Airport Minsk 1
Airport Minsk 1

Airport Minsk1 (Minsk1 Airport). Official site.

Airport Minsk-1 located in the capital, not far from the historic center of the Republic of Belarus. Before 1984 years was considered the main airport in Minsk, but lost a place to the international airport Minsk-2.

The airport opened 7 November 1933 year. The first plane that climbed from the airfield was K-5. In 1934 year, in spring, three units of 1 software, owned by the Smolensk Special Purpose Air Division, arrived in Minsk-2. In 1935, regular flights between Minsk and 17 regional centers of Belarus started. The first passenger and mail flights between Moscow and Minsk opened in 1936 year. The current building of the air station was built in 1957 year. It was designed by the architect GV Zaborsky. Appearance from that time has not changed. In 1976, a new building was erected, in which a waiting room and cash desks were placed. In the first building of the airport of the post-war period, the medical unit of the Minsk Aviation Detachment was located, and next to it there is a baroque building that used to be used as an airport in the post-war period. The international status Minsk-1 received in 1955 year and since 70-ies for a year served more than one million people. Nevertheless, the limited characteristics did not allow the aircraft to maintain large dimensions - IL-62, Tu-104, Tu-154. Because of the small length of the runway, it was difficult to board the Tu-134. This particular problem was the main reason for the need to build a new Minsk-2 airport.

The infrastructure of the international airport Minsk-1:

  • Customs;
  • border;
  • consular office;
  • medical Center;
  • police unit;
  • Agency for the sale of tickets.

The airfield is able to take the following aircraft: Antonov - 12, 24, 26, 28, 30, 32, 72, 74, Tupolev - 134, Yakovlev - 49, 42, A-410 and other types of aircraft with a maximum takeoff weight of up to 61 tonnes; helicopters of all types. Classification of the runway - 44 / F / D / X / T. The airport acts "Minsk Aircraft Repair Plant" RUE (in the past - Aviation Plant 407), which is engaged in repair and refurbishment of aircraft Yak-40, Yak and Tu-42-134.

Future prospects

The airport management in May 2007 planned to close the Minsk-1 airport and transfer the Minsk aircraft repair plant to the "National Airport" Minsk ". On the vacant site of 330 ha, it is planned to build Minsk City, a new urban area that includes a public and business center with a tower at 80 floors (architectural dominant) and a residential neighborhood for 38000 people. The project was planned to be launched in 2009, but due to the lack of investors, the work did not begin. For today it is decided to leave the terminal building as an architectural monument. Passenger flights stopped serving 29 October 2012. According to the decision of the IPCC, until 31.12.2015 the whole territory of the airport belongs to RUE "Airport" Minsk-1 ".

Basic data of the airport Minsk1:

  • Airport country: Belarus.
  • The international airport of business aviation and regional airlines in Minsk.
  • Airport founded: 1933.
  • GMT time zone (summer / winter): + 3 / + 3.
  • Airport coordinates: longitude 27.54, latitude 53.86.
  • Geographical location: 5 kilometers south of the city center of Minsk.
  • Number of airport terminals: 1.


Minsk1 (Minsk1 Airport). Official site:

Airport Minsk1 (Minsk1 Airport). Official sayt.1

Airport Minsk1 (Minsk1 Airport). Official sayt.2


Airport Codes:

  • IATA airport code: MHP.
  • ICAO airport code: UMMM.
  • Internal airport code: MSL.


Contact details:

  • E. mail Airport: [email protected].
  • City airport management telephone: +375172225436.
  • Airport mailing address: st. Korotkevich, 7, Minsk, Belarus, 220039.
  • City airport information phone: +375172225402.
  • Airport Fax: +375172225436.



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