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Valery Smirnov

Smirnov Valery Aleksandrovich e-mail


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Mikryukova Marina A. Kostyuchenko Yuriy Alexandrovich Guskov Vera G. Klimenko Nikolay E.
Mikryukova Marina A. e-mail Kostyuchenko Yuriy Alexandrovich e-mail Guskova Vera Gennadievna e-mail Klimenko Nikolay E. e-mail Plyatsko Yuri Yurievich e-mail


Russia Russia, United Arab Emirates
Natalia Makarshin Alina Kruminja
Natalia Makarshina (AK Transaero) Alina Kruminja (Etihad)

Also are participating in the project:

Martynenko Igor G. - UN official in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Suprunov Pavel V. - consultant technical units and aggregates.

Igor Makarov A. - Consultant in the field of aircraft mechanics.

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Domodedovo airport

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142015, Russia, Moscow region., Domodedovo district, a / p Domodedovo

141400, Russia, Moscow region, Khimki, a / p Sheremetyevo

119027, Russia, Moscow, ul.1 th shuttle, 12 08307, Ukraine, Kiev region., Boryspil-7 220054, Belarus, Minsk, ter. National airport "Minsk"


Two Spruce St Boston, MA, USA

Two Spruce St Boston, MA, USA

Two Spruce St Boston, MA, USA

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