Pilatus PC-24. A photo. Characteristics
Pilatus PC-24. A photo. Characteristics

Pilatus PC-24. A photo. Characteristics



Turboprop aircraft PC-24 - a real sensation. The Swiss company introduced its twin-engine turboprop novelty, which is characterized by an original combination of performance properties.

Pilatus PC-24 9 worth about million dollars and has a cruising speed which is peculiar light business jets. The volume of its interior (b = 170 cm, h = 155 cm, L = 7 m) corresponds to midsize class.


Pilatus PC-24 photo

Pilatus PC-24 photo


With regard to the design model, it contains power plants known company Williams International, which constitute turbofan engines FJ44-4A on 1500 kg of thrust each. Honeywell will supply avionics - a set of APEX, equipped 12-inch displays. First Pilatus PC-24 turned out pretty good. design creators have applied their extensive experience in sixty aircraft.

Main characteristics

The model uses a wing design that has been developed for military aircraft PC-21 (it was used in training purposes). With regard to the take-off and landing characteristics Pilatus PC-24, they are as close as possible to that of PC-12 model. Thus, the aircraft can land on short (760 m) dirt lane and take off from 820 m.


Pilatus PC-24 1 photo

Pilatus PC-24 photo


The main advantage of PC-24- versatility. Swiss innovation is considered to be a universal model, which is perfectly comfortable for passengers VIP-flights. Buyers have plenty to choose from as well as a manufacturer of complete sets of variations offers 6 salon. Also worth noting is the luggage compartment volume. When refilled tanks model is able to deliver the goods in tonnes 1,135 425 at a speed of knots, despite the fact that on board will be four passengers.

Especially popular Pilatus PC-24 is for the following representatives:

  • private sector,
  • corporate owners,
  • medical service to evacuate the patients,
  • Federal Airlines,
  • Mail and cargo carriers.


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