DH. 104 Dove. Photos and specifications.
DH. 104 Dove. Photos and specifications.

DH. 104 Dove. Photos and specifications.


DH. 104 Dove («Dove") - British screw airplane, designed to work on civilian airlines a small extent. Despite a number of technical features, yielding the modern small passenger plane roominess, the aircraft developed by British aircraft manufacturers, actively used now for 70 years, both in the UK and abroad.


DH. 104 Dove Photo


The first flight of the aircraft DH. 104 Dove took 25 September 1945 year, however, the aircraft was originally issued to replenish the fleet RAF. Total for Air Force was released 127 air machines, but with the advent of new and more sophisticated aircraft, the UK Ministry of Defence refused to purchase a greater number of DH. 104 Dove, as a consequence, the production of the aircraft was changed over for civilian purposes.

Production of screw planes DH. 104 Dove carried out for almost twenty years, and the period of 1946 1967 542 year produced aircraft of this model (including primary prototypes and aircraft, to intercede for service in the Royal Air Force). The main feature of this aircraft was the simplicity of operation and maintenance, in addition, DH. 104 Dove is great for transporting passengers to a distance of thousands of kilometers, and for transportation.


Photos DH. 104 Dove


Experts call DH. 104 Dove really successful model aircraft manufacturer de Havilland, the more so, for the whole period was created 17 modifications of the aircraft, and the majority of aircraft produced more 50-70 years ago, continue to be operated by the airlines around the world.


Modifications DH. 104 Dove


  • DH. 104 Dove 1 - the basic model of the aircraft, originally designed for cargo transportation and for passenger transportation. On board could accommodate up to 11 people and total capacity used by the two engines was 680 hp .;
    • DH. 104 Dove 1B - modification of the basic model, with the increase in engine power to 760 hp .;
  • DH. 104 Dove 2 - special modification designed for the transport of both passengers and cargo 6.
    • DH. 104 Dove 2 - a modified version of the transport and passenger aircraft with an increased total capacity of up to 760 hp engines .;
  • DH. 104 Dove 3 - unrealized reconnaissance version of the aircraft for the Royal Air Force with increased maximum height of flight;
  • DH. 104 Dove 4 - version of the military transport aircraft and aircraft provide radio communication;
    • DH. 104 Devon C Mk1 - specially modified version for the Royal Air Force of Great Britain;
    • DH. 104 Devon C Mk2 - an enhanced version designed for the RAF;
    • DH. 104 Sea Devon C Mk20 - upgraded version designed for the Coast Guard and the Fleet Air Arm of Great Britain;
  • DH. 104 Dove 5 - an improved version of a civil passenger aircraft, equipped with a modified engine with the same power;
  • DH. 104 Dove 6 - an upgraded version of the earlier model Dove 2;
    • DH. 104 Dove 6V - an improved version of a transport option (maximum weight to take on board is 3.85 m.);
  • DH. 104 Dove 7 - an improved version of the Dove 1, equipped with two engines of the total power in 800 hp .;
  • DH. 104 Dove 8 - an updated version of Dove 2 with increased engine power to 800 hp .;
    • DH. 104 Dove 8A - five-seat model is focused on the American market of private freight and passenger traffic;
  • DH. 104 Carstedt Jet Liner 600 - deeply modernized version of the Dove 7, equipped turboprops total power 1210 hp, with the possibility of taking on board up to 18 passengers;
  • DH. 104 Riley Turbo Executive 400 / Riley Turbo-Exec 400 / Riley Dove 400 - a special version designed for training future astronauts. Due to inappropriate model in production and is not admitted.


Technical characteristics of the aircraft DH. 104 Dove


  • Crew: 2 person;
  • Passenger capacity: 5-18 people (depending on version);
  • aircraft Length: 11,96 m .;
  • Wingspan: 17,4 m .;
  • Plane Height: 4,06 m .;
  • Maximum takeoff weight: 4.06 t. (Depending on version);
  • Maximum flight distance: 1415 km. (Depending on the modification);
  • Maximum flight height: 6610 m .;
  • Maximum flight speed: 370 km \ h .;
  • Cruising speed: 302 km \ h;
  • Type of aircraft engines: a screw or a turboprop (depending on version);
  • Powerplant: 2 × de Havilland Gipsy Queen 70 Mk 3 (depending on modification);
  • Aircraft engine power: 2 × 400 hp (depending on modification);


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