Armed Forces of Ukraine began to mine drones - when they are opened, they explode

The Ukrainian military is mining drones.

The Russian military and volunteers report that they have encountered new tactics for the use of unmanned aerial vehicles by the Ukrainian military. Taking into account their active suppression by means of electronic warfare, the Armed Forces of Ukraine began to mine drones, placing a small amount of explosive in them. When trying to take possession of such a drone as a trophy, the latter explode, thereby causing serious injury and injury.

Given the serious shortage of drones among volunteer formations, attempts to take possession of downed electronic warfare drones are more than obvious. However, now due to the danger posed, it is forbidden to approach such drones and it is strongly recommended to call the sappers in order to avoid detonation and injury, since such cases have already occurred.

Experts note that today the Armed Forces of Ukraine do not experience a shortage of drones due to large-scale deliveries from China, India, Taiwan and a number of other countries, as a result of which they began to mine them, despite the risk of drone detonation during the flight.


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