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Aircraft, one of the most romantic themes that capture young minds and hearts. They seek out any information about these winged machines that do not just get carried away by the profession seriously, and devote her life.

Of course, TV, and today, and the Internet, all your favorite and irreplaceable means of broadcasting of any information to the masses, and it is an indisputable fact. But still there is no substitute person a book, it does not matter what format, printed or electronic, the main thing - is to get a grasp in the great words of the author set out to dive into this atmosphere, to understand it.

aviation and literature

It offered the book civil and military subjects. In the first case - on flights of various emergency situations, how can behave not only those who control the aircraft, but also on board people as passengers. In the second, on the fighters, about the pilots-heroes, opportunities and actions, the importance of their role in the war years.


Chapter allows us to learn about flying through the beautiful expression of thoughts written affordable, artistic or documentary language. Immersed in reading this literature, you will not be able to voluntarily break away from it. So section (aviation and letieratura, aviation and books) presented below.





Nikolay Yakubovich
The story begins with the fighters during the Vietnam War.
Alexander Klinge
This aircraft is the main symbol of the blitzkrieg.
Arthur Hailey
At the heart of the book is a situation in which a flight could be the last for all present passengers on board.
Lydia Kuzmina
The book is written in memory of Pavel Osipovich Sukhoi
Vladimir Kotelnikov
A new book by the exploits of A-20 described in detail, distinguished himself on all fronts of the Great Patriotic War
Khairulin Marat
This book tells about one of the most neglected events of Soviet history.
Vasily Ershov
I was able to safe and sound to carry about one million people
Ivan Kozhedub
Their most first full release of the most experienced Soviet pilot
Arthur Hailey
This novel tells the story of Hailey airport life: the Staff of the various operating mechanisms that exist as a single slozhnyyorganizm.
Richard Bach
This book is not about the love of two halves, not about love for the country, this book is about the love of man to the aircraft.
1963 Aviation and Space German Titov The book is primarily focused on military reader.
Jordans Assen
The ability to fly in good and bad weather conditions, adverse conditions, cloud cover, fog - required for military air line pilots.
Antoine de Saint-Exupery
2 books are very similar to each other. In the novels sustained aviation theme and difficult ways of life of people.