Air Strike


Russian Aerospace Forces attacked pro-Turkish forces in Syria

Dozens of jihadists were killed on the very border of Syria and Turkey.

Several accurate missile and bomb strikes by a Russian bomber across the Syrian-Turkish border resulted in massive losses for Turkish jihadists. According to Russian media reports, warehouses with oil products and parking lots of tankers, in which illegal oil transportation to Turkey was carried out, came under attack, while several dozen militants were eliminated.

“URGENT: A blow has been struck against the pro-Turkish forces in Syria. The most powerful explosions are shaking the north of the country, the warehouses of pro-Turkish militants with oil products and the parking of tankers on the Syrian-Turkish border are exploding. According to preliminary data, the blow was delivered by an aircraft of unknown origin. Earlier, UAVs of the US Coalition were seen in the area., - about it сообщает "Telegram" -channel "War Correspondents of Russian Spring".

According to the data obtained by the news agency, the airstrike fell on the city of Jarablus, located less than 10 kilometers from the border with Turkey, and, moreover, it is quite remarkable that it is through this city that the transit of recruited jihadists to Azerbaijan is carried out. , which does not exclude the possibility that the strike was directed against the militants.