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Military aviation

Airbus A400M Atlas
Military aviation

Fighter FC-31. A photo. Characteristics.
Military aviation

MQ-4c Triton
Military aviation
UAV MQ-4c Triton is capable of in the air for hours 24


Military aviation


Military aviation is responsible mission not only in war but also in peacetime. She defends the lives of innocent civilians from their enemies. It is used all over the world, it performs a wide variety of types of work: fighter, reconnaissance, special, bomber, transport and assault. It includes the very air aviation, as well as hydro-aviation (sea).

On our website you will learn more about military aircraft, namely its development history, key historical moments, people, from which depended the fate and lives of many. You can also read information about certain models of air vehicles, as well as familiarize themselves with their characteristics. All are well aware of how much is needed for the state military aviation and some responsible role falls on it.

Military aviation

If you are a fan of aviation, then you certainly want to get acquainted with the main models of modern combat aircraft that are in service with the Russian Federation. As on many types of aircraft systems, we are ahead of all countries, although the current situation leaves much to be desired. Despite a number of high-quality development and a large backlog, poor funding from the state led to a slowdown in the aviation development.

Only in recent years the situation began to change. On the arms began to receive a new combat aircraft models, managed to keep the deck and strategic aircraft, even in small quantities. Many models of aircraft were modernized. Launched and effectively implemented a program of the fifth generation aircraft. Quite good export performance suggests that the potential of the Russian Federation has not yet dissipated. All believe that the combat aircraft will soon be at their peak.

It is worth noting that the development of the means of armed struggle was not always created on the objective laws of their development. For example, in the middle of the 20 century with the advent of nuclear missile weapons, military aviation moved to a different plane and underwent major changes. At the end of the 20 century, in the conditions of reducing offensive weapons, the opinion about the need for the development of combat aviation was artificially created. At the beginning of the 21 century, it was cultivated, this purpose served numerous demonstration flights of combat aviation with the participation of the leaders of the country. In modern combat aircraft, special attention is also paid to aerospace defense.

However, unfortunately, at the end of 20, and in the early 21 century science-based areas of military aviation development have not been identified. Moreover, there was a massive reduction in the number of units, formations and transform them into teams. And if at the end of the century 20 combat aircraft is a formidable weapon, now it faded into the background.

Military aviation 1

Such trends in the development explainable primarily complex interrelated factors (the problem of switching to other fuels, high cost of production of construction materials). Moreover, the future combat aircraft will be directly linked to the development of civil aviation and, of course, dual technologies. Also keep in mind that military aircraft will be the impetus for the development of civil aviation.

Therefore, we can assume that in the second half of the century 21 innovative breakthroughs are expected. The first is expected to introduce new world achievements in the sphere of military aircraft. If you are interested in modern combat aircraft, watch for new publications from our website.

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