Israel attacked Syria. Syrian Air Defense strike reflection video


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The Jews attacked Syria with interesting information; they simply had nothing to do, they took and attacked. Why practically do not give information and Syria does not answer why? Really why? And the thing is that Syria deployed the Iranians who supply Hezbollah with missiles to fight Israel. Israel with Iran and Hezbollah in confrontation warned Syria that it would not passively watch and do everything to prevent this. The objects of Iran in Syria and everything that shoots at Israel are attacked. But our press is modestly silent about this.

Israeli Air Force F-16 shot down over Syria today

I am in Russia. An engineer, by the way. Our company creates only really working equipment. Are there any other questions?

Do you consider electronic technicians familiar telemaster or computer repairmen? Then you are a complete fool and do not know how to distinguish between the main and the secondary because of a lack of knowledge in this area. In short, you are already formed or prepared stunned prepared by the exam.

Pieces of iron are already wetting Erdogan, there are videos and eyewitnesses.
And the story about the electronic engineers-incomplete Kuevsky story is not finished

And why do the Syrians only repel the attacks of the Israelis? What stupid political correctness? Why do not strike back on the territory of Israel?

Are you bleached so much?
C300 and C400 including REDDES and PANTSERI are all possible - pieces of iron that were produced to steal budget money from the Russian budget!
You can immediately see you are not in the subject ..
To begin with, talk well with at least a couple of electronic engineers .. and they will explain to you whether it is realistic to create something worthy and really working in Russia or not!?
Everything on the Internet is replete with Russian achievements, continuous advertising.
If you want to scare the enemy, tell him that your weapon is better than his!

What are your videoconferencing, schmuck, you galloping pan-head. Or did you want cookies? Then come on, work it out!

In fact, the Americans showed how they “authoritatively” “pokla” to the authority of Russia ..... And in what “place” were our super-duper videoconferencing hiding at this time?
And probably everything is easier - they could not get through to Shoigu, he was not up to them. And they themselves decide to accept piss. What if the Americans are offended .... Then you have to change stripes for diapers .....

Lena, why do we need your friendship. Betray you anyway - and not expected, be friends with the Arabs, they listen to you while you give them money and fight instead of them. Your pensioners are in garbage dumps, and you spend their money on the love of Arabs

I wonder if Syria or Iran will ever give an answer, as you look, missiles flew to the American base, and how can they not get to Jewish airfields?

Not a "declaration of friendship with Jews," but "a friendship between Jews and Russians." Their friendship is somehow on our side. They need our friendship more.

as always .. you are in his face, he is in your face, how tired they made up, and rested, repeated

What is the basis of your claim that Israel successfully hit the target?

The main thing was not destroyed by a single one with 300 and 400, but fell into inflatable mock-ups arranged as traps. The cost of such a doll is 300 rubles. And the cost of Israel’s missiles is millions of dollars. Well done.

Well done cruiser - crashed into the Nazis ...

Well, how do you command me to fool you then?

No matter how many missiles were intercepted. It is important that Israel hit the target. Air defense tasks are not completed. Efficiency is zero. dot.

Dear Administrators, you write the dates that when everything happened

But what about statements about friendship with Jews ???????????????????????