The military abandoned military equipment and deserted without even joining the battle

The desertion of the military, who abandoned military equipment, was caught on video.

A video appeared on the Web, which depicts the desertion of military personnel who abandoned military equipment without even joining the battle. In the video footage, a group of military personnel can be seen hastily leaving the armored vehicles and running in the opposite direction of their initial advance, while there are no visual signs of damage to the armored vehicles.

On the presented video frames, you can see how a group of military personnel hurriedly leaves armored personnel carriers of an unidentified type. Initially, one serviceman gets out of the combat vehicle and, probably, having given a command to the rest, a group of military personnel quickly leaves the armored vehicles and retreats in the opposite direction. According to a number of data, these events could have been preceded by artillery shelling, although the latter was not recorded on video frames, however, no visual damage to military equipment was observed.

It should be noted that this is not the first time that military personnel have deserted. In particular, earlier it became known that part of the military equipment was destroyed without even entering the battle - it was damaged by the servicemen themselves in order to justify their own retreat from the front.