Have you seen the West? Western markings on downed Iranian missiles

The wreckage of Iranian missiles in Saudi Arabia turned out to be a forgery.

Amid the Saudi side's demonstration of the wreckage of Quds-1 drones and cruise missiles, experts found a number of inconsistencies suggesting that the attack was more of a staging arranged by the United States of America.

The first thing that experts turned their attention to is the wreckage of the drones and cruise missiles themselves, judging by which, the damage turned out to be so neat and minimal that it simply could not be caused by interception of missile defense systems.

“The Quds-1 missile debris shown is more than strange. A neat “slice” of a cruise missile flying at great speed, without any other visible damage — is something fantastic. In fact, the rocket should have been turned into a sieve, but not cut into two parts, practically without damaging even the paint on the rocket itself. ”, - said the analyst

Moreover, it was noticed that on the wreckage of the so-called Quds-1 missiles are marked with Western markings, which in fact cannot be on an Iranian cruise missile, which is not intended for import into Western countries.

Given this fact, experts do not exclude that the so-called the downed Iranian missiles turned out to be a forgery, the purpose of which is to discredit Tehran.

and more and no one! not for nothing that their defense did not respond with a single shot to the mass approach of their own terrorist missiles! Why did the Pindos respond right away that they would help the ally with the loot to restore destruction

Armaments are often resold to third countries, so missiles can be American, Israeli, or any of the countries of Europe or Asia ..

I think that this Pindos staged a provocation through the Hussites.

Or, as an option, this is the Slavic alphabet. And then the version with “missing” from the territory of Ukraine aviation-based cruise missiles that went to it after the collapse of the USSR will come to the fore.

the lament of the "liberal public" about the complete worthlessness of state-made air defense systems. Where to cry for the stupidly profaned money of the American taxpayer? Where are the recommendations to curtail the confrontation program between the backward US and the far-advanced Yemenis? Where is Olga crying?