Yakutia Airlines


In Vladivostok, urgently sat airliner

The Vladivostok airport due to a technical fault the plane sat airline "Yakutia".

According to the information portal Avia.pro, passenger aircraft be executed flight from Vladivostok to YakutskHowever, during the climb, the pilot of the aircraft requested an emergency landing of the need for the commission because of a fault liner. Landing passenger aircraft took place in a normal mode, and none of those on board the plane were no casualties.

It should be specified that the representatives of the Far Eastern Transport Prosecutor's Office became interested in the incident, as a consequence, have initiated verification on this fact, the results of which it is likely to be officially released in the near future.

Lockers or flaps, it's not a car, from avia.pro gentlemen !!!

Lockers or flaps, gentlemen of avia.pro !!!



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