Baggage at the airport


UTair Introduces New Baggage Carriage Rules

Airline "UTair"Changes the baggage allowance.

Beginning from October 25, the Russian air carrier decided to increase the baggage allowance for economy class passengers, in particular, instead of 20 kilogram per passenger, now it will be possible to take baggage up to 23 kg on the aircraft, however, the amount of baggage should be limited to one unit.

The changes in baggage allowance also affected the air carrier's passengers in other classes - in the premium economy class, two pieces of baggage with a total weight of up to 46 kilograms are allowed, and in the business class - two items with a total weight of up to 64 kilograms.

The innovation has already caused some resonance among the direct passengers, and opinions are divided approximately equally - some of the clients are in favor of the correctness of the decision, but their opponents say that this can be very problematic, especially when it comes to women who are physically very difficult to transport one suitcase with a lot of weight.

Aviation Resource in turn clarifies that the airline "UTair" is not the only one on the territory of Russia, who took the new rules.


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