Antonov An-74
Antonov An-74. A photo. Video. Driving compartment. Characteristics. Reviews.

Antonov An-74. A photo. Video. Driving compartment. Characteristics. Reviews. 


The Antonov An-74 light multipurpose aircraft is a civilian modification of the An-72 military transport aircraft. An-74 aircraft, designed by Antonov ASTC, for operation in a wide range of temperatures, from -60 to +45 degrees Celsius, and in various climatic zones. It was originally designed for use in the Far North. 

The An-74 was built as a multipurpose aircraft, and its field of application is very wide. It can be used to carry out passenger flights, service Arctic stations, transport goods, transport the wounded, be used for search and rescue and research purposes, as well as for ice reconnaissance. An-74 can be operated at unprepared and snow-covered airfields, high-mountainous areas, and fly at any time of the day or night and in any weather.

An 74 photos

Antonov An-74 33

The An-74 aircraft can carry 10 passengers in the An-74-200 modification and 52 passengers in the An-74TK-100 modification at a speed of 650 kilometers per hour, over a distance of about three thousand kilometers. The An-74 aircraft, like its predecessor, An72, turned out to be easy to maintain and operate.

The aircraft was built under the scheme vysokoplana with two highly placed over the wing and lessons forward turbofan engines D36-2A with a thrust of 63,7 kN, which ensures reliable protection against ingress of foreign objects with a take-off runway during takeoff, and increases the lift of the wing for through its blowing jet air jets from the engine.

The tail unit of the aircraft has a T-shaped configuration. Such a tail structure during normal flight eliminates the influence of the jet jets of the engines on the aircraft's elevators, thus, the tail rudders remain stable under most flight conditions. The rear cargo door of the aircraft is closed by a reclining ramp, which is also used as an aircraft loading ramp.

An 74 salon

Antonov An-74 Salon

The decision to create an aircraft for operation in the Arctic latitudes was made on February 2, 1982. This project was originally named An-72A. Then the plane was renamed An-74. On September 29, 1983, a prototype of the An-74 aircraft made its maiden flight. In August 1986, in the Canadian city of Vancouver, at the International Air Show, the first demonstration of the aircraft to the general public took place. For carrying out factory and state tests, four An-74 aircraft were produced. On December 13, 1990, the end of all state tests of the new aircraft was announced. In August of the following year, An-74 was certified and allowed for civil flights.

Equipping aircraft engines, have a great take-away the top of the front wing, limited the penetration power plant items outside the runway to take off and landing features increased lift of the wing due to blowing his inner flaps and the surface of the jet engine. The advantage of such a facility would also decrease the level of noise generated due to the screening process wing airflow directed from the engine.


As part of the flight crew is four people: the captain, co-pilot, flight engineer and navigator.

Control cabin has a good overview. This allows you to operate the aircraft on airfields with short runways, which require a steep path of descent. The instrument panel is perfectly optimized for instrument stands displaying almost all the indicators required pilots to control the machine.

Dimensions of transport cab optimized for flow sizes of basic goods transported, it is possible to transport cargo containers, packages on hard pallets, various non-standard loads, as well as self-propelled wheeled and self-propelled machinery (cars RAF UAZ AMC-240, «Jeep S47" and et al.).

Closure of cargo hatch openings at the expense of rail. It can be lowered to the ground and used as a ladder or move under the fuselage toward the bow - is used for convenient loading of the aircraft directly from the body of the car.


The aircraft is equipped with a special loading device, which allows the loading and unloading of goods in containers, packages and custom. Its capacity is 2500 kgs. Self-propelled machinery immersed in the cargo area under its own power, and Dumb - at the expense of the cable unit and tractor.

Large index of traction, the presence of the installation of self-start engines, airborne, regulating the process of loading and unloading, nadkrylnoe high position engines and pneumatic chassis Low pressure allows efficient autonomous operation of AN-74 on slabooborudovannyh pebble, ground, snow-covered, ice aerodromes that have small dimensions of the runway and the coating strength of 8 kgf / cm2.

An-74 cabin

The aircraft is equipped with modern radio communication and navigation equipment, allowing to carry out flights in all latitudes, over the water and ground surfaces, weather conditions of any severity, at any time of the day. This can be achieved through high-precision automatic piloting in flight. An-74 can run on autopilot landing when meteorological conditions, which corresponds to 1-nd category of ICAO.

The aircraft is easy to operate and lends itself well to the development of flight and technical staff of average skill.


An interior-77 scheme

Antonov An-74 interior scheme

Antonov An-74 has the following modifications:

  • An-74 - the base model, designed for use in the Arctic

  • An-74D - this version of the aircraft has a business layout and is designed to carry up to 19 passengers.

  • An-74D-200 - version equipped with comfortable interior, designed to carry up to 16 people. Also, this version can be equipped with a compartment for the transport of the car.

  • An-74T-100 - this version of the aircraft is equipped with modern navigation equipment for performing civil flights of increased complexity.

  • An-74MP - version of the aircraft used in maritime patrol aircraft for

  • An-74TK-100 - cargo version of the plane, designed to carry up to 52 people.

  • An-74-200- civilian version, with increased takeoff weight, designed for the transport of persons 10

  • An-74T - transport modification of aircraft used on international flights

  • An-74T-200 - military transport version of the aircraft with a crew of two.

  • An-74TK-100S - sanitary version of the aircraft


There are also other common mene modification of the aircraft

To date, it produced about 90 AN-74, various modifications, which operate about 20 the world.


Technical characteristics of the AN-74


  • The first flight of the An-74: 29 September 1983 year

  • Year of manufacture: c 1986 city

  • Length: 28,07 m.

  • Height: 8,65 m.

  • Empty weight: 18900 kg.

  • Wing area: 98,62 sq.m.

  • Wingspan: 31,89 m.

  • Cruising speed: 650 km / h..

  • Maximum speed: 750 km / h..

  • Ceiling: 10000 m.

  • Practical range: 2800 km.

  • Ferry range: 4400 km.

  • Length of takeoff: 1400 m.

  • path length: 800 m.

  • Engines: 2 turbofan engines D36-2A or D36-4A

  • Crew: 4-5 people

  • Number of seats: 10 places in An-74-200 52 or place in the An-74TK100

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An-74 well, just wonderful plane. Several years ago I flew on it. Basically I got in the winter, that is, cold, wind, fog, but this machine overcomes all, since it's not how much. It is worth noting one drawback, and it is in the noise. Sits An-74 very gently, even if you have to land on a dirt runway. Personally, we call this car - "Cheburashka"!

I believe that the An-74 well, just very quiet machine. And all the pilots who flew on this plane, only praise him. With such a plane, and are not afraid to fly to the edge of the world, as it never fails, and the view from this car quite simply fantastic!

Personally, I do not have to fly on the AN-74 and probably will not have to. But this aircraft often flew my father, he argues that in flight the aircraft often shakes also bothers a lot of noise. Especially scary when pilots are to land as soon as the chassis touch strip, begins shaking so that I want to head somewhere to hide. Well, that's it, at least, my father said, from myself I can not add anything, as personally not fly.

An-74 good car. At least such a plane flying better than shaking for several days in the train. Personally, I flew on this machine a few times and I do not regret that I came across was the An-74. Beauty comfortable, shaking mainly during the flight do not feel, unless of course an air pocket misses, though sometimes annoying noise, but it is not the most important, as this aircraft has many advantages over other, even latest machines.

Wonderful plane! I flew on it 4 years to Chukotka on watch, every month spent in the air for two and a half hours. Overboard strong wind, fog, frost, and the car is flying as if nothing had happened. Only one drawback - the noise heard in the cabin.
Soft landing, even on unpaved runways. The boys call him Cheburashka, because of the location of engines over the wings)))


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