Over 30 Iranian soldiers killed in US night strikes

Syrian sources report a large number of dead Iranian military during the night clashes with the United States.

At the moment, it is known that as a result of strikes by American aircraft and HIMARS MLRS on military facilities of Iran and pro-Iranian groups in Syria, at least 32 people were killed, while about 20 more people were seriously injured. The current clash is one of the largest confrontation between Iran and the United States in Syria.

It is known that American F-16 fighter jets, a pair of AH-64 Apache attack helicopters, as well as HIMARS systems took part in the strikes, which is recorded for the first time. On the part of the United States, one person was killed, and two more were injured, while there is serious damage at the American military base and at the facilities of the IRGC.

At the moment, the situation in the Syrian provinces of Hasaka and Deir ez-Zor has stabilized. However, given that the clashes have been going on for the third day, it is more than obvious that the confrontation will continue tonight, especially since Iran has already threatened the United States with a serious response to the escalation of the situation in the region.


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