Residents of Belgorod recorded strange rocket launches and flashes

Residents of Belgorod report strange rocket launches and flashes.

Tonight, residents of Belgorod witnessed strange rocket launches and flashes near the city. Initially, it was assumed that we could talk about the launch of anti-aircraft missiles, however, there were no official statements about the attack on Belgorod and the repulse of attacks, and therefore quite a lot of questions arose about this phenomenon.

On the presented video frames, you can see how an unidentified rocket is launched, after which, the latter hangs in the air for a while and then, blinking, begins to slowly move towards the ground. Experts still find it difficult to guess what exactly such a strange phenomenon is connected with, and, to a greater extent, this is due to the very slow movement of the rocket towards the earth.

Moreover, other video footage also recorded very strange circumstances of the missile launch, which, according to local residents, had never been observed before.

According to analysts, we may well be talking about test launches of missiles, although no official statements have been made in this regard, however, at the moment this is the most logical explanation for strange phenomena in the Belgorod region.