VCS of Russia in Syria


UK: Russia interferes with the work of the OPCW mission in Syria

Britain officially accused Russia of undermining the work of the OPCW in Syria.

On the eve of the morning it became known that the terrorists of the “Islamic State” (ISIS, a terrorist group whose activity is prohibited in Russia - note Launched an attack on one of the local terrorist groups and an organization called “White Helmets”, seizing from there are two containers with chemical poisonous substances - according to preliminary information we are talking about chlorine. Great Britain immediately responded to such a statement, stressing that this could only happen through the fault of Russia.

According to the UK, because of the actions of the Russian military, experts of the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons are unable to conduct operations related to monitoring the production, storage and use of chemical agents in Syria. Against this background, the United Kingdom calls on the world community to exert political pressure on Russia, since only in this way will it be possible to obtain permits for the work of the OPCW mission in the Syrian Arab Republic.

On the other hand, independent experts propose to define the work of the OPCW as ineffective, because if the militants actually had chemical weapons in the form of two chlorine containers, then they could only get to Syria from their neighboring states, or their production is carried out in Syria, controlled by USA and Turkey.