Military aviation of Russia and the World


  Aviation is divided into two types - civil and military. Military aviation exists not only for open hostilities in a certain period known to everyone, but also in peacetime. She a priori, carries a defensive function, guarding the peaceful life of citizens.

  This range of activities of the air industry is used throughout the world, where aviation is more or less developed. Includes various types of work - reconnaissance, fighter, bomber, special, assault and transport... It includes not only air aviation itself, but also naval aviation, which is called hydroaviation.

Military aviation

On the site describes the steps in the development of the entire system, the most important historical moments on which the life and fate of people depended. It tells about airplanes of various models, years, countries, their functional capabilities. How important and necessary for the state is this type of air aviation in peacetime, and even more so in times of war.


Of course, the theme of war is directly related to military aviation and you can write about it endlessly. Fighters, bombers, hero pilots, courageous acts, the division of military aircraft will help you to plunge into this atmosphere.  

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Short description
1999 Aviation FSB The main FSB aviation was a collaboration with the secret services "Vympel" and "Alpha"
By 60-th years of the last century, the Arab world was divided into two opposing sides.
In 1965, under municipal bridge across the Ob River flew fighter jet MIG-17. Valentin Privalov.
1961 Aircraft "AWACS" Type of US intelligence vysokopoletnyh aircraft having a flat saucer antenna on top of the fuselage
In 1946 the city held a hearing on the case of the so-called pilots.
1945 Fotopulemet During the Second World War fotopulemety widespread
Jet Aviation
During World War II participated planes with jet engines of the three countries - Germany, Great Britain, USA
Initially it was thought that the combat helicopter must independently search and destroy the enemy, but experience has shown that this tactic is only possible with a weak defense.
Before 1943 years seen anything like this was impossible - neither military nor civilian aircraft with such engines did not exist.
A complete surprise to the Germans was winter, 1941-1942 years, the Red Army offensive
"Adlerangrif" (Eagle Attack) - the code name of the air operation, which was conducted by the German air force in the year 1940
In 1940 of pilot VP Fedorov flew to the missile-carrying SC-9
At the beginning of 1939, a number of armed clashes took place on the border of the Mongolian People's Republic and the state of Manchukuo, which was part of the Japanese sphere of influence.


The ABCs of military aviation:

Legend aircraft USA, Sweden, France, UK
Types of air reconnaissance A special kind of attack aircraft
Independent air operations Advantages and disadvantages of air guns
Aircraft. Link. Squadron. Vliyaenie weather to perform combat flight
Stratosphere for military aviation Types of machine-gun bullets Aircraft
The composition of the crew of a military aircraft. Standards work. Reconnaissance aircraft. Aerial reconnaissance.
Command of the air Air Troopers
fly-by Supplementary exploration
Airstrip Radio aircraft
Organization of communication in the Air Force Establishment of communication between the Air Force and Ground Forces
Establishment of communication between the aircraft and ground reconnaissance units Establishment of communication between the aircraft and aeronautical post
Letnab Airplane observer
Turbulence Weather conditions
remote sensing  


Aviation History:

The history of aviation studies the development of mechanical flight from the first attempts at launching kites and gliding flight to heavier-than-air powered vehicles and its later development. The history of aviation begins in the XNUMXth century and develops abundantly today. Every day there are new items in this industry, some features.

The first flights:

Mankind has always dreamed of flying. And the implementation of the first dream was made in China. The man was tied to a kite, and the flight was described as early as the VI century BC. e.

In the IX century BC. e. was made the first flight on a hang glider controlled, the pilot was Abbas Ibn Farnas.

It dreamed of flying and Leonardo da Vinci (XV c.), He even created a few projects, but did not try to implement them.

In Europe, the XVIII century has been committed serious attempt flight. They consisted of balls which were filled with hot air. Applicable it has been in a number of mid-century wars. But its vast popularity they received during the Civil War in the United States. The balls used for observations.


Modern military aircraft Russia and the World:

State aviation, which was originally intended for solving problems of a defensive nature, for conducting combat operations, is called military aviation.


Military aviation 2123


It includes:

  • AVVS (Aviation Air Force);
  • DIA (Aviation Ground Forces);
  • AVMF (Aviation of the Navy (Naval Aviation, Naval Aviation)).

Military Aviation Day is considered to be August 12. Even the Emperor of the Russian Empire Nicholas II ordered the creation of an aviation unit of the Russian Empire under the control of the General Staff.


Naval Air Station:

The generalized name for military aviation forces includes naval, naval and naval air forces.

Earlier, naval aviation was called hydroaviation.

Military aviation 123213

It was intended to destroy the convoys enemies at sea, to conduct various kinds of intelligence and problem solving another plan.

The composition of Naval Aviation:

Naval aviation will include attack aircraft, naval missile-carrying aircraft, anti-submarine and reconnaissance aircraft. In some countries, it is called aircraft fleet.


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