Russian Aerospace Forces will receive 5 Su-57 fighters by the end of the year

Five Su-57 fighters will appear in service with Russia by the end of this year.

Despite the fact that over the past six months, Russian aircraft manufacturers, at least unofficially, have not built a single Su-57 fighter, a source in the aircraft industry reported that five more serial fifth-generation fighters will enter service with the Russian Aerospace Forces by the end of this year. Su-57.

According to the data that are currently at the disposal of the news agency, it is planned to transfer the fifth generation Su-57 fighters to the Russian Aerospace Forces in small batches and the first batch of five combat vehicles this year will be transferred towards the end. this year, which corresponds to the information announced at the end of last year.

To date, Russia is armed with only one serial fifth-generation fighter, while it was previously reported that not all tests of this combat aircraft have been completed at the moment, in particular, this year it was supposed to test the internal-fuselage armament, but some or details are not yet available.

It should be noted that in total, the Russian Aerospace Forces should receive at least 76 fifth-generation fighters, of which three regiments will be formed.