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The mysterious weapon disabled the third Russian spacecraft GLONASS

The third GLONASS spacecraft was put out of action.

According to data provided by RIA Novosti, under mysterious circumstances, another GLONASS spacecraft was put out of action. At the moment, only the 21 spacecraft from 24 is operating in orbit, however, given some regularity, experts came to the conclusion that the reason for the failure of satellites is the impact of one of the modern weapons.

According to analysts, to date, not only Russia has weapons to fight against spacecraft, and therefore, it is possible that someone intentionally puts Russian spacecraft out of action, given the integrity of their structure, we can talk about the use of funds electronic suppression, which, by the way, were previously seen in the United States.

There are no official comments on this subject, but the situation remains very mysterious, especially since covering at least the entire territory of Russia requires at least 18 functioning spacecraft, while three satellites were out of order for only a month and a half, in particular Spacecraft No.717 went down on August 1, Spacecraft No.742 on August 26, and Space737 on September 10.

It’s necessary to bring down all this imperious camarilla. Otherwise, we will not survive.

Well done, Vasily Andreevich !!!

It is interesting to know whose components are out of order.

I believe that the matter is in foreign components - in “surprises” embedded in them, sleeping for the time being.

holy words, bro ....


This mysterious weapon is called Skolkolovo.

storyteller you

And what is needed to be led by those who had internships in London, New York. Stop choking. Managers from London, New York, manage only in their own pocket, and not for the interests of their country, only they don’t have a country either !!

When I was an intern in London and New York, he was made into a “fifth column” man. I would have checked Ivas, Vasily Andreevich.

Waiting for Putin to say ...

The problem is obvious. How is it solved? 1. It is provided by outdoor cameras throughout the sphere, at all 360 degrees. 2. Each satellite has its own satellite, a satellite that, like a dog, rushes and destroys any object that is curious about the Glonass satellite. 3. The main enemy and the wrecker of our pride in the space industry, the President Himself, who was put to sleep by Yeltsin, an alcoholic in power who destroyed the USSR for the Presidency, so this alcoholic puts yesterday’s director of the GDR-USSR Friendship House, the president, Putin, and Putin, thinking if I I can lead the country, why is a journalist, and not just a journalist, but a Ph.D. in philosophy, unable to lead the Russian Space Agency? Leads! Russian space falls into the abyss. Rogozin, takes away in Roscosmos potential rivals in the chair of the CEO of Roscosmos. Riveted on Lemeshevsky, general director of PAO them. Lavochkina, that he wanted to steal 330 million rubles. 330 million rubles was paid to the law office to fend off the fined sanctions of Roscosmos filed by Ragozin himself to PJSC them. Lavochkina. The payment of a fine of 4.2 billion rubles would have sunk PJSC them. Lavochkina in financial debt. With the help of the law office, Sergey Antonovich Lemeshevsky fought off penalties, but Rogozin, who lost his human appearance with the help of the FSB, the prosecutor’s office, the investigative committee, vilely detained Lemeshevsky and has been detained since 28 on July 2018, without bringing the case to court. One freak riveted Rogozin on an innocent, while others caught up, delirious madman and kept Lemeshevsky in custody, graduated from the Polytechnic with specialization in automatic lunar apparatus with honors, trained in London, New York, the best candidate for the post of gene. Director of Roscosmos Corporation, But this best candidate for the post of general director of Roscosmos is sitting in the dungeons of the Investigative Committee of the second administration in the Moscow region, and Journalist Rogozin takes his place. Sam wrote to the Prosecutor General, President, Putin, Premier, State Duma, answers come from the same controller Voishchev, Everything is under control, the head of the department for supervision of the implementation of legislation and anti-corruption senior adviser of justice V.N. Voschev. Oversight of the progress and results of the criminal investigation by the prosecutor's office of the region is provided. The answer is fresh from August 24 2019 year. Crimes of the century! The ignoramus is sitting in the specialist’s chair, the specialist is being held in custody, and the specialist, instead of being awarded, is detained for absurd fines, not formulating a charge, not being brought to court, but Rogozin is maliciously violating and abusing his official duties a chair that does not understand what the investigator is doing and his patrons are ruining the scientist Lemeshevsky,
and are not afraid of anything! Neither the judgment of God, nor our legislation! Who will stop the lawlessness? In Roscosmos now the main prosecutors and journalist. Prosecutors are pursuing true scientists, and the journalist is bringing down Roscosmos, and the construction of the Vostochny Cosmodrome. An Indian rocket with a lunar apparatus flies to the moon. On 17 of September, the lunar apparatus is scheduled to land on the moon. On the far side of the moon, a Chinese lunar apparatus is rolling. But Rogozin said that another titan of thought, Putin, gave the order to design a rocket that will reach the moon. It is not known to Putin that Soviet rockets flew to the Moon as far back as the 60, sat down, lunar apparatuses were planted there, took soil samples, Putin, to see somewhere hurt his head abruptly, since he says that only galoshes were made in the USSR !!! Maybe it’s time for the public to somehow join in the campaign for the release of Lemeszewski, and sending Rogozin to his place with an investigator and his supervisor?

Well, he piled up, especially about the pilot who "does not feel"!

It is the Americans who harm us ...

Well, yes, you alone are all-seeing and all-knowing! And most importantly, how quickly and accurately "appreciated" everything! )))

The United States has long been incapacitating our satellites, and the military as well. They have such technology and such aircraft. And now they use very small drones that are not detected by anything. The aerospace TR-3B has supertechnologies: it controls the force of gravity (moving vertically (and without atmosphere)), controls the force of inertia (the pilot does not feel acceleration), controls the flow around (there is no aerodynamic drag). Acceleration at start from 5 km per second in sq. In the atmosphere, through 5 sec. Speed ​​around 15 km per second. Velocity in dense atmospheres up to 30 km per second. The speed in space is more than 100 km per second. These are stolen US technology from the United States.

they also harm our missiles that fall

And here are the journalists? Well, if some special would manage the space, he would protect the satellites with his body. Stupidity is even worse than stupidity. But tricks with the destruction of satellites should occupy the attention of aerospace forces. If they do not see this, then our aerospace defense is worthless.

it’s a pity, because these are expensive products, and it’s a shame that our brains can’t determine who controls the killers of our companions, I need to act — okay for an eye, while journalists and other non-specialists will manage the Roskosmos - it will be so,



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