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Advantages and disadvantages of air guns

Advantages and disadvantages of air guns



For aircraft machine guns are requirements: minimum weight, minimum air resistance of individual parts and the highest rate of fire.

Used in the Air Force. guns are divided into normal-caliber machine guns (7-8 mm) and heavy (11-13 mm).

Machine gun installation are divided into fixed - gun rigidly fixed and can only fire in one direction relative to its plane, and mobile - a machine gun -can form with the axis of the aircraft angle depending on device support and the permissible zone of fire.

Fixed a machine gun mounted on the front part of the fuselage, behind the square, Neaten screw, called a front, or a machine gun firing through the propeller. It is provided with a machine-gun drive, which establishes the connection of the trigger gun devices to the motor shaft. Shot occurs only at the moment when the screw will pass by the barrel of a machine gun.


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Aviation gun


Number of fixed machine guns mounted in the fuselage, ranging from up to 1 4.

Wing machine guns mounted in the planes of the aircraft outside the scope of the propeller. In most cases, their number ranges from up to 2 8. Office machine guns concentrated at the pilot on the handle control of the aircraft.

Advantages of the wing machine guns:

  • a) the ability to install a large number of machine guns and thereby increase the power of fire;
  • b) the rate of fire of the machine gun is fully preserved;
  • c) the danger of a protracted shot is excluded;
  • d) the need to adjust the moment of the shot and constant monitoring of the accuracy of this adjustment is eliminated.



  • a) increased dispersion of the installation due to vibration of the machine gun together with the vibration of the aircraft wing;
  • b) the disadvantageous location of the trajectory relative to the aiming line due to the large spacing of machine guns from the vertical plane passing through the longitudinal axis of the aircraft, and a significant distance of machine guns from the sight along the vertical;
  • c) the need for a special device for reloading a machine gun or eliminating delays from the cockpit.


When shooting still the pilot aim with guns all aircraft through the sighting devices installed directly in front of him.



The mobile units are divided into bow, stern, tail, subcortical, and wing hatch.


Movable machine guns are installed by means of a ball joint or king pin on the turret or simply on the king pin (the pivot is a rod that allows the rotation of the weapon and giving it an inclination, the turret is called an annular support allowing the rotation of the weapon at 360 ° in the horizontal plane). Installation with a turret is called a turret and is open or closed; In the latter case it is covered with a cap for a loan, you are an arrow from the air flow. If the machine gun is reinforced on the plane directly through the pivot (without a turret), such an installation is called a pivot. The latter include hatch installations, ie, a device for shooting through the hole (hatch) of the floor of the cabin.

The most typical examples of machine guns, the armament of the Air Force some capitalist armies.

Ckorostrelnost best systems of fixed guns reaches 1 000-1 200, and mobile guns 1 200-1 500 rounds per minute. By penetrating the seal of the foreign press reports, at the stage of testing

are guns with a rate of more than 3 000 rounds per minute.

Machine gun bullets being: ordinary, armor-piercing, tracer, armor-piercing tracer and incendiary. Caliber machine gun bullets are srednekalibernye and heavy.

The experience of modern warfare shooting is mixed with all kinds of bullets.

Ordinary bullets caliber mm 6,5, 7,62 mm, 7,92 mm characterized by transverse load of about 20 g / szh3 at an initial rate of over 800 m / s. It is fired at a relatively small distance, the nose (to 3 000 g). The defeat of the crew may at a range of 1 400 m.

Heavy caliber bullets 7-9 mm. have a transverse load of about 25 g / szh3. When shooting outdoor living purposes maintains a heavy bullet stopping power at a distance of up to 5 100 m (maximum distance). The defeat of the crew may at ranges up to 1 800 m. The range of direct shots on goal in 1 m height - 600 m. When you hit a hard shot ivy as well as ordinary.

The advantage of the heavy bullets to light - less time bullet at long range and a large force of impact.


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