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Tupolev Tu-204 it airliner developed by the Tupolev Design Bureau in the late eighties. The liner is designed for medium-haul passenger flights. Tu-204 was released as the replacement of obsolete aircraft medium-range Tu-154. According to its basic characteristics similar to the Tu-204 Airbus A320, Boeing 737 и Boeing 757.

According to the initial project, the aircraft was planned to be equipped with three D90 jet engines. But later the project was redesigned and the prototype of the aircraft received two engines suspended on pylons under the wings of the aircraft. For the Tupolev Design Bureau, such a layout of the engines was used for the first time. When designing the aircraft, the use of composite materials based on fiberglass was widely used.

the stewardess-204

So, the Tu-204 aircraft is a passenger aircraft that performs medium-haul flights. The development of this model began in 1973. Many possible models and variants of the new aerial vehicle were developed and revised. The calculations were carried out in the Tupolev design bureau, where other aircraft models were being developed in parallel.


The history of the medium-haul aircraft Tu-204


Chief Designer, which is developing a new passenger liner, was appointed LL Selyakov. In the original version was planned to create an aircraft that will be 2 engine, and basically a new model very much was to be very similar to the Tu-134. Also a lot of design decisions have been borrowed from the projected Tu-136.


Already in the middle of 70-x planes are becoming more like the US counterparts, such as MD-10 and L-1011. The design models thought through large luggage compartment in which it would be possible to transport containers. Because of this, the unit became the double-decked, and had to change the layout of the fuselage. This innovation made it possible to change the ratio of filling aircraft cargo and passengers.


In August, 81-year government set the task of creating a three-engine aircraft, which are to be used in the D-90, which at the time were the most advanced and cost-effective. But after the creation of the layout design of the aircraft there was no use to him, which is why it was decided to return to the dual-engine model. Engines planned to hang on pylons of wings. This project is a passenger plane has been completely revised and was the basis for the creation of the Tu-204.


In 1987 year Ulyanovsk plant began preparations for the release of Tu-204. The first prototype of this model was made in 88 year, and in the air first Tu-204 was raised in the early 89 years. The full set of tests was completed at the end of the year 1993. The company "Aviastar" did not wait for the end of the test and started manufacturing the aircraft back in 90 year. In January 1995 years Tu-204 has received the certificate of the Russian Federation Flight suitability. The first flight of this machine is made between Moscow and mineral waters.


Description airliner Tu-204


In developing the model aircraft carried out close cooperation between the many scientific centers of the Russian Federation. Because of this, this unit has a lot of advantages over similar models in the world. Tu-204 set high wings that had supercritical profiles, as well as vertical surfaces that improve aerodynamics at the ends of the consoles. The entire fuselage is made from the new high strength aluminum alloys, and the connection housing parts is made by riveting.

the engine-204

When designing composite materials are also used, which account for about 18%. To better balance the aircraft in its plumage integrated fuel tank, which includes 2,8 tons of fuel.


This model is the first passenger aircraft in Russia, where the system is installed wire control. It can perform automatic landing of the machine even in very difficult weather conditions. For a more comfortable working pilots made system called "dark cabin", it helps reduce pilot workload.


The aircraft is equipped with the domestic system of avionics, that uses 6 displays. With their help, displays information for pilots on flight status and all the functional parts of the aircraft. This system automatically diagnoses of all the equipment, and also supports satellite communications. Innovation and touched the wing structure. It appeared flaps, which are double-slit and slats that run along the front edge of the wing. As for the chassis, it is made of new technologies.


Designers was well thought out system of the cabin air supply system. Its main task is to select and cooling air which flows through the two independent line. This system can automatically maintain the optimum temperature inside the plane. A special feature is that the air that flows into the middle plane, shown directly from the engine compressors.


Speaking of the power supply, it should be noted that the aircraft is provided by generators that are installed on the engines of cars, as well as regular batteries. Online airplane voltage is 115 volts, and in some models - 200 400 volts with a frequency hertz.


The entire hydraulic system is driven by pumps which operate on engines. In case of emergencies, each hydraulic system is equipped with additional electric pumps.


At Tu-204, as on many other aircraft, there is the problem of icing of the external units of the device. Therefore, a whole set of systems is installed that prevent this problem. In the main protection need engine air intakes, pressure receptacles, fan fairings, as well as windshields in the cockpit. Wings and fuselage, as a rule, do not suffer from icing, so do not need additional protection. It should be noted that in many other models of aircraft the icing of the hull is possible. This feature of Tu-204 is noted by special commissions of international organizations.


Passenger airliner Tu-204 was a qualitatively new generation of domestic aircraft building. When creating this machine, all requirements of modern aircraft construction and the requirements of international standards were taken into account. The designers of a qualitatively new unit took into account the fact that it would be economical and did not create a great deal of noise, but also corresponded to international environmental requirements. According to the initial plans of designers and customers, Tu-204 should be as successful as Tu-154, and replace it. But in the 90-s the air transportation significantly decreased, which led to a small order of new aircraft. Problems 90-x did not allow to implement all plans that relate to the aircraft Tu-204.


Position Tu-204 today


Before our time was only made 40-204 Tu models of various modifications. Most of them serve for the good of the homeland, but some have been sold abroad, namely in China and Egypt. In September 2009, the designers and developers of passenger aircraft Tu-204 was awarded the State Prize of the Russian Federation. Despite the undoubted advantages of this model of large commercial hype is not reached.

Tu-204 cabin

In addition, in 90-years of civil aviation, we can say, it broke an important role in this also played an attitude airlines to domestic producers. It is because of this most of the companies in transportation of passengers believe that Russia has not yet learned how to produce high-quality passenger planes. Air carriers are willing to spend their own funds to purchase the decommissioned old "Boeing", than to buy a new Tu-204, which is not enough in what concedes overseas counterpart.


Tupolev Design Bureau on the basis of passenger aircraft Tu-204 has created a whole range of different modifications, namely 16 was created special versions of the brand. Some of them were even cargo aircraft and one Tu-234 was a long haul, which could fly 9 thousand kilometers. Devices that are made to order, and is usually for a cordon, go with the English booth. But the main customer is our state.


According to experts, the most successful and competitive model is the model of the Tu-204SM. That it can compete for leadership with foreign counterparts such as "Boeing-737» and A320.


Tu-204 photo

Tu 204 2

The test flight of the first flight model of the Tu-204 held January 2 1989 years. During all the tests were made in the design of aircraft improvements and enhancements. The aircraft was equipped with a wire system (FBWCS). The cockpit is set six color display for displaying flight data. On the ship were installed jet engines PS90-A. During the air test the plane flew over thousands of hours.

In 1992, a new aircraft was presented, which was designated Tu-204-120.

In this model it was used turbojet engines RB-211-535E4 English company "Rolls Royce" and western avionics company "Honeywell".


Salon TU-204 photo salon

Tu 204 Salon


The first certificate of airworthiness aircraft was December 29 1994 years.

Airliner meets all modern European standards of ICAO.

The Tu-204 is one of those aircraft that can safely to land with all the engine disconnected.



Tu-204-300 was released VIP-class aircraft - Tu-204-300A, passenger compartment which is in the class of "flying suites"


In addition to the passenger version it was designed and cargo aircraft.

Cargo export version of the Tu-204-200S successfully operated by several airlines in Europe and in Egypt.

In 2005, the Tu-204-300, shortened by six meters, began to operate. Also known as Tu-234. This version is equipped with PS90-A2 turbofan motors. The aircraft has a maximum take-off weight of 107,6 tons with a range of up to 9300 kilometers. This version is capable of carrying 166 passengers.


Tu-204 interior scheme


Tu-204 interior scheme


To date, it produced a little more than seventy Tu-204 different modifications.


Features of the Tu-204-100 (basic version):


  • Year of manufacture: 1990 year - our time.

  • Length: 46,14 m.

  • Height: 13,88 m.

  • Wingspan: 41,8 m.

  • Wing area: 184,17 m2

  • The width of the fuselage: 3,8 m

  • Cruising speed: 840 km / h.

  • Maximum speed: 860 km / h

  • Range: 6800 km

  • Ceiling: 12200 m

  • Number of seats: 210 places

  • Crew: 3 person


Tu-204. Gallery.

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Tu-204. Video.


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First flew to 204, coming up to the plane confused him with airbus. Entering the salon, having taken his place, was pleasantly surprised. Places in front of the knees a lot! This is not Airbus, in which you skryuchishsya in three deaths. It may seem, but it takes off and sits softer than airbus.

Yes, there is a lot of space in the TU-204! Cool plane! I flew to Turkey on it in 2010!

Where and from where did you fly on it?

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>>> The wing structure has also been innovated. It has flaps, which are double-slotted, as well as slats that run along the leading edge of the wing.

Yeah, and in the previous types of all this was not. :)

>>> As for the chassis, it is made using new technologies.

For what?

>>> A special feature is that the air that enters the middle of the aircraft is taken directly from the engine compressors.

And the predecessors, therefore, did not have such a "feature"? :)

About PIC and icing all written by the same delusions.
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Previously, often flying the Tu-204, namely from Vladivostok to Irkutsk and back, also flew in the direction in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk. Most often these flights is carried out by plane. I am fully satisfied with the comfort and coziness of the domestic car. I had a case when flew on the Tu-204, and had to go back to 320-th Airbus. Differences significant, I thought that the European model is better, but far from it, it feels like flying at evrogazeli. The salon is very cramped and squalid in comparison with the Tupolev. Now when I try to flights only fly on the Tu-204.

Excellent post, the author of respect, I really liked it!


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