Dornier 328Jet
Dornier 328Jet

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Fairchild Dornier 328JET (model 328300) - Regional Aviation liner for medium / short-haul lines. Designed on the basis of a turboprop aircraft Dornier328. Designed and launched serial production of the original German company Dornier LuftfahrtGmbH. In 1996 the company acquired the American company Fairchild Aircraft company with the advent FairchildDornier. The first flight carried 20.01.1999. Serial production ceased in connection with the bankruptcy of the company.


The main operators: Ultimate Jetcharters (USA, Ohio), Tianjin Airlines and Sun Air Scandinavia.

Airlines operating the airplane: FlyMex, Aerostar, Private Wings, Key Lime Air, Vision Air, Sun-Air of Scandinavia.


Dornier 328Jet Salon


Characteristics Dornier 328Jet:


Length: 21.28m.

Wingspan: 20.98m.

Cruising speed: 750km / h..

Ceiling: 10668m.

Flight range with maximum load: 3705km.

Engines: 2hturboventilyatornyh PW PW306B.

Crew: 2cheloveka.

Number of seats: 32-34mest.

Crew: 2

Maximum takeoff weight: 15660kg.


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