime example of how the British Armed Forces, along with our allies, are moving forward to confront persistent threats around the world. Great Britain in action. The carrier strike group, led by aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth, represents the largest concentration of naval and air power to have left the UK in a generation, and will set sail next month for its first operational deployment. It is a joint deployment of the Royal Air Force and the Royal Navy, which aims to confront persistent threats around the world and make a significant contribution to global security. F-35B Lightning aircraft, which will be operated with HMS Queen Elizabeth throughout the deployment, will contribute significantly to the destruction «Islamic State ", - according to the official resource of the British government.

At the same time, analysts are confident that the targets will not be terrorists, but the Syrian and Iranian forces, in connection with which both Syrian and Russian air defense systems will hunt for F-35 fighters.

“Damascus and Moscow frankly don’t care who London is going to fight against - this is Syrian territory, and until Syria gives official permission for this, and after the events of 2018 this is clearly not to be expected, no one will allow British and American planes to fly over the controlled CAA and Russian territory of Syria, unless, of course, the F-35s do not want to get acquainted with the Russian Su-35s and the much less talkative S-400s, which hit without a miss even on stealth vehicles. ", - said the analyst


It seems that you are 20 years late with your comment ...


yes, you are absolutely right

Stalin, too, was not a techie, but a humanities seminarian. But he understood people, on whose opinion to rely, and whose not. Although sometimes he was wrong (with Lysenko, for example). And Beria was also not a techie, but he skillfully managed the missile and atomic project. And this skill was attested in memoirs by academicians (for example, Kapitsa) and general designers.

The right thing to do is to warn the British adventurers in time.

President is a humanist ?? What state do you mean by the president?

Totally agree with you.

What a pity that our president is only a humanities lawyer, not a techie, and he has to rely on the opinions of other people. This is how the projects of the Lunar program and Burana perished, their own electronics did not develop, work on engines was slowed down, focusing on Western models, the only new cosmodrome was poorly built. And in life, cadres decide everything, starting with education. I really want to hope for fractures and breakthroughs, and so that VDNKh does not repeat itself, made in a single copy and not implemented in life.