SP n Jet. Photo. Salon. Characteristics.
SP n Jet. Photo. Salon. Characteristics.

SP n Jet


The main achievement of SP n Utility Jet - the ability to manage a small runway that did not shine smooth coating. The main prerequisites for success: good wing, energy-intensive durable chassis, huge wheels with low-pressure tires and turbofan powerful engines WilliamsFJ-443A thrust of 1200kg, and as a result - the need for the length of the runway during take-off with full weight - no more 900m and climb 22m / s . Most of turboprop aircraft can only dream of such recklessness.


SP n Jet interior photo

SP n Jet interior photo


But the cruising speed 480-500km / h and the maximum - 750km / h could be higher with such engines, but the creators of this aircraft created not only a large wing, but also a rather thick one, so that two tons of aviation kerosene fit in the fuel compartments. As a result, the flight range to 3400km (8 passengers - 3093km), which makes it possible to fly from Munich to Cairo, Reykjavik or even Perm. Only a single eight-seat jet can be far from flying. In GROB Aerospace also argue that the SP n Utility Jet has an unmatched weight in its class - the ratio to the take-off weight of the payload (one of the best criteria for the excellence of aircraft). Composite design really gives such an advantage, thanks to this, and relatively simple frills with a cargo-and-passenger destination and a shortened landing are obtained.


SP n Jet cockpit

SP n Jet cockpit


Of all these composites, speeds and profiles can conclude that created quite a practical plane - the world's first universal business jet that meets both picky taste operator of business aircraft, as well as the needs of "good host" believes, not without reason, that the aircraft is required work 7mln dollars spent to acquire it.


The characteristics of the aircraft SP n Jet:


  • Range: 3334km

  • Cruising speed: 745km / hour

  • The highest altitude: 12497m

  • The highest take-off weight: 6300kg

  • The greatest number of passengers: 9

  • interior length: 5.10m

  • The width of the passenger compartment: 1.52m

  • Cabin height: 1.64m

  • The volume of the passenger compartment: 11.5kub.m

  • Length: 14.81m

  • Height: 5.12m

  • Wingspan: 14.86m


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