Aircraft and weapons. Helicopters and weapons.


This section could be called "Aircraft and weapons. The helicopters and weapons. Aircraft and weapons." All this is more and more frequently these terms draws attention in view of the fact that the global military aircraft developed intensively. Previously the use of combat aircraft and helicopters was limited, but nowadays, these machines are multi-purpose aircraft.

Aircraft and Weapon

Airborne cannons, guidance systems, aerial bombs with different mass explosive sights - all this and more should be classified as combat weapons systems and military aviation assets.

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Short description

1980 Launch X-29L Soviet / Russian high-precision air-launched rocket class "air-surface"
Work on a ballistic missile in Germany began long before World War II
1942 A cruise missile (the V-1) The element of novelty in the construction of a cruise missile was the autopilot.
1940 Cannon QI-23 QI-23 automatic aircraft gun developed by Soviet designers in 1940g.
1918 bomb racks the device for the suspension of the bombs on aircraft


The ABCs of military aircraft armament: