Civil aviation of Russia and the World.


    History of Aviation.


Chapter covers a wide range of activities of this type of aircraft. Civil Aviation is not only transportation of people to the desired destination, it covers activities such as medicine, sport, culture, transportation, rescue service, emergency works. It serves the following industries - construction and archaeological, oil and gas, agricultural and lesopromyslovye.

Below is just a short list of the possibilities of civil aviation, many areas of this or that activity require the service of winged assistants. Due to its mobility, this transport gained momentum in popularity and demand in a few years, and today it does not have competitive means of delivery to the destination of both people and objects.

civil Aviation

The section is also interesting because it acquaints us not only with the activities of the iron machines themselves, but also with the people serving them - pilots, flight attendants, engineers. The historical details of a wide range of civil aviation, both domestic and foreign, are described.


And finally, the sky has not been fully explored by man; it conceals millions of secrets. Some very unusual and mysterious moments associated with flying objects will open these pages to us. Civil Aviation of Russia, Mira presented below.

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Short description

The purpose of the project - more than 10% gain market traction 9-class 18t
In 2013 year the holiday falls on 18-August.
2010 Coins Russian aviation Since April 1, 2010, coins have been telling us about the development of domestic aviation
2004 Flag Aviation Officially approved banner of the Air Force of the Russian Federation (hereinafter Flag Aviation
Do pilots have many different markings. Official images of the Russian Air Force emblems approved by the defense ministry.
2002 EASA The European Aviation Safety Agency
2001 IOSA Audit of operators
2001 USAP Universal Aviation Security Audit Programme
2001 Monitoring aircraft Currently it has no clear standardized definition
1996 SAFA Program safety assessment foreign aircraft
The Central Civil Aviation Hospital is located in Moscow and provides services such as inpatient and medical care.
1991 POPPY The Interstate Aviation Committee
Next, who left Russia in the history of world aviation, will remain there for centuries.
Shoulder straps - a distinctive sign, which is always present on the shoulders of any pilot
Civil aviation Russia is rather complicated multi-purpose industry with a very large and diverse fleet of aircraft
1960 EUROCONTROL European Organisation for the Safety of Air Navigation
1955 ECAC European Civil Aviation Conference
1947 ICAO UN specialized agencies
1945 IATA International Air Transport Association
1944 The Convention on International Civil Aviation It is the legal basis of international civil aviation
1944 Aviation security program Under the provisions governing all aspects of international air transport is the Convention on International Civil Aviation, signed in 1944 g
In place of the piston aviation aircraft jet comes
The volume of transport services provided is directly dependent on the overall state of the country's economy. 
In 20-ies of XX century, the planet literally froze in anticipation of the first transatlantic flight. 
The most famous civil aviation schools in Russia
In Ukraine and Russia, a large number of aircraft factories ...
In the summer of the year 1910 first flew over Montréal by Count Jacques de Lesseps, the grandson of the famous Ferdinand de Lesseps, the initiator and builder of the Suez and Panama canals.
The transport system takes priority US Air Force.
The birth of aviation in most countries of the world it is customary to associate with the names of the Wright brothers
In 1903 the Norwegian inventor Agidus Elling first created operating a gas turbine engine with a capacity of 11 hp
For unknown reasons, the Orien balloon has disappeared. The guesses are put forward only by the records found. 
1987 Samlolet on Red Square 28 May 1987 year on the Day of the border guard sport aircraft manufacturer, the American company "Cessna" violated the airspace of the Soviet Union
The balloon crashed, reaching a record height of 8 meters. 
People in the world of helicopters
Father of Soviet turbojet engines can be called AA bassinet.
The idea of ​​establishing a helicopter appeared much earlier than the idea of ​​creating an aircraft.




Models of civilian aircraft




Short description

2024 Reaction Engines Limited A2 Roject hypersonic airliner high roominess
2021 Aerion SBJ Hypersonic aircraft administrative type
2021 Aerion AS2 Trёhdvigatelny supersonic business aircraft
2020 Comac C929 Wide-body airliner developed by Chinese and Russian engineers
2020 Sukhoi SuperJet 130NG Russian airliner designed based on the SSJ-100
2020 Boeing 777X As expected, the aircraft should be operational in the year 2020, that by the standards of the global civil aviation is not so much.
2019 Airbus Beluga A300-600 Airbus Company is the development and production of five new cargo liners Airbus Beluga, intended for the transport of oversized cargo.
2019 Frigate Ecojet Final implementation of the project is planned and the intended flight of the first-born in 2019 year.
2018 Spike S-512 The supersonic aircraft for the needs of business aviation
2018 IPTN N-250 Indonesian multipurpose cargo-plane
2018 SAI Quiet Supersonic Transport American sferhzvukovoy administrative-type aircraft
2017 Airbus A330neo The family of an improved version of wide-body aircraft Airbus A330, manufactured by Airbus.
2017 Dassault Falcon 5X French mid-size aircraft such as administrative, scheduled for mass production in 2017 year.
2017 Bombardier Global 8000 Is deeply upgraded model aircraft administrative type Bombardier Global 6000.
2017 Airbus A-390 Airbus A-390 by the most conservative estimates can simultaneously carry about 1000 passengers.
2016 IL-112 Light transport aircraft project
2016 Bombardier Global 7000 An improved version of the earlier Bombardier Global 5000.
2016 Rutan SkiGull American amphibious aircraft developed by "Rutan"
2016 Tecnam P2012 Traveller Multi-purpose Italian aircraft designed and manufactured by the company "Tecnam"
2016 Xian MA700 Turboprop Chinese airliner
2015 Tu-330 The most advanced project is the program on the aircraft Tu-330
2015 An-178 Promising Ukrainian transport short-haul aircraft
2015 Pilatus PC-24 The Swiss company has introduced its twin-engine turboprop novelty, which is characterized by the original combination of performance properties.
2015 Dassault Falcon 8X French administrative-type aircraft designed for operation in the business sector and capable of carrying on its board to 19 passengers.
2015 Epic E1000 Turboprop aircraft manufactured by the American company "Epic Aircraft"
2015 Evektor EV-55 Outback The multi-purpose twin-engine aircraft manufactured in the Czech Republic
2015 Glasair Merlin LSA Easy low-cost sports plane
2015 Indonesian Aerospace N-219 Indonesian multipurpose aircraft manufactured by Indonesian Aerospace 
2015 Rui Xiang RX1E Chinese electric eco-friendly aircraft
2015 BT-4 Quadruple Russian twin-engine aircraft
2014 Beriev Be-112 Amphibious aircraft developed in Russia
2014 Arai Four-car, which is more advanced modification of the popular in Canada and the US whale aircraft CH801.
2014 Airbus A330-800 Neo The new airliner Airbus A330-800 Neo will have to replace already rather outdated Airbus A330-200.
2014 Airbus A330-900 Neo Especially in new aircraft abound, but mostly they are all centered around sustainability and reduce fuel consumption.
2014 Airbus A350 XWB - Extra Wide Body The first design work was started in the year 2004, was taken as a basis for model A 330.
2014 Bombardier CS 300 Bombardier CS 300 is another member of the family of single-aisle aircraft Bombardier CSeries.
2014 Avanti EVO Piaggio In 2014, the European aircraft manufacturer EBACE-2014, an Italian aircraft manufacturer Piaggio Aero, announced the Avanti EVO project as a further upgrade of the twin-engine turboprop P.180 Avanti in Geneva at Geneva. 
2014 Cessna Latitude Medium business aircraft American Aircraft Corporation Cessna, production of which began in 2014 year and continues today.
2014 Cirrus Vision SF50 Reactive civilian aircraft, developed by "Cirrys Aircraft"
2014 Airbus E-Fan French Electric Aircraft
2013 Bombardier LearJet 75 Aircraft type Bombardier's LearJet 75 very popular today, and enjoy an active demand for business aviation.
2013 Airbus A350 The new wide-body aircraft for long-haul airlines developed concern Airbus (EADS).
2013 Boeing 787-10 Is the largest aircraft among members of the family Boeing 787 Dreamliner.
2013 Bombardier CS 100 The aircraft, which is the base of a family of single-aisle aircraft Bombardier CSeries.
2013 Eclipse 550 US light twin-engine jet airliner manufactured aircraft manufacturer Eclipse Aerospace to 2013 years.
2013 Rans S-20 Raven American single-engine aircraft
2013 Van's RV-14 Double multi-purpose aircraft of US manufacture
2012 Technoavia rysachok The plane "technoavia rysachok" is a multipurpose twin-engine turboprop aircraft
2012 Boeing 797 In the near future, the Boeing Company plans to finish work on the creation of the spacious, large and reliable aircraft - Boeing 797, on which the development has been going on since the middle of 2012 years.
2012 Cessna Citation M2 Cabin for the operation of the aircraft is equipped with 2 pilot's seat and is equipped with avionics Garmin G 3000, with its constituent interactive touch screens and control devices.
2012 Embraer Legacy 500 The current version allows you to place the administrative aircraft on its board to 12 passengers, and therefore, the plane is longer.
2012 Alpi Pioneer 400 Light multipurpose aircraft manufactured in Italy
2012 Barrows LSA A single-engine plane American production
2012 Comp Air 9 Turboprop civilian aircraft manufactured by the American company "CompAir Inc."
2012 Diamond DA52 Multi-purpose light aircraft Austrian development
2012 GippsAero GA10 Airvan Multipurpose Utility Australian aircraft manufacturing
2012 Distar UFM-13 Lambada Double Light aircraft manufactured by "Urban Air"
2012 HB-Flugtechnik HB-208 Amigo Ultra-light aircraft Austrian production
2012 Just Superstol Easy American aircraft
2011 Flying Legend Tucano Replica Civilian copy of the Embraer EMB 312 Tucano aircraft, produced by Italian aircraft manufacturers
2011 Flying Legend Hawker Hurricane Replica Civilian light-engine version of the Hawker Hurricane aircraft
2011 Boeing 787-8 Passenger airliner can fly up to 14.5 thousand kilometers, which is quite a lot by modern standards.
2011 Boeing 787-9 Passenger airliner Boeing 787-9 a successful modification of the original version of Boeing 787 Dreamliner.
2011 Aeroprakt A-28 Victor Four-seater small-engine Ukrainian aircraft 
2011 Aeroprakt A-36 Volcano Small-engine aircraft of Ukrainian origin
2011 Best Off Ninja Ultra-light single-engine plane Double French production
2011 Comp Air 10 Light turboprop aircraft developed by the American company "CompAir Inc."
2011 Custom Flight North Star A single-engine light aircraft manufactured in Canada
2011 CZAW Mermaid Czech single-engine amphibious aircraft
2011 KAI KC-100 Naraon Korean multi-purpose light aircraft
2011 Shearwater 201 Quadruple Multipurpose amphibious aircraft developed by aircraft manufacturers from New Zealand
2011 Storm RG Fury Italyasnky ultra-light aircraft sport class
2010 BRM Aero Bristell Small aircraft: Smooth, beautiful lines, wide cockpit in which pilots do not have to crowd
2010 An-168 The plane, based at An-148-100. Full name - en-168ABJ (Antonov Business Jet)
2010 Argo 02 Ultralight training aircraft
2010 An-158 Short-range narrow-body airliner.
2010 MiG-125 The aircraft belongs to the business class, and the main purpose is the carriage of administrators and managers.
2010 Boeing 747-8 The Boeing 747-8 is 5,5 meters longer than its popular predecessor, the Boeing 747-400.
2010 Alpi Pioneer 200 Italian ultra-light aircraft type
2010 Alpi Pioneer 300 Italian light-engine plane
2010 Diamond DA50 Easy five-seater civilian aircraft type
2010 Direct Fly Alto Sporting a light aircraft of Czech production
2010 Ekolot JK-05L Junior Ultra-light single-engine aircraft produced by Polish aircraft manufacturers
2010 Ekolot KR-030 Topaz Polish production of small-plane
2010 Grob G 120TP A single-engine turboprop aircraft produced in Germany
2010 Plane Driven PD-1 American light multi-purpose aircraft
2010 Skyleader GP One Czech ultra-light sport aircraft
2010 Team Tango Foxtrot Multi-purpose aircraft of US manufacture
2010 Xian MA600 Turboprop passenger avialyaner Chinese production
2009 Boeing 787 Wide-body twin-engine jet airliner developed by the American company Boeing Commercial Airplanes.
2009 Gulfstream G650 Long-range Gulfstream G650 GulfstreamAerospace American company sets new standards of comfort, functionality, safety, modern business jets.
2009 Gulfstream G600 One of the latest business jet aircraft manufacturers American Gulfstream Aerospace.
2009 Embraer Legacy 650 Model Embraer Legacy 650 equipped with a capacious fuel tanks, as well as new means of avionics.
2009 COMAC C919 Developed by Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China family of single-aisle aircraft designed to 168-190 seats.
2009 Comp Air 11 Trubovintovoy American-made aircraft
2009 Diamond D-Jet Administrative-type jets, manufactured in Austria
2009 CAIGA Primus 150 Turboprop American aircraft produced in China
2009 Spectrum S-33 Independence A light business aircraft American production
2009 Tecnam MMA Italian multi-purpose twin-engine aircraft, manufactured by "Tecnam"
2009 Tecnam P2002 Sierra Double aircraft manufactured italyasnkoy aircraft manufacturer "Tecnam"
2009 Tecnam P2008 Light multipurpose aircraft of the Italian assembly
2009 Titan T-51 Mustang American civil aircraft class, which is a replica of a military fighter
2009 Zlin Savage Cub Czechoslovak multipurpose aircraft is a replica of the airplane model Piper Cub
2009 Altitude Radial Rocket Double sports aircraft
2008 An-74 Soviet / Ukrainian transport aircraft. The plane was designed for use in the Far North.
2008 Gulfstream G280 It is a mid-size twin-engine jet aircraft types produced by the American administration aircraft manufacturer Gulfstream Aerospace.
2008 Embraer Phenom 300 The Phenom 300 is powered by the powerful Pratt & Whitney PW535E engines, which can fly 3300km with six passengers and two pilots on board without refueling or stopping.
2008 Airbus Corporate Jetliner Spacious and modern A319 Airbus Corporate Jetliner was designed on the basis of medium-range passenger aircraft Airbus A319.
2008 Comac ARJ21-700 Twin-engine, passenger jet, designed for regional airlines.
2008 Piper PA-47 PiperJet The PA-47 Piper Jet belongs to the business aviation segment and is a small aircraft. 
2008 Evektor VUT100 Cobra Light aircraft produced by the Czech aircraft manufacturer "Evektor-Aetrotechnik" 
2008 Foxcon Terrier 200 Odzhnomotorny Australian sport aircraft production
2008 Jabiru J170 Sports Australian light plane production
2008 Lancair Evolution Turboprop aircraft manufactured by Lancair
2008 Lancair Legacy A single-engine plane amerkiansky Double
2008 LH-10 Ellipse French multi-purpose double plane
2008 Rans S-19 Venterra A single-engine sport aircraft developed by the American aircraft manufacturers
2008 TL Ultralight TL-3000 Sirius Multipurpose Czech double plane
2008 Van's RV-12 American single-engined aircraft double
2007 SJS-100 Short-haul aircraft model Sukhoi Superjet 100
2007 Bombardier LearJet 85 Business aircraft Bombardier LearJet 85 is the latest innovation in the program LearJet.
2007 Beechcraft Hawker 750 Hawker 750 entered the market in 2007 year. The manufacturer of the new model focused on the European market, the maximum flight range is no more than 4000km. 
2007 Boeing 737 One of the most successful models of the American Aircraft Corporation «The Boeing Company».
2007 Cessna Citation Columbus Cessna received final approval for the design program for the new aircraft from the Textron board of directors on January 23.01.2007, XNUMX. 
2007 Embraer Lineage 1000 The main technical difference between Lineage 1000 is additional fuel tanks, with the help of which the flight range of the stalk is longer - 7800 km.
2007 Embraer Legacy 450 Easy jet administrative type produced by the Brazilian aircraft manufacturer Embraer.
2007 Dassault Falcon 2000DX Dassault Falcon 2000DX Modifications are based on an administrative two-engine aircraft Falcon 2000.
2007 Dassault Falcon 7X Aircraft Dassault Falcon 7X - jet aircraft Business Class.
2007 Embraer Phenom 100 Administrative aircraft EMB 500 Phenom 100 was created by the Brazilian firm Embraer and rose into the sky for the first time 26.07.2007.
2007 AMD Patriot Light sport aircraft US
2007 Comp Air 8 Turboprop aircraft American production
2007 Comp Air 12 Civil turboprop aircraft produced by the aircraft manufacturer "Comp Air Inc."
2007 CZAW Parrot Double Light aircraft manufactured in the Czech Republic
2007 Epic Victory Easy jet developed in the United States, used as a private operation, and in the air means kakchestvo administrative type
2007 Freedom Aviation Phoenix The civil single-engine aircraft produced in the US
2007 Tecnam P2006T Italian twin-engine multipurpose aircraft
2007 Dornier S-Ray 007 German double amphibious aircraft
2007 Elbrus Russian six-seater multi-purpose aircraft
2006 Challenger 850 Business Administration aircraft large class Canadian company Bombardie Aerospace Challenger 850 compromise is a continuation of the bestselling Challenger 604 from the Canadian company Bombardier.
2006 Cessna Citation Encore + The Citation Encore + takes up to seven passengers on board. The flight range is approximately 3000 km, which is enough for flights in Europe.
2006 Aircraft Embraer 195 The biggest and the newest member of airplanes Embraer. The aircraft used for aviation companies to 2006 years.
2006 Aircraft Embraer 190 The aircraft has exceptional features to allow for the transportation of passengers on almost 100 distance in kilometers 3000-4000, inaccessible to other aircraft.
2006 Cessna 162 Skycatcher Double single-engine light sport aircraft American production intended for private use or pilot training.
2006 Gulfstream G150 Gulfstream G150 a novelty company Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation, which appeared on the market in 2006.
2006 Bombardier Global Express XRS The company Bombardier Aerospace has designed, long-range Global Express aircraft to fly long distances at high speeds.
2006 CZAW SportCruiser \ PiperSport Light sport aircraft manufactured by the Czech aircraft manufacturers
2006 Grob G180 SPn Business aircraft manufactured in Germany
2006 Kestrel K-350 Multiple aircraft equipped with a turboprop aircraft engine
2006 Sonex Aircraft Sonex American single-engine ultra-light sport aircraft
2006 Spectrum S-40 Freedom Easy American turbojet aircraft type Administrative
2006 Dallach Sunwheel German sports biplane, designed and manufactured by the company "WD Flugzeug Leichtbau"
2006 Aeroprakt A-37 Easy multi-purpose four-Russian aircraft
2006 A-44 Multipurpose amphibious aircraft of Russian production
2005 Adam A500 AdamJet The civil passenger aircraft, the most commonly used for commercial air transportation.
2005 Bombardier CRJ-705 Is a variation of the aircraft with lower seating capacity CRJ900 through freer arrangement of seats.
2005 Aircraft Embraer 175 Designed Brazilian aircraft manufacturer of the same name, along with the aircraft Embraer 170 and differs from it only in a longer fuselage.
2005 SP n Jet  The main achievement of SP n Utility Jet - the ability to manage a small runway that did not shine smooth coating.
2005 Gulfstream G350 It is a further development of the aircraft GulfstreamIVSP with less weight, cost and fuel reserve.
2005 Cessna Citation Mustang This aircraft was the first in its class, who received a full certificate and approval for operation in conditions close to icing, as well as the first plane VLJ, which was delivered to the customer.
2005 Katran Double multipurpose aircraft sproektirvoanny Samara aircraft manufacturers
2005 A-42 Multi-purpose twin-engine amphibious aircraft
2004 Tu-444 Draft passenger supersonic aircraft
2004 Dassault Falcon 2000EX The plane was a result of the range - 7000km than approaching the long-haul aircraft.
2004 Airbus A380 The first flight of Airbus A380-800 with Rolls Royce engines made 27 April 2005 years. A transatlantic flight took place on January 10 2006 years.
2004 An-148 Short-range narrow-body airliner.
2004 Learjet 45-45XR Learjet 45 XR flies farther and faster with a large margin of passengers than the previous variation Learjet 40 XR. 
2004 Plane Cessna CJ3 Cessna 525B Citation CJ3 made since December 2004 by CessnaAircraft on the production line of the total, along with CJ1 +, CJ2 +, in Wichita (Kansas).
2004 Cessna Citation XLS / XLS + This is a modern modification of the aircraft Citation XLS, created in 2004 year. The new model is flying characteristics XLS and get a better avionics.
2004 Bombardier Challenger 300 Bombardier Challenger 300 a passenger aircraft increased comfort, intended primarily for use in the business aviation sector.
2004 Embraer 170 The smallest representative of the Embraer aircraft type, designed by the eponymous Brazilian aircraft manufacturer in the 2000s.
2004 BRM NG-5 Czech multi-purpose light-engine plane
2004 Comp Air Jet Turbojet aircraft manufactured in the United States
2004 Diamond DA42 Twin Star Light twin-engine aircraft produced in Austria
2004 Epic LT Dinasty American single-engine turboprop aircraft
2004 NAL Saras Indian multi-purpose civilian aircraft
2004 Jabiru J250 A single-engine aircraft produced civilian sports in Australia
2004 Jabiru J430 Civil aircraft manufactured by "Jabiru Aircraft"
2004 Lancair propjet Trukbovintovoe aircraft, manufactured by the company "Lancair"
2004 Tapanee Levitation 4 Canadian four-bed multi-purpose aircraft
2004 Vidor Asso X Jewel Italian two-seater aircraft
2004 Quest Kodiak American turboprop multipurpose aircraft
2004 La-8 Aerovolga Russian amphibious aircraft, multi-purpose
2003 Adam A700 Adamjet Six-civil business aircraft, developed by «Adam Aircraft, Inc».
2003 Honda HA-420 HondaJet In December 2003 Japanese automobile company Honda has presented its first aircraft HA420 Honda Jet, which is intended for the serial production and sales.
2003 Bombardier CRJ-900 It is an elongated version of the model CRJ-700, with which belongs to the family of regional aircraft CRJ.
2003 Gulfstream G450 The successor to the aircraft Gulfstream IV, which produced more than 17 years and has established itself well in the market bines- aviation.
2003 Cessna 400 American single-engine four-seater light aircraft manufactured by Cessna Aircraft Corporation with 2004 till now.
2003 Beriev Be-103 Snipe Twin-engine aircraft produced in Russia in 2000-ies
2003 Glasair Sportsman 2 + 2 Sports Quadruple aircraft manufactured in the United States
2003 Ibis GS-700 Magic Multipurpose Colombian easy aircraft
2003 Just Escapade American ultra-light aircraft manufactured by "Just Aircraft LLC"
2003 Van's RV-10 Multiple lung American aircraft production
2003 Marganski & Myslowski EM-11 Orka Polish twin-engine multipurpose aircraft light class
2003 F-32 Hawk Light multipurpose Russian aircraft
2002 Airbus A318 The smallest aircraft in the short- and medium-family single-aisle passenger planes Airbus A320, manufactured by Airbus.
2002 Airbus A340-500 Designed primarily for intercontinental flights.
2002 Cessna Citation Sovereign Comfortable and high-speed business jet.
2002 Jet Eclipse 500 Six-small business jet Eclipse 500 (EA500) is a further development of the pilot WilliamsVJetII.
2002 Bombardier LearJet 40 Modern administrative twin-engine airplane, mass-produced Aircraft Corporation Bombardier Aerospace since 2002 years.
2002 Aero AT-3 Double plane of Polish production
2002 Dyn'Aero Twin-R The twin-engine light aircraft manufactured by the French aircraft manufacturer "Dyn'Aero"
2002 Extra EA-500 Multi-purpose turboprop aircraft manufactured in Germany
2002 Garrison Melmoth 2 American small aircraft design, developed from the mid 80-ies
2002 Tecnam P2004 Bravo Ultra-light single-engine monoplane produced by italyasnkoy "Tecnam"
2002 UL-Jih Evolution Czech ultra-light two-seater aircraft
2002 Van's RV-9 Double American aircraft
2002 Aeroprakt A-33 Russian single-engine plane light class
2002 Elitar-202 Light multipurpose Russian aircraft
2002 Elitar Sigma Light aircraft of Russian production
2002 Pilatus PC-21 Swiss trainer aircraft
2001 AN-74TK-300 New economical version of the AN-74
2001 Su-38 Light agricultural aircraft designed to spray liquid and dry chemicals in the agrochemical aviation operations.
2001 Embraer Legacy  Aircraft business class increased comfort. 
2001 Airbus A340-600 Designed for intercontinental passenger flights. A340-600 also is the longest aircraft of this family.
2001 Aeroprakt A-26 Volcano Twin-engine plane of light-Ukrainian
2001 Cirrus SR22 Small-engine multipurpose aircraft of US manufacture
2001 CompAir 3 Light single-engine plane developed by "Compair Inc."
2001 Lamco Eurocub Hungarian multipurpose light aircraft
2001 MSW Votec 322 Swiss lightweight two-seat monoplane
2001 PAC P-750 XSTOL New Zealand Multi-purpose turboprop aircraft
2001 Van's RV-7 Easy American civilian aircraft
2001 Zenair Zodiac CH 640 Multipurpose single-engine aircraft produced in Canada
2001 Liberty XL2 Lightweight Double US plane
2001 Corvette-LJ Russian multipurpose amphibious aircraft
2000 Xian MA60 The twin-engine, turboprop Xian MA60, is a passenger, short-haul aircraft built by Chinese aircraft manufacturers from Xian Aircraft Industry Corporation (AVIC I). 
2000 Boeing 737-900 The first customer for the new aircraft began aivakompaniya «Alaska Airlines», which made the order for 10 machines.
2000 AEA Explorer Turboprop aircraft Australian production
2000 Dyn'Aero MCR 4S Quadruple light aircraft designed in France
2000 Gippsland GA8 Airvan Multiple single-engine aircraft of the Australian production
2000 Viper Jet Light jet aircraft developed by "Viper Aircraft"
2000 Aero Ae 270 Czech civilian turboprop aircraft
1999 Boeing 767-400 ER The three classes of aircraft can accommodate 245 passengers. In the two-class cabin configuration, the number of seats is 304 chair.
1999 Boeing Business Jet 2 (BBJ2) Interior space is 25 percent larger and the luggage compartment is doubled. This model has a cabin length of 3,5 m with a width of 29,9 m.
1999 Boeing Business Jet 3 (BBJ 3) Model Boeing Business Jet 3 (BBJ 3) is created on the basis of the liner Boeing 737-900ER fly extended-range flight.
1999 Embraer ERJ-140 ERJ-140, calculated on 44passazhira, considered justifiable purchase for aviation companies and use it on the three routes.
1999 Dornier 328Jet Regional jet aircraft for the lines of medium / short haul.
1999 Bombardier CRJ 700 It based on the basis of CRJ200 and features a longer fuselage, a new wing, a spacious interior and more powerful motors.
1999 Aeroprakt A-22 Ultra-light aircraft manufactured in Ukraine
1999 B&F Fk14 Polaris German lightweight screw plane
1999 Cirrus SR20 5-seater aircraft manufactured by the American company "Cirrus Aircraft"
1999 Urban Air Samba A single-engine plane designed by the Czech aircraft manufacturer "Distar Air"
1999 Grob G 115 Double single-engine multipurpose aircraft
1999 Grob G 120 Easy single-engine multipurpose aircraft produced in Germany
1999 St-Just Super-Cyclone Canadian single-engine multi-purpose aircraft
1999 TeST TST-5 Variant A single-engine multi-purpose aircraft of Czech production
1999 M-12 iris Easy multi-purpose twin-engine aircraft
1998 Boeing 717 Boeing 717, is a twin-engine, single-aisle jet passenger airliner, designed for regional air transport market stomestnogo small and medium-haul flights with a high frequency. 
1998 Dassault Falcon 900B (900C) Administrative long-range jet, which was developed by the French company DassaultAviation.
1998 Cessna Citation CJ2 Administrative aircraft (jet light plane for small businesses), which was developed by the American firm CessnaAircraftCompany.
1998 Cessna 525 Citation CJ1 + The aircraft, which was developed by the American company Cessna Aircraft Company, replaces a successful model Citation Jet.
1998 Boeing 757-300 Boeing 757-300, twin-engine, narrow-body airliner, designed for passenger transport in the medium-length flights.
1998 Boeing Business Jet (BBJ) Boeing Business Jet (BBJ) on your proiskhozhdeniyu- upgraded version of the aircraft Boeing Next Generation 737-700.
1998 Embraer ERJ-135 ERJ135 has 90protsentnuyu compatibility ERJ145 - like wing, cabin crew, empennage and core system.
1998 Cessna 300 \ 350 Corvalis It is a small-engine plane equipped with a motor and is capable of carrying on its board to 4 people.
1998 Boeing 737-600 The Boeing 737-600 airliner belongs to the 737 Next Generation series and was developed by Boeing Commercial Airplanes to replace the Boeing 737-500 aircraft. 
1998 Bombardier Dash 8 Q400 The aircraft carries the coding Q - Series from the English "quiet» "quiet", thanks to the built in system of active noise reduction.
1998 Comp Air 7 US light civilian aircraft
1998 Javelin V6 STOL Easy American aircraft short takeoff and landing
1998 Jodel D18 French Microlights, manufactured by "Jodel"
1998 Pottier P.130 Coccinelle Light Sportin French-made aircraft
1998 Rans S-16 Shekari Sports double monoplane manufactured by "Rans Inc."
1998 Warner Sportster A single-engine sport aircraft, developed by the company "Warner Aerocraft"
1998 Warner Revolution II Double US plane
1998 On-400 Captain Quadruple amphibious aircraft
1997 KR-860 The project double-deck wide-body aircraft
1997 An-140 Ukrainian regional turboprop passenger and cargo aircraft, designed by ASTC "Antonov".
1997 Boeing 737-800 Twin-engine passenger plane Boeing 737-800, refers to a family of single-aisle aircraft designed for short and medium in routing and part of a series «Next Generation».
1997 Gulfstream G200 Among this class of jets G200 is a leader in the flight range - 6301km.
1997 Airbus A330-200 Wide-body passenger aircraft company Airbus, designed for medium and long distances, equipped with two turbofan engines. 
1997 Boeing 737-700 The Boeing 737-700 was designed directly to replace the Boeing 737-300. The two-class cabin layout can accommodate 126 passenger seats.
1997 Boeing 777-300 The passenger Boeing 777-300 is part of the Triple Seven (T7) family of wide-body, twin-engine aircraft and is an extended model of the Boeing 777-200.
1997 Diamond DA40 Diamond Star Quadruple civilian aircraft produced by the company "Diamond Aircraft"
1997 Williams V-Jet II American plane business class manufactured by "Williams International"
1997 Evektor SportStar A two-seater aircraft developed by the Czech aircraft manufacturers Evektor-Aerotechnik 
1997 B&F Fk12 Comet Light sport biplane made in Germany
1997 Pottier P.220S Koala Double aircraft developed by "Avions Pottier"
1997 Rutan Boomerang The twin-engine multipurpose aircraft American
1997 TL Ultralight TL-96 Star Czech ultra-light aircraft, developed by "TL Ultralight"
1996 Bombardier global express Administrative sverhdalnemagistralny large aircraft, which is manufactured by the factory BombardierAerospace Airlines Toronto.
1996 Raytheon Hawker 4000 Raytheon Hawker 4000 is the flagship of the Hawker line of Hawker Beechcraft Corporation (USA). 
1996 Aeroprakt A-24 Viking Ukrainian light-engine plane
1996 Dyn'Aero MCR 01 French production of small-plane
1996 Extra EA-400 Multipurpose six-seat aircraft manufactured in Germany by "Extra Flugzeugbau GmbH" 
1996 Let-Mont Tulak Ultra-light multi-purpose aircraft, manufactured in the Czech Republic
1996 Let-Mont Piper UL Ultra-light single-engine civil aircraft of Czech production
1996 Legend Legend Easy American sports plane
1996 Pitts Model 12 American sports biplane
1996 Kappa 77 KP 2U-Sova Czech single-engine aircraft
1996 Starfire Firebolt A single-engine biplane sports
1996 Team Tango 2 Multiple US aircraft
1996 Thruster T600 Sprint British ultra-light multi-purpose aircraft
1996 UL-Jih Fascination Czech ultra-light multi-purpose sports aircraft
1996 VisionAire VA-10 Vantage Turbojet aircraft American business development
1996 Extra EA-200 Multipurpose German aircraft
1995 Tu-344 Draft passenger supersonic aircraft
1995 Tu-334 Russian short-haul passenger aircraft
1995 Bombardier Challenger 800 Passenger medium-haul aircraft for local airlines, which was developed in 1995 by the Canadian company Canadair.
1995 Gulfstream V G500 and G550 The twin-engine jet aircraft Business Class.
1995 Airbus A319 Modification A320 airliner with a reduced number of passenger seats.
1995 Yak-48 Yak-48 have bots equipment, a single airframe, power plant ...
1995 Boeing 777 The aircraft has more than three hundred seats, and depending on the modification can fly at a distance from the 9695 21560 kilometers to kilometers.
1995 Dassault Falcon 50EX Administrative long-range jet, which was developed by the French company DassaultAviation.
1995 Comp Air 4 Small-engine plane designed by aircraft manufacturer "CompAir Inc."
1995 Comp Air 6 Easy American aircraft of general purpose
1995 HB Flugtechnik HB-207 Alfa Single-engine Austrian aircraft manufactured by HB Flugtechnik GmbH 
1995 Lancair 360 Multiple aircraft manufactured by the company "Lancair"
1995 Meyers 200 A single-engine aircraft manufactured by "Meyers Aircraft Company"
1995 Lancair ES Light multipurpose aircraft US development
1995 M-101T Gzhel Russian turboprop airplane multi-purpose
1995 Pipistrel Sinus Ultra-light aircraft Slovenian production
1995 Pipistrel Virus Ultra-light multi-purpose aircraft Slovenian development
1995 Pipistrel WATTsUP Slovenian ultra-light Electric Aircraft
1995 Tekhnoavia SP-95 Russian sports aircraft, manufactured by "Tekhnoavia"
1995 Van's RV-8 Vozschdushnoe single-engine boat, produced by the company "Van's Aircraft"
1995 Vidor Champion V Italian single-engine aircraft
1995 Washington T-411 Wolverine Multiple aircraft American production
1995 Avantage A-27 Multipurpose double Russian-made aircraft
1994 Tu-330 Draft medium transport aircraft
1994 Tu-324 Tu-324 production of A. Tupolev Design Bureau
1994 Boeing 777-200 The aircraft is designed for the average long-haul airlines.
1994 Su-31 This machine is made by the type of cantilever mid
1994 An-218 This unit was developed in 80-ies of the last century. Until today - not implemented.
1994 An-70 Cargo medium-range aircraft development ASTC "Antonov"
1994 Beechcraft Premier 1A At the start of the 1994, Beech began work on a jet light business jet. 
1994 An-38 Aircraft Antonov Design Bureau regional lines, a modified version of the An-28.
1994 AMD Alarus Double US light aircraft
1994 Barrows Bearhawk Patrol Light single-engine monoplane US
1994 Europa Classic British single-engine plane designed "Europa Aircraft" in 90-ies
1994 Glasair GlaStar Double lightweight single-engine plane
1994 Humbert Tetras French double legkomotoryny plane
1994 IAR-46 Ultra-light aircraft manufactured in Romania
1994 Storm Sea Storm Light amphibious aircraft designed by italyasknoy "Storm Aircraft Company"
1994 Titan Tornado Ultra-light single-engine aircraft US development
1994 Tri-R KIS TR-4 Cruiser American single-engine multi-purpose aircraft
1994 McDonnell Douglas MD-95 American passenger airliner turbofan
1993 Khrunichev T-411 Stork Russian light multipurpose aircraft
1993 Su-80 This machine has been designed in two versions, both freight and passenger car
1993  Yak-54 The training two-seater, designed for training sports pilots
1993 Yak-242 Project airliner Yakovlev, is a deep modernization of the Yak-42.
1993 Cessna Citation X + Average aircraft business jet class, assembled at Cessna Aircraft Company in Wichita (Kansas).
1993 Cessna Citation X The fastest commercial aircraft in the world. He came to in order to overcome the sound barrier, its cruising speed is slightly less than 1000km / h.
1993 Airbus A321 Mid-range, twin-engine airliner developed by a joint European concern «Airbus SAS».
1993 BAe Avro RJ-70 / 85 / 100 Aircraft Series Avro RJ (Avro Regional Jet), are a continuation of the development of regional aircraft family VAe.146.
1993 McDonnell Douglas MD-90 Mid-range passenger aircraft. Developed by McDonnell Douglas in the US in 90-ies.
1993 Fokker 70 Two-engine narrow-fuselage passenger airliner designed by the Dutch company Fokker for medium and short haul airlines.
1993 Dassault Falcon 2000 Reactive administrative plane. Manufactured by Dassault Aviation, is designed based on the Falcon 900.
1993 Aeroprakt A-20 Vista Ultralight aircraft of Ukrainian origin
1993 Barrows Bearhawk Light multipurpose aircraft of US manufacture
1993 Diamond DA20 \ DV20 Katana Light Austrian aircraft produced "Diamond Aircraft"
1993 Fournier RF-47 Civilian light-engine sports aircraft manufactured in France
1993 Storm 320E Ialyansky ultra-light single-engine aircraft
1993 Tekhnoavia SM92 Finist Multipurpose Russian aircraft
1993 Tecnam P92 Echo Italian single-engine light multipurpose aircraft class
1993 TL Ultralight TL-132 Condor Czech ultra-light aircraft, developed by "TL Ultralight"
1993 Zivko EDGE 540 American multi-purpose sports aircraft
1992 Yak-58 Quite successful aircraft with the designation Yak-58.
1992 Yak-112 The device produced in Russia, which is intended to carry passengers or cargo by weight of small
1992 An-180 Despite the fact that the machine has not been created, a project of the AN-180 remains relevant today
1992 Saab 2000 Saab 2000 - Swedish passenger turboprop aircraft. 
1992 Airbus A340-200 Chetyrehdvigatelny, wide-body Airbus A340-200, this passenger aircraft as part of a family of long-haul airliners.
1992 Yak-142 This machine is a modification of the Yak-42D
1992 Airbus A330-300 The development of the Western European twin-engine, wide-body, passenger airliner Airbus A330-300 began simultaneously with the development of the four-engine A340.
1992 Progressive Aerodyne SeaRey A single-engine amphibious aircraft of the Italian production
1992 St-Just Cyclone Canadian single-engine plane. is a replica of the model Cessna 180
1992 Tri-R KIS TR-1 American single-engine multi-purpose aircraft
1992 General Avia F.22 Pinguino Easy Italian double plane
1992 Zlin Z 143 4-seater airplane developed by "ZLIN Aircraft Otrokovice"
1991 Su-29 Sports aircraft Su-29 model was developed based on the previous model Su-26
1991 Airbus A340-300 The wide-body, four-engine Airbus A340-300, part of the family of long-haul airliners A340 and is the base and the first model of the family.
1991 BAe Jetstream 41 Short-haul BAe. Jetstream 41, is a twin-engined plane turbovintelyatornym intended for local airlines.
1991 Boeing 747-200 The wide-body, long-haul aircraft Boeing 747-200, is a logical development of the aircraft Boeing 747-100.
1991 Dornier 328 Turboprop short-haul passenger aircraft, originally produced by Dornier LuftfahrtGmbH, which was absorbed into the 1996 by Fairchild Aircraft.
1991 Bombardier CRJ-100 / 200 The basic model of a family of regional jets developed by the Canadian aircraft manufacturer Canadair (later - Bombardier) in the early 1990-ies.
1991 Pilatus PC-12 A single-engine turboprop aircraft, which is designed "Pilatus Aircraft» Swiss company.
1991 Tu-214 The new model of the passenger ship had wire system
1991 Bombardier CRJ-1000 The newest model of jet regional aircraft Canadair Regional Jet (CRJ), produced by the Canadian company Aircraft Canadair (subsequently - Bombardier) in 1990-ies.
1991 Socata TB-200 Tobago XL Easy-motor single-engine aircraft manufactured with 1991 years
1991 Storm 300 Italian single-engine aircraft
1991 Strom Century Light sport aircraft type, manufactured by the Italian aircraft manufacturer "Storm Aircraft Company"
1991 Storm Rally Ultra-light single-engine sport aircraft Italian proizvodsvta
1991 Synairgie Jet Ranger. Ultra-light multi-purpose aircraft designed by the French company "Synairgie"
1991 SyberJet SJ30 Easy American plane business class
1991 Tapanee Pegazair 100 Canadian multi-purpose aircraft, manufactured by "Tapanee Aviation Inc."
1991 TL Ultralight TL-32 Typhoon Czech double ultra-light aircraft
1991 A-21 Solo Russian single light-engine aircraft
1990 IL-114 Type turboprop twin-engined aircraft for regional air lines
1990 Bombardier Learjet 60 XR Learjet 60XR is a modern variation of the Learjet 60 - the leader of the family of Learjet aircraft manufacturer Bombardier Aerospace.
1990 McDonnell Douglas MD-11 The wide-body long-range jet aircraft b medium-haul flights.
1990 MiG-110 Multi-purpose aircraft for transport
1990 Socata TBM 700 Turboprop aircraft of French production
1990 Basler BT-67 Turboprop transport and passenger aircraft
1990 Aero Synergie Jodel D20 Ultra-light aircraft manufactured in France by "Jodel"
1990 Lancair IV Civic four-US-made aircraft
1990 Rans S-12 Airaile American single-engine aircraft
1990 Aero Bravo 700 Lightweight Double aircraft
1989 IL-103 Multi-purpose four-seater
1989 Boeing 737-500 The Boeing 737-500 is a two-meter shorter version of the Boeing 737-300 and is part of the 737 Classic family.
1989 Embraer ERJ-145 A type of regional jet aircraft manufactured by Embraer, Brazil.
1989 B&F Fk9 German Double ultra-light plane
1989 Stoddard-Hamilton Glasair II A single-engine light aircraft US
1989 Stoddard-Hamilton Glasair III Double high-speed aircraft American production
1989 Berkut 360 Double American aircraft
1988 Lancair 320 Civil multipurpose double plane
1988 IL-96 The first Soviet airliner for long-haul flights having a fuselage
1988 ATR 72 Developed French-Italian Aviation Concern «Avions de Transport Regional», as a continuation of a family of short-haul aircraft ATR 42.
1988 Boeing 747-400 Thanks to the new engines, the noise level of the production Boeing 747-400 is half that of the 747-300, and the fuel efficiency has increased by 25 percent.
1988 IL-90 Long-haul passenger aircraft, created at the end of 80-x
1988 Let L-610 The prototype of the Czech civil passenger aircraft developed by aircraft manufacturer Let Kunovice.
1988 King Air 350 King Air is a light multipurpose aircraft developed by the American company BeechAircraft. 
1988 An-225 Unique transport plane, featuring extra high load capacity
1988 Tu-155 Experimental modification of the Tu-154
1988 SOCATA TBM 850 The company today offers a lightweight corporate and private jet DAHER-SOCATA TBM 850, which is based on the TBM 700 model.
1988 Boeing 737-400 Compared with the basic version, the fuselage of Boeing 737-400, was extended by three meters. Due to the increase in the passenger compartment, the new aircraft was redesigned air conditioning system.
1988 CASA CN235 Turboprop aircraft cargo-Spanish production
1988 Preceptor N3 Pup American Double ultra-light plane
1988 Rans S-10 Sakota Easy American aircraft equipped with small motors
1988 Rans S-6 Coyote II Easy single-engine aircraft manufactured in the United States
1988 Tech Aero TR 200 French single-engine light aircraft
1988 Extra EA-300 Light multipurpose aircraft of the German development
1988 PZL M28 Skytruck Polish Utility multipurpose aircraft
1988 Ruschmeyer R90-230RG German light multi-purpose aircraft
1987 Airbus A320 The family of single-aisle aircraft for the airlines of small and medium extent, developed by the European consortium «Airbus SAS»
1987 Bombardier LearJet 31 American twin-engine airplane business class, originally manufactured by Aircraft Corporation Lear Jet Corporation.
1987 Aviat Husky Small-engine aircraft produced in 80-ies in the US
1987 Cirrus VK-30 Single-engine aircraft produced in the US by "Cirrus Aircraft"
1987 Wheeler Express American single-engine light aircraft
1987 Flightstar Ultra-light single-engine aircraft produced in the US
1986 Falconar F11 Sporty Canadian light aircraft manufactured by Falconar Avia 
1986 An-124 Heavy long-range transport aircraft development OKB. Antonov.
1986 BAe ATP BAe ATP, was designed to replace BAe.748, and to create competition Franco-italayanskim aircraft ATR-42 and ATR-72 market regional turboprop airliners.
1986 Piaggio P.180 Avanti Powerplant AvantiII, which consists of two turbo-prop engines PT6A66B, generates approximately 1700 hp
1986 Hawker 400XP Hawker 400 XP - a small twin-engine jet aircraft for corporate use.
1986 Fokker 100 The largest production aircraft Dutch aircraft company of the same name.
1986 Boeing 767-300 Passenger airliner Boeing 767-300, in appearance is an extended version of the meter in the 6,43 aircraft Boeing 767-200.
1986 Dornier SeaStar Multi-purpose turboprop amphibious aircraft
1986 White Lightning WLAC-1 American single-engine monoplane
1986 Van's RV-6 Light single-engine double American aircraft
1986 Zenith STOL CH 701 Light mnotselevoy aircraft short takeoff and landing, designed by Canadian aircraft manufacturers
1986 Zenith STOL CH 801 Canadian single-engine multi-purpose aircraft
1986 Aermacchi M-290 TP Redigo Italian single-engine turboprop aircraft
1986 PZL Mieles M26 Iskierka Multi-purpose aircraft manufactured by the Polish company "WSK PZL-Mielec"
1985 Aero Designs Pulsar Double Light aircraft manufactured in the United States
1985 An-71 Aircraft Airborne Warning and Control System.
1985 Fokker 50 The airframe of the aircraft for the most part similar tested the aircraft Fokker F27, but it is equipped with turboprop engines PrattUitni Canada PW125B.
1985 Elmwood Christavia Mk IV Light-engine Canadian aircraft manufactured by Elmwood Aircraft.
1985 Harbin Y-12 Turboprop letatelyny machine manufactured in China
1985 Rans S-7 Courier American single-engine aircraft
1985 Robin ATL Ultra-light aircraft developed by French aircraft manufacturers
1985 Ultimate Aircraft 10 Dash Light Canadian sports biplane
1984 Zodiac ZODIAC first was built in 1984, and since that time has earned the trust of many amateur light aircraft
1984 Cessna Citation Bravo Turbofan twin-engine light aircraft business class developed by Cessna Aircraft Company.
1984 Dassault Falcon 900 Administrative jet aircraft with three engines located at the rear. 
1984 Boeing 737-300 Single-aisle, twin-engine, jet airliner for short and medium in routing, manufactured by «Boeing Commercial Airplanes».
1984 Bombardier Dash 8 Q300 A twin-engine turboprop aircraft for medium-haul airlines, aircraft manufactured by deHavilland Canada.
1984 Dassault Falcon 900EX The flight range of the model is 8300 km. The additional tank in the 900EX is located in the tail of the aircraft and does not reduce the size of the cabin.
1984 Falcon 900 DX It is a modern modification of the aircraft 900-series.
1984 ATR 42 The family of short-haul aircraft, the production of the combined Franco-Italian aircraft Concern «Avions de Transport Regional».
1984 Cessna 208 Caravan Light single-engine turboprop airplane American general application to the chassis, which is not removed.
1984 Gulfstream G100 American twin-engine jet aircraft manufactured by administrative-type aircraft manufacturer Gulfstream Aerospace, also known as the Astra SPX.
1984 AMD Zodiac A single-engine aircraft produced in Canada in 80-ies
1984 Maule M-7 Multipurpose aircraft designed and manufactured by Maule Air 
1984 Osprey Aircraft GP-4 Light sport aircraft, manufactured by "Osprey Aircraft"
1984 Ultracraft Calypso Multipurpose easy-motor aircraft Belgian
1984 Dickey E-Racer The American double aircraft
1984 PZL 130 Orlik Polish multi-purpose turboprop aircraft
1984 Pilatus PC-9 Swiss multi-purpose trainer aircraft
1983 Su-26 The Su-26. Photo. Overview.
1983 Saab 340 Saab 340 - turboprop airliner Swedish company «Saab AB».
1983 Hawker 800XP The plane created by a passenger commercial aircraft Hawker800 company Raytheon. The plane created by order of the Air Force in South Korea.
1983 Embraer EMB-120 Brasilia Turboprop regional airliner. It can carry up to thirty passengers.
1983 Bombardier Dash 8 Q100 / 200 The twin-engine turboprop aircraft for medium-haul aircraft Alina produced aviation company DHC.
1983 Hawker 900XP The Hawke r900XP is the result of a series of modifications with the 800 series: 800XP, 850XP, 800XPi.
1983 Gulfstream IV Work on the Gulfstream IV started in the spring of 1983.
1983 Airbus A310 The wide medium- haul passenger aircraft.
1983 Spectrum SA-550 Single-engine multipurpose American aircraft 
1983 Elmwood Christavia Mk I Canadian light single-engine aircraft developed by Elmwood Aircraft 
1983 Reims-Cessna F406 Caravan II Twin-engine turboprop airplane multi-purpose
1983 Beechcraft Starship American turboprop multipurpose aircraft
1982 Boeing 747-300 Boeing 747-300, is a long-haul, widebody, passenger aircraft developed by the American company «Boeing Commercial Airplanes».
1982 Boeing 757-200 Boeing 757-200 - twin-engine, narrow-body, passenger aircraft manufactured by «Boeing Commercial Airplanes», intended for use in routing in the medium range.
1982 Beechcraft 1900 American turboprop aircraft, nineteen-seat airliner serving local lines. 
1982 Boeing 757 Passenger narrow-body aircraft for medium-range routes, producing the American company Boeing since 1982 2004 for years.
1982 Piper PA-46 Malibu \ Matrix Speed ​​of light-US plane
1982 Aero Boero AB-150 Argentinean lightweight aircraft Multipurpose
1982 Lake Renegade American five-seater amphibious aircraft
1982 OMAC Laser 300 Light aircraft administrative type manufactured in the US
1982 Vulcanair Canguro Multipurpose civilian turboprop aircraft designed in Italy
1982 Valmet PIK-23 Townmaster The aircraft is manufactured by multi-purpose "Valmet"
1982 Quikkit Glass Goose American single-engine amphibious aircraft
1982 Wag-Aero CHUBy CUBy American single-engine multi-purpose aircraft
1982 Enaer T-35 Pillan Light aircraft proizvodimsy in Chile with 80-ies
1981 SSBJ Project supersonic passenger aircraft
1981 Indonesian Aerospace CN-235 The largest customer - Turkey, which has generally 61 plane.
1981 Boeing 767 Widebody airliner designed to carry fly medium and long-haul.
1981 Short 360 Designed and produced serially company Short Brothers in 1981-1991 years.
1981 Dornier 228 The twin-engine aircraft for regional aviation lines, which are produced by the German company Dornier GmbH.
1981 Boeing 767-200 Passenger, wide-body, twin-engine airliner, developed by «Boeing Commercial Airplanes», for medium and long distance in routing.
1981 BAe 146 This mid-size aircraft is intended primarily for short-haul passenger air travel.
1981 LearAvia Lear Fan 2100 Double turboprop aircraft
1981 Shaanxi Y-8 Chinese Multi-Purpose Utility turboprop airliner
1981 Zlin Z 37T Agro-Turbo Czech mnogotsunktsionalny plane
1980 IL-86 The first Soviet passenger liner having a fuselage
1980 McDonnell Douglas MD-80 A short-haul passenger aircraft that was developed in the United States in the 1970s. Intended to replace the outdated DC-9 at that time.
1980 BAe Jetstream 31 / 32 Light short-haul aircraft BAe. Jetstream 31, designed for use on small airfields with short runways.
1980 An-3 Option passenger and cargo aircraft AN-2 with turboprop engine turboprop-20.
1980 Stoddard-Hamilton Glasair I A single-engine civilian aircraft developed in the US
1980 Robin R3000 French single-engine aircraft
1980 Quickie Q2 Multiple aircraft developed by the American aircraft manufacturers
1980 Striplin Lone Ranger American ultra-light single-engine aircraft
1980 Taylorcraft F-21 Light single-engine multi-purpose aircraft
1980 Van's RV-4 Double American aircraft
1979 Yak-55 The plane nrednaznachen for education and training of pilots and performances in competitions.
1979 IL-24 IL-24N did not demand and did not enter the serial production
1979 Yak-52 Sports and training aircraft, was created in the USSR
1979 Cessna Citation III It is a business jet, which served as the prototype for the creation of the previous versions of the family Citation.
1979 Gulfstream III Gulfstream III is an administrative type of aircraft manufactured by the American aircraft manufacturer Gulfstream Aerospace in the period of 1979 1986 year.
1979 Piper PA-42 Cheyenne American twin-engine turboprop aircraft
1979 Piper PA-44 Seminole Light twin-engine aircraft manufactured by the present vermja
1979 PAC Cresco Turboprop monorplan manufactured in New Zealand
1979 Rutan Long-EZ Easy American aircraft
1979 UTVA 75 Light Yugoslav plane
1979 Edgley EA7 Optica Light multipurpose aircraft of British design
1978 Bombardier Challenger 600 The plane belonging to the family of aircraft used primarily for business aviation
1978 Bombardier Challenger 604 Airliner increased comfort, which is developed by the Canadian company Bombardier Business Aircraft.
1978 Cessna T303 Crusader American multi-purpose, six-seat twin-engine light aircraft, production of which began in 1978 year.
1978 Cessna 425 The aircraft is based on models of Cessna 421, which was supposed to replace.
1978 Bombardier Challenger 605 The advantage of the Challenger 605 is a margin of safety and reliability.
1978 Piper PA-38 Tomahawk Lightweight double production aircraft Piper Aircraft
1978 Gulfstream American GA-7 Quadruple light aircraft manufactured in the United States
1978 Diamond HK36 Super Dimona A single-engine light aircraft developed in Austria
1978 Rutan Defiant Quadruple American-made aircraft
1978 Sportavia-Putzer RS ​​180 Sportsman German multi-purpose aircraft
1978 Wag-Aero Wag-a-Bond American light aircraft, which is a replica of the model Piper Vagabond
1978 Beechcraft 77 Skipper American multi-purpose aircraft, equipped with one engine
1978 SIAI-Marchetti SF.600 Italian twin-engine turboprop aircraft
1978 Zlin Z 142 Easy multi-plane in Czechoslovakia
1977 Bombardier LearJet 28 \ 29 Twin-engine business jet manufactured by the American company Lear Jet Corporation during the period of 1977 1982 year.
1977 Cessna 152 American single-engined light aircraft used for private air transport and pilot training.
1977 Bombardier Learjet 55 American twin-engine turbojet aircraft administrative class, is the only completed projects 50-series aircraft of this type.
1977 Aviat Eagle II American sports small-engine plane
1977 Robin Aiglon French multi-purpose aircraft
1977 Zenair Tri-Z CH 300 Multiple single-engine Canadian aircraft
1976 An-32 Soviet / Ukrainian multipurpose transport aircraft. The people have nicknames "Nastya" and "Alyonushka".
1976 Bombardier Challenger 601-3R Aircraft Bombardier Challenger 601-3R a large airliner, which is designed to overcome the extended range of distances.
1976 Ahrens AR 404 French aircraft Multipurpose Utility
1975 MiG-105 Experimental aircraft for orbital flights
1975 Cessna 441 Conquest II Is the small-engine twin-engined American aircraft for the transport of 8-9 passengers (depending on configuration), a short distance.
1975 Cessna 404 Titan Airlines operating the airplane: Salmon Air, RVL Aviation, Vincent Aviation.
1975 Yak-42 Trёhdvigatelny Medium range passenger aircraft developed to replace the technically outdated Tu-134.
1975 Bombardier Dash 7 Canadian regional turboprop aircraft airliner short landing and takeoff.
1975 DHC-7 DHC-7 is a Canadian regional airliner developed in 70-ies of the last century.
1975 Piper PA-32R Of small-6-seater aircraft designed by Piper Aircraft
1975 Socata TB-9 Tampico \ Sprint Single-engine light aircraft manufactured by Socata
1975 Socata TB-10 Tobago French light single-engine plane
1975 Socata TB-20 Trinidad Light aircraft family Socata TB
1975 Socata TB-21 Trinidad Light single-engine plane, produced in France
1975 Bellanca Skyrocket II Multi-purpose six-screw plane
1975 Harbin Y-11 Multi-purpose twin-engine aircraft Chinese
1975 Rutan VariEze American single-engine aircraft designed by "Rutan Aircraft Factory"
1975 Thurston TA16 Trojan Easy American amphibious aircraft developed by "International Aeromarine Corporation"
1975 VFW-Fokker 614 German turbofan airliner
1975 Wag-Aero CUBy A single-engine aircraft of US manufacture
1975 Wassmer WA-80 Piranha French triple multi-purpose aircraft
1975 Zlin Z 50 Czechoslovak single sport aircraft, manufactured by "Zlin Aircraft"
1975 Rockwell Commander 700 American twin-engine aircraft such as the administrative
1974 Airbus A300 The first aircraft built by Airbus, which was the result of merging different Aircraft Manufacturing companies in Europe.
1974 Short 330 Short 330 - British short-haul turboprop aircraft. It is produced in the cargo and passenger versions.
1974 Beechcraft 76 Duchess On board of small-aircraft Beechcraft 76 Duchess can accommodate up to four people - a pilot and three passengers.
1974 Beechcraft 24 Sierra American single-engine light-engine aircraft manufactured by Aircraft Corporation Beech Aircraft Corporation in mid-60-ies.
1974 Piper PA-31T Cheyenne American twin-engine aircraft, equipped with turboprop engines
1974 Aerospatiale SN 601 Corvette French business jet manufactured in the mid-70-ies
1974 CASA C-212 Aviocar Spanish Utility turboprop aircraft short takeoff and landing
1974 IAR-823 Romanian multi-purpose light aircraft
1974 Maule M-5 Multi-purpose civil aircraft of small-American Development
1974 Slingsby T67 Firefly A single-engine multi-purpose aircraft
1973 Tu-204 A passenger plane, which produces medium-range flights
1973 Tu-244 Rocket supersonic aircraft
1973 Bellanca Aries Single-engine airplane American production
1973 Bombardier LearJet 35 \ 36 American multi-purpose turbojet business class aircraft, actively used for both civilian and military purposes. 
1973 IAR-824 Romanian Light multipurpose aircraft
1973 Osprey Osprey 2 Lightweight Double amphibious aircraft
1973 Sorrell SNS-7 Hiperbipe A single-engine biplane dvuzmestny manufactured by US
1973 Taylorcraft F-19 Sportsman A single-engine multi-purpose aircraft Double
1973 Trident TR-1 Trigull Canadian single-engine amphibious aircraft
1972 Yak-50 Jet trainer, which is all-metal monoplane
1972 King Air B200GT On 27.10.1972/200/XNUMX "Beech" a prototype of an improved, new aircraft of the King Air type, which received the designation Beech Model XNUMX Super King Air, took off.
1972 Beechcraft C-12 Huron The aircraft C-12 Huron is a transport device, which was designed by American designers.
1972 Beechcraft Super King Air Twin-engine turboprop airplane American manufactured aircraft manufacturer Beechcraft with 1972 till now.
1972 Partenavia P.68 Victor Easy Italian twin-engine aircraft
1972 Robin DR400 French light aircraft class
1972 Rutan VariViggen American single-engine aircraft
1972 Pacific Aerospace CT4 Airtrainer New Zealand general purpose small-engine aircraft
1971 Tu-244 Create SPS-2 25 took more years. During that time, employees have designed several options EDO Tu-244
1971 Cessna 340 American light-engine airliner manufactured by Cessna Aircraft Corporation during the period of 1971 1984 year.
1971 Indonesian Aerospace NC-212 The transport plane, which has developed the Spanish company EADS CASA.
1971 McDonnell Douglas DC10 One of the first turbo-jet widebody medium (in some variations - long-range) airplanes.
1971 Piper PA-34 Seneca 7-twin-seater light aircraft US
1971 Aero Boero AB-210 \ 260 Small-engine aircraft are produced in Argentina, 70-ies
1971 Alpha 2000 Double light-engine aircraft manufactured in New Zealand
1971 Grumman American AA-5 Small American four-plane
1971 GAF Nomad Australian turboprop aircraft
1971 HB-Flugtechnik HB-3 Single-engine aircraft manufactured in Austria by HB-Flugtechnik.
1971 Stolp SA 750 Acroduster Too American sports biplane, created by "Stolp Starduster Corporation"
1971 Cerva CE.43 Guepard Easy French multi-purpose aircraft
1971 Bede BD-5 American sports aircraft developed by the Bede Aircraft Corporation
1971 Robin HR.200 French single-engine multi-purpose aircraft
1970 Dassault Falcon 10 Aircraft administrative type developed by French aircraft manufacturer Dassault Aviation in 70-ies of the last century.
1970 Britten-Norman Trislander Eighteen-seat piston three-engine civil aircraft, which was produced in the 1970s and 1980s by the British firm BrittenNorman.
1970 Bakeng Deuce Small-engine monoplane manufactured in the US
1970 Mudry CAP 10 Multi-purpose light aircraft
1970 Acro Sport II Sports aircraft American production
1970 Pöschel Equator Multi-purpose aircraft of the German development
1970 SIAI-Marchetti S.210 Talyansky 6-seater aircraft
1970 Zenair Zenith CH 200 Light aircraft, which resulted from the joint development of the French and Canadian aircraft manufacturers
1970 Rockwell Commander 111 Light multipurpose aircraft developed by "North American Rockwell"
1970 Hirth Hi 27 Acrostar Lightweight single German plane
1970 Robin DR.300 French multi-purpose light aircraft class
1969 An-28 Light twin-engine turboprop transport and passenger aircraft.
1969 Cessna 500 Citation I American turbofan small-size business jet, designed to carry six passengers.
1969 Boeing 747-100 The Boeing 747-100 is a wide-body passenger aircraft that laid the foundation for an entire family of Boeing 747 long-haul airliners.
1969 An-26-100 An-26, was designed by the Antonov Design Bureau, based on a passenger aircraft An-24, and, in fact, is its modernization.
1969 Beechcraft 58 Baron Beechcraft 58 Baron, is an easy-motor twin-engine aircraft, is a deeply modernized version 55-th model family Beechcraft Baron.
1969 Let L 410 Universal nineteen-seat twin-engine aircraft for regional airlines. 
1969 Cessna 207 American seven-seater single-engine light, and later eight-multipurpose aircraft developed by Cessna at the end of 60-ies.
1969 Socata ST-10 Diplomate Easy single-engine aircraft manufactured in France
1969 Aero Boero AB-115 A small single-engined light multipurpose aircraft
1969 Aero Boero AB-180 Light multipurpose aircraft Argentine production
1969 Canadair CL-44 Utility airliner manufactured by "Canadair"
1969 Evangel 4500 The twin-engine multi-purpose aircraft of US manufacture
1969 FFA AS-202 Bravo Civil small-engine aircraft manufactured in Switzerland
1969 Mooney M10 Cadet Double American single-engine aircraft
1969 Robin HR100 French multipurpose easy aircraft
1969 Saab MFI-15 Safari Swedish lightweight single-engine aircraft
1969 Scottish Aviation Bulldog Two-seater aircraft manufactured in the United Kingdom
1969 SIAI-Marchetti SM1019 Italian aircraft short takeoff and landing
1968 Tu-144 Soviet supersonic passenger aircraft design Tupolev
1968 Fairchild Metro Turboprop American aircraft liner for regional aviation lines. 
1968 Cessna 414 Cessna 414 is an American twin-engined light multipurpose aircraft, which began mass production in 1968 year.
1968 Beechcraft 36 Bonanza Production aircraft Beechcraft 36 Bonanza was based in part on 33-th model of the same family of light-aircraft.
1968 Beechcraft 60 Duke Development of the aircraft Beechcraft 60 Duke began in the middle of 60-ies.
1968 Embraer EMB-110 Bandeirante Brazilian short-haul turboprop passenger plane.
1968 Cessna 177 Cardinal It is a four-seater single-engine light aircraft designed for the carriage of passengers and for freight transportation.
1968 Lockheed L-1011 TriStar Lockheed Corporation produced about 1968 L1984s from 250 to 1011. 
1968 Beechcraft 99 In 1965 the firm "Beech" started the development of the airplane, which was intended for use on the local air lines.
1968 Grumman American AA-1 American Double light aircraft
1968 Bede BD-4 Small-engine aircraft manufactured by the American company "Bedecorp"
1968 Fuji FA-200 Aero Subaru Japanese small-engine 4-seater plane
1968 IAI Westwind An administrative aircraft manufactured by the Israeli company Israel Aircraft Industries.
1968 Thurston Teal A single-engine amphibious aircraft US development
1968 Zlin Z 43 Czechoslovak single-engine aircraft
1967 Piper Aerostar The fastest light aircraft of its kind to him in the class of helical aircraft
1967 An-30 Aircraft aerial surveillance and aerial photography.
1967 Beechcraft 56 Baron Aircraft Aircraft Corporation manufactured by Beech Aircraft Corporation to 1967 years.
1967 Fokker F-28 Dutch short-haul jet aircraft.
1967 Britten-Norman BN-2 Islander Light aircraft, manufactured by the British company Aircraft Britten Norman.
1967 Boeing 737-200 Narrow-body jet airliner Boeing 737-200, is one of the first mass-produced aircraft of the large Seven hundred and thirty-seventh family and belongs to the Original series.
1967 Piper PA-60 \ PA-61 Six-seater twin-engine plane designed by Piper Aircraft
1967 Beagle Pup Small-engine aircraft manufactured in the UK in 60-ies
1967 Dassault Mercure Turbofan airliner French production
1967 Zlin Z 42 A single-engine multi-purpose aircraft Czechoslovak
1967 Aermacchi AM.3 Multifunctional Italian small-engine aircraft
1967 Bolkow Bo 209 Monsun German light two-seater aircraft manufactured by Bolkow GmbH
1967 Wassmer WA 4 / 21 French mnogotsunktsionalny lightweight aircraft
1966 Tu-134 Passenger plane for the Soviet air lines of medium and low extent
1966 Yak-40 Passenger aircraft for local airlines, developed in the USSR in 1960-ies.
1966 Boeing 747 Four-engine, wide-body passenger aircraft with two decks, for long-haul airlines. 
1966 Beechcraft 19 Musketeer Beechcraft Model 19 Musketeer is a single-engine light-engine aircraft, launched aircraft manufacturer Beech Aircraft Corporation in 1966 year.
1966 Bombardier LearJet 25 Bombardier LearJet 25 - twin-engine airplane business class, which is an elongated version of the Bombardier LearJet 24.
1966 Cessna 402 American twin-engine light aircraft manufactured by Cessna Aircraft Company during the period of 1966 1985 year.
1966 Grumman Gulfstream II American twin-engine aircraft manufactured by the business class aircraft manufacturer Gulfstream Aerospace.
1966 Douglas DC-9 McDonnell Douglas DC9 (also known as Douglas DC9) - short-haul twin-engine jet aircraft.
1966 Bombardier LearJet 24 Bombardier LearJet 24 is a twin-engine airplane business class, previously produced American aircraft manufacturer Lear Jet Corporation.
1966 FMA IA 50 Guarani II Argentine multipurpose turboprop plane which was the first aircraft in Argentina using turboprop powerplant
1966 Mustang Aeronautics Mustang II American light multipurpose aircraft manufactured by Mustang Aeronautics
1966 SIAI-Marchetti S.205 A single-engine four-Italian aircraft
1966 UTVA-66 Multiple single-engine aircraft produced in Yugoslavia
1966 Wassmer WA-51 Pacific The multi-purpose aircraft, developed by French aircraft manufacturer "Societe Wassmer"
1966 Pilatus PC-7 Swiss multipurpose aircraft equipped with a turboprop engine
1965 An-40 Though the mock-up committee and adopted it, the plane itself was never built.
1965 An-22 Heavy cargo plane, which was equipped with turboprop engines
1965 TU-104 The comfort of the flight for passengers was not the best. At high altitude (10 m), the pressure was equal to 000 atm. 
1965 Hawker 850XP Modern continuation of the program the longest manufacture business jets, which started in 1965.
1965 Cessna 401 Light twin-engined American airliner, designed to carry 6-8 people (depending on cabin configuration and modification) at distances up to 2145 kilometers.
1965 DHC-5 Buffalo The DHC-5 Buffalo (Buffalo) is a Canadian turboprop aircraft designed to carry both passengers and cargo. 
1965 Cessna 421 Golden Eagle American light-engine twin-engine multi-purpose aircraft, available from mid-60-ies.
1965 DHC-6 Twin Otter Turboprop aircraft developed by «de Havilland Canada» having a shorter takeoff and landing, and intended for passenger traffic on domestic airlines.
1965 Cessna 337 Super Skymaster American light-engine six-seat twin-engine aircraft, which is an upgraded version of the deep-model Cessna 336.
1965 Piper PA-32 Cherokee Six Small-engine single-engine plane
1965 Dyke Delta American four-lightweight aircraft
1965 Mooney M22 Mustang Light single-engine plane American
1965 Partenavia Oscar Italian single-engine light aircraft
1965 Piel Beryl Double French aircraft proizvodsvta
1965 United Consultants Twin Bee The twin-engine amphibious aircraft US development
1965 Hawker Siddeley HS 780 Andover Turboprop airplane British manufacturing
1965 Transavia PL-12 Airtruk Australian multi-purpose aircraft, spreoktirvoanny "Transavia Corporation"
1964 Cessna 206 Cessna 206 - American six-light single-engine multi-purpose aircraft, first introduced in 1964 year and produced intermittently present.
1964 Piper PA-31 Navajo Chieftain Aircraft Piper Navajo PA31 (Piper PA31 Navajo) Piper Aircraft designed by the American company in the middle of 1960-x.
1964 Citabria Small-sized single-engine airplane US release
1964 Beagle B.206 British twin-engine aircraft, manufactured in 60-ies
1964 PIK-15 Hinu Finnish multipurpose aircraft
1964 Robin DR.200 Easy French multipurpose aircraft
1964 Rockwell Commander JetProp American turboprop aircraft such as administrative
1964 Hamburger Flugzeugbau HFB-320 Hansa Jet German turbojet multipurpose aircraft, used as administrative aircraft
1964 SIAI-Marchetti SF-260 Italian multi-purpose three-plane
1963 Tu-154 Jet passenger plane trimotored
1963 Boeing 727 This aircraft was designed by «Boeing Commercial Airplanes» for operation on US domestic flights.
1963 Beechcraft King Air Type of general purpose turboprop American aircraft. 
1963 Beechcraft 23 Musketeer American single-engine light aircraft, is the first of a family of light-aircraft Beechcraft Musketeer.
1963 King Air C 90 GTi Beech Model 90 King Air is a light multi-purpose aircraft, developed by the American firm Beech Aircraft.
1963 Dassault Falcon 20 French jet administrative-type, which has become one of the first models in the family business jets produced by the French aircraft manufacturer Dassault Aviation.
1963 Tu-124 Since April 1964-th liner output for international flights, and it gradually replaced the obsolete and outdated Il-14.
1963 BAC 1-11 Short-haul jet airliner BAC 1-11, having the name «One-Eleven», was created as a replacement passenger turboprop Vickers Viscount, British aircraft manufacturing company «British Aircraft Corporation».
1963 Short SC.7 Skyvan British turboprop transport and passenger aircraft
1963 SAN Jodel D.150 Mascaret Double French civilian aircraft
1963 MacFam Cavalier Multi-purpose light aircraft developed by the Canadian and French aircraft manufacturers
1963 Maule M-4 Multiple lung civil aircraft type
1963 Mitsubishi MU-2 Peacock Utility multi-purpose twin-engine aircraft made in Japan
1962 Jurca MJ-5 Sirocco Multi-purpose civil aircraft designed in France
1962 Aérospatiale - BAC Concorde British-French supersonic passenger aircraft
1962 Hawker Siddeley HS 121 Trident British jet passenger plane trёhdvigatelny intended for operation on the lines of small and medium-haul.
1962 Cessna 205 Cessna 205 is an American light-engine six-seater aircraft, equipped with a piston engine, produced in the period from 1962 to 1986 year. 
1962 Hawker 125-700 British jet aircraft Business Class.
1962 NAMC YS-11 Turboprop aircraft Japanese ship lines for medium and short haul.
1962 An-34 The transport plane An-34 was designed Antonov Design Bureau for military transport.
1962 Tu-126 "Moss" Aircraft radar surveillance and detection of air and sea targets.
1962 Cessna 411 Cessna 411 is a designed aircraft, equipped with two engines, and designed to carry passengers over short distances. 
1962 Piper PA-30 Twin Comanche The twin-engine light aircraft US
1962 Aerospatiale N 262 French twin-engine turboprop aircraft
1962 Learjet 23 Turbojet aircraft multipurpose administrative-type used in civil and military aviation
1962 Malmo Flygindustri MFI-9 Junior Breakfast Double light aircraft used in civil and military aviation
1962 Oberlerchner JOB 15 Light civilian aircraft produced in Austria
1962 Pazmany PL-1 American single-engine light aircraft, developed by "Pazmany Aircraft Corporation"
1962 Piel Diamant A single-engine multi-purpose aircraft of the French Development
1962 SIAI-Marchetti FN.333 Riviera Italian multipurpose amphibious aircraft
1962 Vickers VC10 British multi-purpose airplane
1961 Cessna 336 Skymaster Small-engine aircraft produced by the American aircraft manufacturer Cessna, designed to carry 6 people - a pilot and five passengers.
1961 Piper PA-28 Cherokee American light-engine six-seater plane
1961 Socata Rallye French-made aircraft
1961 Aero Boero AB-95 Light multipurpose aircraft Argentine production
1961 Beagle Terrier British light-engine plane
1961 Beagle Airdale Light single-engine plane British manufacturing
1961 Neiva Regente Brazilian multi-purpose single-engine aircraft
1961 On Mark Marksman Civil twin-engine aircraft, built on the basis of a US military bomber
1961 Potez 840 French multi-purpose passenger aircraft
1961 SIAT 223 Flamingo Light single-engine plane German
1960 IL-62 Monoplane with low-lying swept wings
1960 BAe 748 Short-haul turboprop aircraft BAe.748, better known as the Hawker Siddeley HS.748 or as Avro 748, is a multi-purpose aircraft.
1960 Beechcraft 55 Baron American twin-engine light aircraft manufacturing Beech Aircraft Corporation, produced in the early 60-ies.
1960 An-24 Turboprop airliner lines for small and medium extent.
1960 Cessna 185 Skywagon For 24-summer release, it was made 4482 aircraft of this model, however, due the popularity of the plane and could not get it.
1960 Socata GY-80 Horizon A single-engine aircraft manufactured in France since the early 60-ies
1960 Bay Super V Small-engine aircraft, modification of the model Beechcraft Bonanza
1960 Beagle Husky Triple British light-engine plane
1960 Jodel DR1050 Excellence Multipurpose Triple French plane
1960 Nord 260 Turboprop airliner cargo-French development
1960 Beechcraft Queen Air American twin-engine multi-purpose aircraft
1960 Aero Commander 100 Quadruple aircraft developed by the "Aero Commander"
1960 Bolkow Bo 207 German multipurpose light aircraft manufactured by Bolkow GmbH
1959 Beechcraft 33 Debonair \ Bonanza Beechcraft 33 Debonair \ Bonanza is an American single-engine light plane a six, the production of which was launched in 1959 year and continued until 1995 years.
1959 Pilatus PC-6 Porter Light single-engine plane designed by the Swiss aircraft manufacturer Pilatus Aircraft and built by the US company Fairchild Aircraft.
1959 Canadair CC-109 Cosmopolitan Multipurpose Utility turboprop aircraft manufactured in Canada
1959 Dornier Do 28 German dvuhdvigatelnyysamolёt multi-purpose
1959 Procaer Picchio Italian easy-motor aircraft
1959 Aermacchi AL-60 Light civilian aircraft manufactured in Mexico and Argentina
1959 North American Sabreliner American turbojet multi-purpose aircraft
1959 Partenavia P.57 Fachiro Light four-plane
1959 Pützer Elster German single-engined aircraft double
1959 UTVA-60 Yugoslav single-engine multi-purpose aircraft
1959 Wassmer WA-40 Super 4 Fancy Multipurpose French monoplane manufactured by "Wassmer"
1959 Zlin Z 526 Akrobat The plane sports Czechoslovakian aircraft
1959 Convair CV-880 American airliner developed by the corporation «Consolidated Vultee Aircraft Corporation»
1959 Jodel DR100 French four-plane, produced by "Société des Avions Jodel"
1959 Vickers Vanguard Multipurpose combi aircraft, designed by the British company "Vickers-Armstrongs"
1959 Victa Airtourer Australian ultra-light plane
1958 An-14 Soviet light transport airplane, which was to replace the An-2
1958 Fokker F27 Fokker F27 - Dutch regional passenger aircraft.
1958 Grumman Gulfstream Business class twin-engine turboprop aircraft developed by Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation. 
1958 McDonnell Douglas DC-8 Passenger jet airliner developed by the American aircraft manufacturer McDonnell Douglas to perform flights on the length of the route.
1958 Fairchild F-27 Turboprop multi-body aircraft developed by Fairchild Hiller
1958 Dinfia IA 46  Argentine light-engine multi-purpose aircraft, raschzrabotanny in 50-ies
1958 SAN Jodel D.140 Mousquetaire Double easy-motor aircraft designed in France
1958 Sud Aviation SE210 Caravelle French passenger airliner turbofan
1958 Volmer VJ-22 Sportsman Light multipurpose amphibious aircraft, manufactured in the US
1958 Beechcraft Travel Air American multi-purpose twin-engine aircraft, designed by "Beech Aircraft Corporation"
1958 PZL 101 Gawron Light single-engine aircraft manufactured by the Polish company "WSK-Okecie"
1958 Nord 3400 Norbarbe French two-seater aircraft
1957 IL-18 The passenger plane for lines of medium-range aircraft
1957 Cessna 175 Skylark American single-engine four-seater multi-purpose aircraft, developed in 1957 year and was originally designed to replace 172 model.
1957 Tu-116 This machine is designed as a plane for transportation of the high command anywhere in the world
1957 An-10 Soviet medium-range passenger aircraft. Created under the direct supervision of Antonov.
1957 Lockheed L-188 Electra Lockheed L-188 Electra is a multi-purpose turboprop airliner chetyrёhdvigatelny.
1957 Let L-200 Morava Light twin-engine airliner manufactured by Let Kunovice in the period of 1957 1964 year.
1957 Cessna 150 Light engine multi-purpose aircraft developed by the American aircraft manufacturer Cessna in the middle of the 50-s of the last century. 
1957 Cessna 210 Centurion Cessna 210 Centurion is an American four-bed light, and later a six single-engine airplane for the first time presented to the public in the year 1957.
1957 Boeing 707 Chetyrёhdvigatelny Boeing 707 is one of the first jet airliners produced in the world for passenger traffic.
1957 Cessna 195 Businessliner Cessna 195 Businessliner is an upgraded version of the model Cessna 190, more closely adapted to the personal use of private individuals.
1957 Piper PA-24 Comanche Light single-engine 4-x markedly plane
1957 Bristol Britannia Medium range airliner British manufacturing
1957 HAL Pushpak Easy Indian aircraft, built on Aeronca Chief
1957 Piaggio P.166 Italian twin-engine civil aircraft
1957 Lockheed JetStar American business jet company "Lockheed Corporation"
1957 Zlin Z 326 Trener Master Light trainer aircraft manufactured in Czechoslovakia
1956 Cessna 182 Skylane It is a single-American four-light aircraft, produced (with interruptions) to 1956 years to the present.
1955 Tu-114 The Tu-114 aircraft is a long-haul aircraft designed for passenger transportation and equipped with turboprop engines.
1955 Cessna 172 Skyhawk American light-engine four-seater multi-purpose aircraft, which is one of the most popular current model aircraft manufacturer Cessna.
1955 Mooney M20 Light multipurpose aircraft developed by the Mooney Airplane Company
1955 Sequoia Falco Double Italian plane
1955 Taylor Ranch Wagon American single-engine multi-purpose aircraft
1955 Dornier Do 27 German multi-purpose light aircraft class
1955 Handley Page HPR7 Herald British multi-purpose type of regional airliner
1955 PZL Mielec TS-8 Bies Polish light multipurpose aircraft class
1955 Scheibe SF23 Sperling German double multipurpose aircraft
1955 Zlin Z 226 Czechoslovak multipurpose double plane
1954 Cessna 320 Skyknight It is a deeply modified version of the American light-engine aircraft Cessna 310F, it is very different both in its design and a number of technical characteristics.
1954 Aero L-60 Brigadyr Small-engine airplane in Czechoslovakia
1954 Helio Courier American aircraft short takeoff and landing produced in 50-70-ies
1954 Max Holste MH.1521 Broussard French multipurpose aircraft manufactured by Avions Max Holste
1954 Piel Emeraude French multi-purpose aircraft
1954 Convair CV-540 Turboprop cargo-passenger airliner developed by Consolidated Vultee Aircraft Corporation
1953 Tu-104 Passenger aircraft based on Tu-16
1953 Douglas DC-7 Transport-passenger aircraft manufactured by the American aircraft manufacturer Douglas Aircraft Company in the period of 1953 1958 years.
1953 Pilatus P-3 Swiss light aircraft
1952 Piper PA-23 Apache \ Aztec American twin-engine light aircraft
1952 Cessna 180 Skywagon Development of a new small-engine aircraft Cessna 180 Skywagon began in the early 50-ies of the last century, and in 1952 year, the aircraft made its first flight.
1952 Cessna 310 Cessna 310 is a twin-engine light multipurpose aircraft developed by the American aircraft manufacturer Cessna in 1952-1953 years.
1952 Lake Buccaneer Light amphibious aircraft manufactured in the United States
1952 De Havilland DH 106 Comet Passazhitrsky jet airliner, which proroditelem reaktivnh large capacity civil aircraft
1952 SIPA S.200 Minijet French sports aircraft manufactured by "SIPA"
1951 An-4 Seaplane to the presence of the float chassis
1951 DHC-3 Otter DHC-3 Otter (Otter) is a multipurpose aircraft short takeoff and landing (STOL), developed by the Canadian company «de Havilland Canada».
1951 Martin 4-0-4 Multi-purpose Utility liner American production
1951 Piaggio P.148 Easy Italian mnogolevoy aircraft
1951 Lockheed L-1049 Super Constellation American turboprop airplane multi-purpose
1951 SAI KZ X Light mnogotselvoy trainer aircraft manufactured in Denmark
1950 IL-14 Short-haul twin-engine piston airplane
1950 DH. 114 Heron Screw passenger aircraft developed by a British aircraft manufacturer de Havilland in the early 50-ies.
1950 Piper PA-22 Tri-Pacer Small-engine single-engine aircraft manufactured by Piper Aircraft
1950 Piper PA-20 Pacer Light single-engine plane US
1950 Short Sealand Amphibious aircraft manufactured in 50-ies in the UK
1950 Jodel D.11 Multipurpose double French-made aircraft
1950 Scottish Aviation Pioneer Shtalandskoe multipurpose single-engine aircraft
1949 Beechcraft 50 Twin Bonanza The first flight of the aircraft Beechcraft 50 Twin Bonanza held in 1949 year.
1949 Piper PA-18 Super Cub Samoёt of small-American, who became one of the most massively produced in the world
1949 Piper PA-17 Vagabond American single-engine plane of light-
1949 Piper PA-16 Clipper Small-engine multipurpose aircraft chetryhёmestny
1949 Boisavia Mercurey French small-engine aircraft type
1949 Auster J-5 Autocar British single-engine aircraft manufactured by Auster Aircraft Limited 
1949 Vickers Varsity British twin-engine multi-purpose aircraft
1949 Morane-Saulnier MS733 Alcyon Multipurpose French aircraft
1949 Nord NC.856 Norvigie Triple French light aircraft
1948 An-6 Version altitude reconnaissance weather developed in OKB-153 them. Antonova
1948 EF-152 He was supposed to transport the passenger 72 at supersonic speeds. 
1948 Cessna 170 This aircraft has a number of very impressive technical and flight characteristics, so continue to operate to this day.
1948 Aeronca 15AC Sedan Light 4-seater airplane of American manufacturing
1948 Chrislea Super Ace A small British multipurpose aircraft
1948 Colonial Model C-1 Skimmer Amphibian manufactured in the United States in the postwar period 
1948 Ryan Navion US attack aircraft
1948 SIPA S.90 Italian multi-purpose aircraft
1948 Zlin Z26 Trener Multi-purpose single-engine aircraft in Czechoslovakia
1948 Aero Commander 500 Twin-engine aircraft, multi-purpose
1948 De Havilland Australia DHA-3 Drover British multi-purpose trёhmotorny airliner postwar sample
1948 Jodel D9 Bebe French single-seater
1948 LWD Junak Light single-engine aircraft produced in Poland
1948 Vickers Viscount Turboprop passenger aircraft manufactured by Vickers-Armstrongs 
1948 Nord NC.853 Lightweight Double French multi-purpose aircraft
1947 Piper PA-11 Cub Special Small-engine twin-engine aircraft produced in the second half 40-ies
1947 Piper PA-14 Family Cruiser American single-engine four-seater plane
1947 Piper PA-15 Vagabond American lekgomotorny multipurpose aircraft
1947 Yak-18 single-engine piston training aircraft primary education
1947 Beechcraft 35 Bonanza It is a small-engine single-engine aircraft American, who became the most popular of all manufactured Aircraft Corporation Beech Aircraft Corporation
1947 Yak-8 A passenger plane, which was designed to carry six people
1947 An-2 Soviet light multipurpose aircraft. It is a single-engine piston biplane with a bracing wing. 
1947 Cessna 190 American multi-purpose light single-engine plane designed for the carriage of passengers and to transport small loads.
1947 DHC-2 Beaver A single-engine light multipurpose aircraft short takeoff and landing, designed for use in difficult conditions of undeveloped areas.
1947 Aero Ae-45 Civil aircraft manufactured in Czechoslovakia at the end of 40-ies
1947 Macchi MB308 Easy Italian mnogotsleevoy aircraft postwar era
1947 Meyers MAC-145 American plane of light-Double
1947 Stampe SV.4 Belgian single-engine biplane
1947 Zlin 22 Junak Light multipurpose aircraft Czechoslovak
1947 Airspeed AS.57 Ambassador British airliner gruschzopassazhirsky
1947 Convair CV-240 Convairliner American Multi-Purpose Utility airliner developed by «Consolidated Vultee Aircraft Corporation».
1947 Emigh A-2 Trojan Multipurpose American aircraft designed "Emigh Trojan Aircraft Company"
1946 Globe Swift A single-engine civilian aircraft produced after the end of World War II
1946 Piper PA-12 Super Cruiser A single-engine multipurpose light American plane
1946 Saab 90 Scandia Swedish twin-engine multi-purpose aircraft
1946 Saab 91 Safir Multi-purpose light single-engine aircraft produced in Sweden
1946 Yak-12 Easy multi-purpose transport vehicle was created in the KB under the control of AS Yakovleva
1946 Tu-70 It was planned to release 20 copies, but the aircraft never entered the series. 
1946 Douglas DC-6 Screw chetyrёhdvigatelny multipurpose aircraft, operated for cargo transportation and for passenger transportation.
1946 Cessna 140 A single-engine multipurpose aircraft ultralight aircraft used for transportation of passengers and cargo for transportation.
1946 Short Solent Chetyrёhdvigatelny passenger amphibious aircraft
1946 Aeronca 11 Chief Double US light aircraft
1946 Aeronca Champion A single-engine plane American production
1946 Canadair North Star Canadian Utility airliner
1946 Fairchild F-11 Husky Multi-purpose single-engine aircraft short takeoff and landing
1946 Fleet Canuck Canadian light aircraft manufactured by Fleet Aircraft
1946 Luscombe 11 Of small-American multi-purpose aircraft
1946 Martin 2-0-2 American civilian cargo and passenger liner
1946 SAI KZ III Danish lightweight multi-purpose aircraft
1946 SAI KZ VII Laerke Multiple aircraft produced by the company "Skandinavisk Aero Industri"
1946 Stinson 108 American single-engine light aircraft
1946 Grumman G-73 Mallard American Utility amphibious aircraft
1946 Nord NC.850 Easy French general-purpose aircraft
1946 Orlican M-1 Sokol Light Czechoslovak aircraft Triple plane
1945 IL-12 Passenger plane for flights to medium-length flights
1945 DH. 104 Dove British spiral plane, designed to work on civilian airlines a small extent.
1945 Cessna 120 Multi-purpose single-engine plane ultralight aircraft, capable of carrying on its board 2 people.
1945 Bellanca 14-13 Crusair Senior American light aircraft manufactured by "Bellanca" in 40-60-ies
1945 Bellanca 17 Viking Quadruple American small aircraft
1945 Lombardi LM.5 Italian Double light aircraft class
1945 Miles M.65 Gemini The twin-engine multi-purpose aircraft developed by aircraft manufacturers of the United Kingdom
1945 Nord 1200 Norecrin French multi-purpose aircraft
1945 Republic RC-3 Seabee A single-engine multi-purpose American amphibious aircraft
1945 Auster J-1 Autocrat British single-engine multi-purpose aircraft
1945 Sud-Ouest SO30 Bretagne French mnogtsoelevoy transport and passenger aircraft
1945 Vickers VC.1 Viking Utility airliner manufactured in the UK
1944 Pitts Special Sport biplane American development
1944 SAI KZ IV Twin-engine light aircraft developed by Skandinavisk Aero Industri 
1943 Lockheed Constellation American chetyrёhdvigatelny screw multipurpose airliner manufactured by Aircraft Corporation Lockheed Aircraft Corporation during the period of 1943 1958 year.
1942 Douglas DC-4 Initially the aircraft Douglas DC-4 was developed based on the model Douglas DC-4E, as a multi-purpose aircraft.
1942 Avro 685 York British multipurpose airliner manufactured by Avro Aircraft
1941 "Armstrong Whitworth" "Argosy" The last Armstrong Whitworth aircraft before it "disappeared" into the Hawker Sidley Aviation "empire."
1940 U-52 The history of the vessel and unusual moments, tragic situations. 
1940 QC-1
The first jet aircraft flew were Italian "Caproni-Campini" (CK and CK-1-2)
1940 Klemm KL 107 German multi-purpose aircraft produced in the x-40 - 50-ies
1940 ERCO Ercoupe American single-engine light aircraft, multi-purpose
1940 Rearwin Skyranger American single-engine multi-purpose aircraft
1940 Siebel Si 204 German multi-purpose combi aircraft
1940 LF1 Zaunkonig Easy German Experimental aircraft
1939 An-714 The first flight on an air cushion
1939 Howard DGA-15 Prewar American multipurpose aircraft
1939 Avia FL.3 Light pre-war multi-purpose aircraft
1939 Rearwin Cloudster US attack aircraft
1939 Ambrosini S.7 Italian multi-purpose single-engine aircraft
1939 Waco E Series single-engine aircraft, manufactured by the American company "Waco Aircraft Company"
1939 Culver Cadet American light multipurpose aircraft developed by the "Culver Aircraft Company" 
1939 Tachikawa Ki-55 Japanese single-engine aircraft
1938 Piper J-3 Cub Double light-engine multipurpose aircraft
1938 Aeronca 50 Chief Light single-engine plane US
1938 Miles M.17 Monarch Light aircraft manufactured by the British at the end of 30-ies
1938 RWD 21 Polish single-engine multi-purpose aircraft
1938 Taylorcraft B American single-engine multi-purpose, pre-war aircraft
1938 Arado Ar 79 German single-engine aircraft, designed by "Arado Flugzeugwerke GmbH"
1938 Piper J-4 Cub Coupe Easy American aircraft developed on the basis of the model Piper J-3 Cub
1937 Aeronca Scout Light aircraft prewar production manufactured in the US
1937 Bellanca 14 Pre-war American light-engine plane
1937 Luscombe 8 American light multi-purpose, pre-war aircraft
1937 Ryan SC Multi-purpose light aircraft American
1937 Ambrosini SAI.2S Italian prewar single-sample plane
1937 SAI KZ II Racing single-engine aircraft made in Denmark
1937 Tipsy B Light aircraft Belgian sports type
1937 Sikorsky VS-44 American multipurpose amphibious aircraft
1937 Miles M.14 Magister Lightweight Double multipurpose British aircraft
1937 De Havilland DH 94 Moth Minor British lightweight monoplane multipurpose
1937 Percival Proctor British multi-purpose light aircraft
1936 UT-2 Soviet trainer aircraft.
1936 Douglas DC-3 Multi-purpose twin-engine airliner manufactured by the American aircraft manufacturer Douglas Aircraft Company in the period of 1936 1942 year.
1936 Piper J-2 Cub Light pre-war American plane
1936 Howard DGA-8  American single-engine aircraft pre-war era
1936 Miles M.11 Whitney Straight Multipurpose British monoplane
1936 Spartan 7W Executive American single-engine multi-purpose aircraft
1936 Lockheed 12 Electra Junior American twin-engine multipurpose aircraft pre-war production
1935 UT-1 Soviet trainer aircraft. Used for pilot training qualifications in peacetime.
1935 Lockheed Electra Twin-engine multi-purpose aircraft, manufactured by the American aircraft manufacturer Lockheed Aircraft Corporation to 1935 years.
1935 Noorduyn Norseman Multipurpose Canadian single-engine type aircraft
1935 Aeronca L A small low-powered US aircraft
1935 Potez 62 French civil aircraft
1935 Rearwin Sportster Sports American single-engine aircraft
1935 Rearwin Speedster American sport aircraft pre-war era
1935 RWD 13 Triple Polish production aircraft
1935 Waco S A series of weak US pre-war production of the aircraft
1935 Waco Custom Cabin Family of American multipurpose biplane
1935 Zlin Z-XII Czechoslovak multi-purpose aircraft
1935 Porterfield 35 Flyabout Light aircraft developed by the American company "Porterfield Aircraft Corporation"
1935 Zlin Z 126 Of small-Czechoslovak aircraft, multi-purpose
1935 Percival K.1 Vega Gull British multi-purpose light aircraft class
1934 Funk B Light aircraft manufactured by the "Funk Aircraft Company" in the 30s - 40s
1934 Miles M.3 Falcon Multipurpose British light aircraft manufactured by Miles Aircraft Limited
1934 Stinson Model A American multi-purpose aircraft
1934 Caudron C.500 Simoun French light multi-purpose aircraft developed by Societe des avions Caudron
1934 De Havilland DH 87 Hornet Moth British lightweight single-engine aircraft, developed by «De Havilland Aircraft Company»
1934 De Havilland DH 88 Comet Sports aircraft developed by the company "De Havilland Aircraft Company"
1934 Farman F.400 French multi-purpose light aircraft
1934 Potez 60 Sauterelle A single-engine aircraft produced in France
1934 Percival Mew Gull British single-engine aircraft such as sports
1933 ANT-25 Nizkoplan single-engine all-metal cantilever having a high elongation of the wing.
1933 Salmson Phrygane Easy French aircraft
1933 Vultee V-1 Utility multi-purpose aircraft
1933 Stinson Model O Double US monoplane designed by the company "Stinson Aircraft Company"
1933 Boeing 247 American passenger aircraft developed by «Boeing Company»
1933 De Havilland DH 85 Leopard Moth A single-engine aircraft, manufactured by «De Havilland Aircraft Company».
1933 Stinson Reliant American single-engine aircraft, designed by "Stinson Aircraft Company"
1933 Miles M.2 Hawk Easy multi-purpose double British aircraft development
1932 Fairchild 24 American single-engine multi-purpose aircraft
1932 Percival Gull Light monoplane British pre-war era
1932 Potez 43 French multi-purpose aircraft
1932 De Havilland DH 84 Dragon Easy multi-purpose transport and passenger aircraft developed by «De Havilland Aircraft Company»
1932 Morane-Saulnier MS315 Lightweight Double British monoplane
1931 ANT-14 A passenger plane, which carried out its first flight in 1931 year.
1931 Curtiss-Wright CW-15 Quadruple American-made aircraft
1931 RWD 5 Light multipurpose aircraft Polish pre-war period of production
1931 Spartan Three Seater British lightweight triple biplane
1931 Spartan Arrow Double British single-engine biplane
1931 Waco Standard Cabin Series of multi-purpose aircraft US development
1930 Stinson Airliner American multi-purpose cargo-plane
1930 Taylor Cub American single-engine civilian airplane prewar sample
1930 Stearman 4 American multipurpose biplane
1930 Waco F American Series multipurpose biplane
1930 Bellanca Aircruiser American multipurpose cargo-passenger aircraft, developed by the Bellanca Aircraft Company
1930 Fleet Model 7 Fawn Light Canadian biplane
1930 Stinson SM-6000 Tri-Motor American multi-purpose cargo-airplane
1929 De Havilland DH 80 Puss Moth British multipurpose single-engine aircraft manufactured by the De Havilland Aircraft Company
1929 Morane-Saulnier MS.180 French single-engine aircraft
1929 Morane-Saulnier MS.230 A single-engine monoplane French multi-purpose
1928 Kreutzer Air Coach Multipurpose trёhmotorny American aircraft development
1928 Stinson Junior Light single-engine aircraft developed by Stinson Aircraft Corporation
1928 Stearman C3 Multipurpose American civilian biplane
1928 Timm Collegiate American two-seat monoplane, produced at the end of 20-ies
1928 Koolhoven FK41 Light multipurpose aircraft
1928 Fleet Model 1 Canadian multi-purpose double biplane
1928 Polikarpov Po-2 Multi-purpose Soviet biplane pre-war era
1927 PS-9 (ANT-9) Trimotored short-haul passenger aircraft. Made in the USSR at the end of 20-ies of XX century.
1927 Ryan Brougham American pre-war single-engine aircraft
1927 Klemm L 25 British lightweight single-engine aircraft
1927 Lockheed Vega Civil light aircraft manufactured in the United States
1927 Travel Air 4000 Triple American biplane
1926 Ford Trimotor Trehmotorny American Utility multipurpose aircraft
1926 Ryan M-1 American multi-purpose three-monoplane
1926 Junkers W 33 German multi-purpose aircraft manufactured by "Junkers Flugzeugwerk AG"
1926 Spartan C3 Multipurpose biplane developed by aircraft manufacturers of the United States
1925 ANT-3 Double gooseneck polutoraplan, whose first flight took place in 1925 year.
1924 ANT-2 The all-metal aircraft, which has a corrugated siding kolchugalyuminiya.
1924 Focke-Wulf A 16 German multi-purpose single-engine aircraft type
1924 Fokker F.VII Multipurpose airliner developed in Denmark
1924 Messerschmitt M 17 German single-engine aircraft, manufactured by the company "Flugzeugbau Messerschmitt"
1923 ANT-1 Single sport aircraft. 
1922 Rieseler R III 22 German ultra-light aircraft developed in the early 20-century
1919 Fokker F.II German four-seater multi-purpose aircraft
1916 Junkers F 13 Easy multi-purpose German plane



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