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Aerospace - one of the most significant achievements of the technical culture of mankind. It is enough to look at the history, there is shown a persistent and long human struggle for the conquest of the air, which was attended by the great Russian people - the leaders of technology and science. Practical and theoretical foundations laid Meteorology such luminaries of scientific thought as DI Mendeleev and MV Lomonosov. The true creators of aerodynamics are scientists SA Chaplygin, NE Zhukovsky, KE Tsiolkovsky, AF Mozhaisk.

Zhukovsky is the creation of the whole aviation science, on the practical and theoretical conclusions that all the methods for calculating aircraft built today. Scientific world first developed the theory of the wing, the methods of calculating the screws.

Tsiolkovsky to 10 years earlier than has been done abroad, he proved the technology of all-metal construction of airships. That he belongs to the world's first theory of missiles and their movements. He is also the author of the idea of ​​construction of an airplane having a metal frame.

articles about planes

Chaplygin - another great Russian scientist who was the successor of the founder of the national avianauki Zhukovsky, this science has advanced far ahead, creating another branch of aerodynamics, which was called gas dynamics. All these and many other Russian scientists have made a great contribution to the development of the aviation industry, and our site offers you to read the article about the aircraft that you are probably interested in. You will learn about how previous models aerial vehicles, and about modern.

Today in our country there was a situation in which the future development of the economy simply can not be effective without changes in the moral state of the public. The moral and emotional state, the collective and the whole society determine its success in the economic and intellectual potential. The planned deployment of aviation as a whole system can be carried out with the participation and support of a large part of backgammon.

By reading our articles about planes, you will learn many new and interesting things from the world of aviation. Moreover, this aircraft moral close to people, most of whom will not lift into the air plane. We allow adults and children to join the world of aircraft. It is not necessary that the knowledge gained will make of you a professional, because it can be just a hobby, a hobby. Interest in aviation a person is saved along with the ability to perceive the true value of life.

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As practice shows, are particularly interesting article about youth planes. The country should come to the new industrialization. And we must start, as before, with the education of youth, that is a new generation. We need to understand that aviation as a means of moral and morale has no alternative. We need young people with wings, the sky should be, we need the spirit of flight.

If you have chosen aviation for yourself as a future profession, a hobby or you are a professional pilot, flight attendant, stewardess, etc., you, of course, will always be interested in articles about planes. Our portal constantly adds new materials and is ready to share with you not only the history, but also the latest facts about air transport. You have the opportunity to become a regular reader of our section, which will allow you to constantly learn those details that can not be found in professional documentary or fiction. Articles will benefit everyone: those who have already linked their lives with flights, and those who are only going to do it.

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