Bombardier Global 8000. Models. A photo. Characteristics
Bombardier Global 8000. Models. A photo. Characteristics

Bombardier Global 8000


Bombardier Global 8000 is deeply modernized model of administrative-type aircraft Bombardier Global 6000, adapted to the most efficient performance and operational capabilities.


Bombardier Global 8000 cabin


The plane belongs to a class of non-stop sverhdalnemagistralnyh and able to overcome more than 14.5 thousand kilometers, which in turn makes the ridership most comfortable and convenient. The maximum flight speed of the aircraft type administrative Bombardier Global 8000 980 of kilometers per hour, thus, the lowest fuel consumption, according to studies conducted, observed in 904 airspeed in kilometers per hour.


Bombardier Global 8000


Initially it was assumed that the release of the new improved model aircraft will lead to a complete abandonment of previously held model Bombardier Global 6000, in this case, the commissioning of the new plane was to take place only to 2022 year, however, aircraft manufacturers have decided to make a thorough modernization of the aircraft, and start serial production already 2017 year.

As the power plant, the airplane Bombardier Global 8000 used engines General Electric Passport 20, traction power which is 73 kN, which provides 8% fuel economy and reduces emissions of oxides of nitrates and other pollutants into the atmosphere.


Bombardier Global 8000 Salon


The volume of the cabin of the aircraft is just over 63 cubic meters, and is intended mainly aircraft to carry a maximum 8 passengers. Cabin represented by four main types, which also affects the final cost of the aircraft.



  • Australia;
  • USA;
  • Switzerland.


The characteristics of the aircraft Bombardier Global 8000


  • Crew: 2 pilot;
  • Engines: 2h General Electric Passport 20;
  • Link: 2h73 kN;
  • Maximum speed: 980km / h;
  • Cruising speed: 954km / h;
  • Practical range: 14631 km;
  • Service ceiling: 15000.


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