The crash of the Mi-24 helicopter in Belarus fell on the video


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Obviously something with RV or its transmission. This is a big problem with the classical scheme, especially with combat damage. It does not threaten Soosnoy Kamov.

My sidekick, the commander of such a car, many years ago fell into a similar accident. In the Far East, I drove a helicopter to the base after a repair in the factory. Already on the landing, at an altitude of ten meters the car spun sharply and they fell to one side. In the last moment he managed to cut down the engines and power. There was no fire, everyone got out whole. The investigation revealed that the plant had allowed a marriage: there was a disconnection of the transmission to the tail rotor ... If this happened even a minute earlier, they would not have been saved.

That's why you go in for landing with a nice whip wind! Trees bend! Stupidly hit the left spontaneous rotation! Not everyone can survive at the same time, they were lucky!



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