The UK announced the transfer to Ukraine of more long-range missiles for the American M142 Himars and the British M270 MLRS.

Ukraine will receive from the UK more long-range missiles for the Himars MLRS and the British M270 MLRS.

Sources in the UK report that the British M270 and Himars heavy rocket launcher ammunition will have a much longer target range than the American ones. The type of ammunition is not disclosed, however, it is noted that such shells will be able to hit targets at distances up to 80 kilometers. This is almost 15 percent further than the ammunition currently in service with the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

What kind of ammunition is in question, the UK does not specify, however, it is definitely not the M-30 and M-30A1 ammunition that the Ukrainian military currently has. A significantly increased range of destruction creates certain risks, since in this case the Ukrainian troops will be able to strike at the rear and will pose a threat to the LPR, DPR, Russia and neighboring Belarus.

Among other things, there are unconfirmed reports that, in addition to standard ammunition, the UK and Germany may provide Ukraine with special ammunition that allows remote mining of the area. In particular, we are talking about AT-2 ammunition.

By the end of July, at least 15 Himars and M270 MLRS heavy MLRS may appear in service with the Armed Forces of Ukraine.