Airbus A330neo
Airbus A330neo

Airbus A330neo



Airbus has officially made an announcement about the launch of a new series of aircraft A330neo (current models A330-900neo and F330-800neo) the first day of the Farnborough air show. In a new series of aircraft planned to use high-efficiency jet engines Rolls-Royse 7000, improved interior design and use a new aerodynamic body.

These and other innovations in A330neo, fuel economy per passenger seat will be between 13% to 15% and makes it the most cost-effective wide-medium-haul aircraft in its class. Just A330neo will have an increased range of flight 725km - 750km. The first production model of the modern aircraft is planned to start producing in the year 2017.

Airbus President and CEO Fabrice raving noted that the launch of the model A330neo is a logical and appropriate extension of A330, both in terms of fuel issues have become acute on the agenda at the leading airlines in the world, and from the point of view of safety and comfort of passengers. "The great potential of the new aircraft model can not be overemphasized in the global airline industry and the success of waiting A330neo is not less than A320neo"- Fabrice delirious.

Superior and carefully crafted interior design near A330neo will increase the number of passengers and implement mobile and internet connection. For new engines from Rolls-Royse planned to introduce technologies such as the pylons of the new generation, modern-type ending A350 XWB and other kinds of aerodynamic improvements. New and reliable design of this model will allow to spend less fuel and money for the maintenance of the aircraft, the demon of doubt attract the attention of the leading airlines of the world.


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