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In our country, with its huge territory, large distances between the cultural and business centers of the regions a specific role for aviation. We can say with confidence that her condition is of great importance for the development of the national economy, and to ensure its regional unity, which is determined by the presence of a harmonious system of interests, economic and human ties. And on our website, you can read interesting articles air, which will allow a closer look at this topic.

In recent years there has been a decent growth in air traffic, approximately 10 percent annually. This figure is well above the world average, and allows us to speak about the effective development of the industry. But is it really tell article about aviation, based on real facts.

It should be noted that civil aviation today does not work in the most favorable conditions. The demand for airline transport services is limited, and transportation is very expensive for a significant proportion of businesses and the population. Different types of transport are in serious competition for the consumer. Fortunately, the ongoing restructuring of the aviation industry leaves bright prospects for Russian aviation in the future, despite the fact that at present it forces the aviation enterprises to face certain difficulties. One of the most difficult problems is that, for many reasons, the coordination and control of the airline's activities is greatly weakened.

Taking into account all of the above is possible to come to a natural conclusion that the situation in our country is close to the aviation crisis. And if you read the other articles on our website, then some idea of ​​the situation.

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One of the key problems of aviation today - the state fleet vehicles. The technique, which has been in operation, does not meet all of the technical and economic requirements, which are now charged. Park Aviation Russia - one of the most outdated, if we take into account the developed countries of the world. Each year, approximately 115 write off aircraft, it's a given that the completion of the new technology is negligible.


Russian airlines operating in conditions of poor capacity utilization. According to experts, it does not even reach 30%. If Russian aircraft factories, as before, will be left to market forces, they can not reach the desired level of modernization of production and replenish airlines with new aircraft due to poor economic conditions. Read articles about aviation, to understand how things work in this industry and always be aware of the changes.

In the absence of assistance from the state airline found the only solution - to buy air machines from foreign manufacturers. All imported into our country aircraft represent about 20% of the total fleet and operate about 40% of air passenger air transportation. And this amount is growing every year. But for many years, our fleet was the pride and consisted exclusively of aircraft of domestic production, this you can learn by reading other articles.

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The deepening and preservation of the current trend would lead to the destruction of civilian aircraft, which can not be tolerated because it is a very important sector for the national economy. To maintain the status of Russian air power in the near future should not only solve the problem by updating the aircraft and raise the level of competition of domestic aviation, but also to take care of safety, which also leaves much to be desired.

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