Yemeni rebels shot down an American F-15 fighter

The air defense of the Yemeni rebels shot down an American fighter.

Yemeni rebels managed to shoot down a US Air Force fighter, which, according to the Houthis themselves, was trying to strike at the positions of the Yemeni militia. We are talking about the F-15 fighter. At the same time, if the American side refutes such arguments, then the Houthis were able to present a photo of the destroyed combat aircraft - like other aircraft, the combat aircraft was shot down from an anti-aircraft missile system.

In the presented photo you can see the first moments after the defeat of the F-15 fighter. Judging by the trail left by the anti-aircraft missile, the combat aircraft was shot down from a distance of several tens of kilometers. Moreover, taking into account the arguments of the Houthis, the fighter was destroyed while entering the airspace, which is controlled by the rebels.

Nevertheless, despite the arguments of the Houthis, there is information that the downed American F-15 fighter should be understood as an American-made fighter, however, so far there is no confirmation of this data from the official representatives of the press service of the Yemeni rebels.

It should be noted that despite the clearly inferior forces of the Yemeni rebels, the latter demonstrate phenomenal success in the fight against government forces, the US military and the Saudi Arabian army.

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They weren't told that it was an F 35 stealth fighter.

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