Putin's words about nuclear war


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Let America put

us 90 lemons ignoramus it lies that 140

Do not worry, do not want to go to paradise, go where you want, but the meaning of what is said does not depend on us, if they hit Russia first and of course there will be paradise for the dead, they did not suffer from aggression, and the answer of Russia will end for them hell.
What's not clear?
Putin clearly warned those who really want to break us 146000000 and put on their knees.

Young? Adequate? Where are you now in Russia found?
Putin says that in the event of a nuclear strike on Russia, the strike would be a guaranteed zvidets. And not that he wants all the people in paradise to send. This is a warning for all sorts of dumb from the West.

young supervisors, perhaps ... such as you, for example .... who, without knowing the question, sends "crazy old people" ..... Without a work of problems .. eh ... forward .. to the West to be friends with homosexuals. ..nats, etc. You first live ... gain experience and KNOWLEDGE ... but for now ISHO YOUNG ,,,

We the people are not ready to go to heaven. Leave us alone to reasonable old people and let the young and healthy uncles rule.

The meaning of the president's speech about the inevitability of retaliation for a preemptive strike against Russia. The foolishness (perhaps from stupidity or otherwise) of the opponent is that he is tied to the examples given for clarity by the president. Without wanting it (or wanting for money) carries nonsense, speculating in its assumptions and distorting what was said. I am glad that we have a response for a preemptive strike. Of course, if "begins" - no one will be able to live "as before." And generally live ...

And, Putin, what matters with the tickets in PARADISE? Well, he is even steeper than the folder of the Romans, as he considers himself the vicar of God on earth! He did not even dare to carry such nonsense. He gathered in paradise and the people with him promise to take! Will the entire Russian people take, or only the most worthy representatives, the shareholders of the cooperative Lake?

Because they are "QUAKERS"!



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