Aircraft Challenger 850. Characteristics. Photo.
Aircraft Challenger 850. Characteristics. Photo.

Aircraft Challenger 850



Challenger 850 - Business Administration aircraft large class Canadian company Bombardie Aerospace Challenger 850 compromise is a continuation of the bestselling Challenger 604 from the Canadian company Bombardier. Business Jet appeared in 2006, the market and the first buyer - Russian businessman.

800seriya received interior, immediately increased by 6 meters. Challenger 800 / 850 of the overall length of the passenger compartment (14,76m.) Is close to the elite family of long-haul - GulfstreamV / G500.


The aircraft cabin Challenger 850 option. Photo.

Aircraft Challenger 850 option interior


Constructors, increasing the mass of the aircraft, the range brought a sacrifice. It is about 5750km, yielding significant range 604 - 7600km.

The passenger compartment of the new Challenger 850 comparable in size to Global 5000 or Global Express XRS - The biggest jets range Bombardier Aerospace. Among the advantages of this model - the reliability of which is confirmed by time, low cost of operation, and a comfortable lounge.


Aircraft Challenger 850 option interior

Aircraft Challenger 850 2 option interior


Challenger 850 is for business indispensable tool. The aircraft is certified for the transportation of passengers to 19. Standard layout options VIP aircraft rely on 12-14 passengers. Different versions of the passenger cabin layout includes a lounge area, work area, chairs and sofas are transformed into the most comfortable beds.

Bombardier Challenger 850 is the optimal combination of superior aircraft for regular air lines and versatility, comfort and an administrative aircraft. The technical properties of the range provide transcontinental non-stop flight. Among the advantages of this model - low cost of operation.


The aircraft cabin Challenger 850

The aircraft cabin Challenger 850


There are two variations of Challenger 850: standard range of flight (4400km) and increased (5400km) by installing two additional fuel tanks. This means in practice that the plane from New York to Europe came the only in the presence on board no more than 8 passengers.


The characteristics of the aircraft Challenger 850:


  • Modification: Challenger 850.
  • Wingspan: 21.21m.
  • Aircraft length: 26.77m.
  • Aircraft height: 6.22m.
  • Wing area: 48.35kv.m.
  • Weight of empty aircraft: 13740kg.
  • Weight: maximum takeoff: 24040kg.
  • Weight: Fuel: 8289kg.
  • Engines: 2hTRDD GeneralElectricCF343B1.
  • Link: 2h38.8 kN (41APR).
  • Maximum cruising speed: 850km / h.
  • Normal cruising speed: 820km / h.
  • Most economical speed: 786km / h.
  • Practical range: 5129km.
  • Longest climb: 1920m. / Min.
  • Service ceiling: 12497m.
  • Crew: 2 + 1chelovek.
  • Payload: 14-19passazhirov.



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