Maria Zakharova


Zakharova considers the actions of the US Air Force over the Black Sea unacceptable and dangerous

Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said that the actions of the US Air Force pose a threat to civil aviation over the Black Sea.

In her telegram, she commented on the recent incident when a civilian liner en route from Tel Aviv to Moscow had to change course due to an American reconnaissance aircraft. The aircraft of the US Air Force went to a dangerous rapprochement with the side.

“The actions of the US Air Force have created a threat to civil aviation. And if now a catastrophe has been averted in the airspace over the open waters of the Black Sea, this does not mean that the United States and NATO can continue to risk their lives with impunity " - wrote Zakharova.

To her message, the spokesman for the Russian Foreign Ministry added that NATO aircraft began to approach the Russian borders more often. This contributes to the occurrence of dangerous incidents in relation to civil aircraft.

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that's right, we misunderstand them in their maneuvers, and they go to Sevastopol for pivasik on frigates GOOD DEFENSE OF SEVASTOPOL

He carried an indirect threat to a civilian plane, in theory he should have been severely punished. But again, somehow softly making excuses on TV .. This is a uniform disgrace on the outskirts of the borders of the homeland! And we need to stop it in the bud, otherwise they will completely unravel!

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Shall we talk about "unprofessionalism", "dangerous maneuvering" and "irresponsible behavior"? Or "this is the wreckage of an American rocket, how can they threaten the ISS?" This is what the desire to enter Russian airspace under the cover of a civilian aircraft leads to.