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Yak-40 (NATO codification: Codling - "Small Cod") - a passenger aircraft used in local airlines, developed in the Soviet Union in the 1960s.


Yak-40 the world's first jetliner for local airlines. He was the first Soviet aircraft, which took place on airworthiness certification in the capitalist countries of Europe. Since the start of design to its construction was only one year. 21.10.1966 plane was hoisted into the air as a test pilot A. Kolosov. The design of the machine made for specific opportunities to take off and land on unpaved airfields.


Yak-40 is extremely simple to manage and use, was designed for flight and ground personnel with high qualifications. The plane got two nicknames: "Iron-stub" - for small dimensions and powerful motors dymlenie and "Fighter of kerosene" - for high fuel consumption. Liner is equipped with a folding ladder for the passengers, self-starter, have good handling on taxiing. All this made it possible to operate the Yak-40 on unprepared airfields. Location engines in the rear significantly reduce vibration and noise.

Total production of aircraft factories Soviet aircraft Yak released 1011-40. Series production ceased in 1981 year, but even after this mini-ships cruised along the routes of Soviet and foreign airlines. This suggests structural safety and the correct application of technical solutions to eliminate problems encountered during the development of the Yak-40.

Together with designers Yakovlev officers Minsk Aircraft Repair Plant established on the basis of an airplane flying laboratory for the segment of the economy.


The Yak-40 has been widely used in the USSR. By the middle of 70-ies they were ousted veteran local airlines IL-14, IL-12 and Li-2. The liner for the whole operation history has transported over 80 million passengers in more than 300 settlements. The flawless experience of using the aircraft in the USSR and 18 countries made us think about the error of removing it from mass production. The AI-25 engines began to be replaced by more modern models, which had the best efficiency indicator, in order to increase production and export volumes. However, an airplane capable of transporting several dozen passengers was economically unprofitable, although at the beginning of 90 there were already large passenger capacity aircraft. This reason became the main in the termination of the production and operation of the Yak-40. The second reason was the re-equipment of the plant's manufacturing facilities for the construction of a serial Yak-42 aircraft.

In 1992 of the Smolensk aircraft plant had a revision of the existing Yak-40 in the modification of the Yak-40D, which had increased the volume of fuel tanks. In 1996 the plane was equipped with an administrative option for plying on international airlines. But he was operated only in the VIP-version for charter flights in the civil was not profitable airlines. Since the beginning of the year 2000-40 Yak completely written off the Russian airlines.


Purpose of the aircraft lay in the carriage of passengers to a distance of 1500 km. Passenger capacity - up from the 27 32 people. The liner had a small cruising speed - 510 km / h. The design is simple.

The combination of a wing structure with three engines AI-25 provide good flight characteristics. Medium-sized jet engine placed in the fuselage. Reverse thrust engine is a special device that changes the direction of the flow of exhaust gases during braking. It shortened the landing roll the aircraft to 400 m. The structure of the aircraft structure includes reversible plates.

Yak-40 VIP

The cabin liner Yak-40 has two jobs - for the pilot and copilot. If necessary, you can place the third seat. From the cockpit offers a good overview of both pilots.


Yak-40 is equipped with a modern set of radio-electronic navigation and flight equipment. It allows the liner to conduct flights day and night, even in bad weather conditions. Yak-40 is equipped with autopilot AP-40, course system GMK-1G, AGB-3K, magnetic compass KI-13, two automatic radio compasses ARK-9, course-gliding system of landing SP-50, radio altimeter of low altitudes RV-3M. Radio communication equipment is represented by radio stations "Perot-11" (R-860-11) or radio stations "Balkan-5" and "Lily-of-the-Valley-5". On the Yak-40 there is an effective air-thermal anti-icing system.

The security system includes radiometeolokator "Thunderstorm", capable of detecting storm fronts for routing rate.

The aircraft has a resource of 30 thousand. Flight hours and service life - 25 years.

The wing of the long extension aircraft, straight, consists of two main consoles. Each console has three sections of retractable landing and take-off flaps and two sections of ailerons. Each longitudinal set of the frame of the console and the console of the longitudinal structure of the wing consists of six pairs of stringers, one spar, and two longitudinal walls. The transverse set consists of thirty-four ribs. The construction is made of duralumin sheets. In the wing there are cutouts for the niche, where the wheel of the main landing gear and the shock absorber are located in the retracted position. In this case, the chassis is equipped with large-diameter wheels and soft cushioning, which reduces the specific pressure on the surface of the runway and makes it possible to use the aircraft at rural airfields.

Yak-40 view from below

Each wing has three flap sections. All sections are similar in design. Each part consists of a sheathing and a frame. The frame is formed by stringers, a spar, a set of transverse profiles and ribs.

The longitudinal walls consist of a channel girder, which consists of a wall reinforced with uprights, a lower and an upper chord. The stringers are made from aluminum extruded sections of the brands.


Shop Yak-40

Yak-40 inside


Aerodynamic configuration

Turbojet trehmotorny nizkoplan with rear mounted engine with odnokilevym, T-tail and right-wing.

The closest analogue is the VFW-Fokker 614, a short-haul jet passenger aircraft manufactured in Germany. Produced in a limited series, a distinctive feature - the engines were located on pylons above the wings.

Interesting facts about the aircraft

The landing and landing of passengers is carried on the tail ramp-ramp, which is both a hatch cover reminiscent of aircraft cargo ramp in its design.

  • At Yak-40 no separate luggage compartment. Baggage pass when boarding and transported in the lobby.

  • Yak-40k (RA-87958) company Vladivostok Air Vladivostok installed on the campus VSUES.

According to unofficial data, during the hostilities, as well as as a result of accidents, disasters, and destruction on the ground, 117 copies of the Yak-40 type aircraft were lost.


Driving salon Yak-40

Yak-40 scheme salon

Data are given for an aircraft with a maximum take-off weight of 17200 kilograms when operated on an artificial turf runway.


Technical specifications

  • Crew: three people + one flight attendant;

  • Passenger capacity: 40, 36, 34, 31, 27 people (depending on the version of the completed layout);

  • Capacity: 3240 kilos;

  • Length: 20,36 meters;

  • Wingspan: 25,0 meters;

  • Height: 6,5 metrotyv; Wing area: 70,0 square meters;

  • Curb weight: 17265 kilos;

  • Empty weight: 13750 kilos;

  • Maximum takeoff weight: 17200 kilos;

  • The weight of fuel in internal tanks: 6000 kilos;

  • Power ustatnovka: turbofan AI-25 (mp and copies);

  • Rated Yaga: 3 × 1120 kilogram * force ()

  • Power auxiliary unit: AI-9 GTE (one copy).


Flight properties:

  • Top speed: 546 kilometers per hour (at a height of 6000 meters);

  • Cruising speed: 510 kilometers per hour (at a height of 6000 meters);

  • Ferry range: 2500 kilometers;

  • Service ceiling: with passengers 6000 meters; Ferry 8000 meters;

  • Rate of climb: 7,0 meters per second (at the ground);

  • Length of takeoff: 850 meters;

  • The length of the path: with reverse 550 meters; without reverse 750 meters.


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Cool plane, flew three times on it.

By developing Yak 40 Yakovlev began in the spring of 1965 years. The main task of these aircraft were replaced with local airlines older piston aircraft Lee 2, 12 IL and IL 14.
UC 40 the world's first passenger jet aircraft, and the first of the Soviet Union, received the certificate of airworthiness in the West. UC 40 began flying in Italy and Germany, it has been certified by the United States and England.
Many Western aircraft designers of the time noted that UC 40 very original in its design, flight characteristics and size.
One of the French magazine in April 1970 years noted: the West is virtually no comparable aircraft with him. It is only possible to compare with some US projects that can be implemented no earlier than a few years.
As you know, before the creation of 40 Yakovlev Yak do not develop multi-passenger aircraft. Only from time to time created a small passenger car.
And now, at the beginning of the year 1933, 6 was created by the local Yak 8, 4 then seater Yak 12 and 10 seater Yak 16. Already the first passenger design is simple, easy and convenient service for passengers. Got some experience in building passenger aircraft, designers Yakovlev transferred all knowledge in the creation of 3dvigatelnogo jetliner with salon on 32 passenger and flight range 2200 - 2500km.

Yak-40 - just a dream for many pilots. I did a pilot and has worked for many years. My first plane was just yak-40. I got into various scrapes, but never once did not fail me in this car. I am proud to pilot worked, always remember and will remember your favorite Yak-40.

For me, the Yak-40 reliable and simple machine. Where I just do not have to fly it. Perhaps other jet passenger planes could not fly there. Therefore, such a plane can be proud of and I think that I support neither the pilot.

For me, the Yak-40 quite simply the perfect airplane, but most importantly reliable. It is a pity that now rarely seen this car. Well probably just have time left for such aircraft, but I hope that our producers in the future will create an analog of such an aircraft, only more sophisticated.

Airplane Yak-40 as for me a very good and reliable aircraft. Unfortunately they almost did not remain due to the development of the line. Once, somewhere, I heard or watched a broadcast about the fact that initially this project of creating an airplane would be entrusted to the OKB Beriev. Even in spite of the fact that they were engaged in the creation of exclusively hydroplanes. Beria ask assistance in the designers of Atonov, after which they jointly developed a full-scale project. But soon the management froze all the work on the project. After that, the device for a long time was in the warehouse until the moment when Yakovlev did not learn about it, which did not give an abyss to all the developments. It was at this expense that Yakovlev succeeded in creating short-range short-range aircraft with jet engines with the designation Yak-40.

I believe this aircraft is very beautiful and probably no more beautiful. I often flying in his younger years the Yak-40, so I liked it. Sits down the plane very quickly and easily, and also carried off. The only thing a bit cramped between the seats, but still felt during the flight safety and comfort.


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