Antonov An-3
Antonov An-3. A photo. Video. Driving compartment. Characteristics. Reviews.

Antonov An-3. A photo. Video. Driving compartment. Characteristics. Reviews.


Biplane An-3, is, in fact, upgraded aircraft An-2.

An on-3 for a place piston engine AL-62IR used more powerful turboprop engine turboprop-20, designed Omsk Engine Design Bureau.

A single-engine plane An-3 built under the scheme biplane with fixed landing gear, the engine HPT-20. The aircraft is a three-blade propeller reversionny AB-17. Fuel tanks are located in the upper wing of the aircraft. Optional Plane today can be installed modern satellite navigation equipment, multi-functional GPS navigation receiver GLONASS CH-3301 and rescue beacon APM-406, operating through a satellite system "Cospas-Sarsat» (Cospas-Sarsat).

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Work on the project of the AN-3 turboprop began in 1967 year. It was originally planned to use on an airplane engine turboprop-10. But with this engine project was never realized, due to reduced production at the Omsk Engine Design Bureau.

Work on the project engine for the An-3 1978 continued in the year. The new engine was designated TBD-20-01. Following the development of the engine and its installation on aircraft factory began testing machine.

The first flight of An-3 with the engine TBD-20 took place 13 May 1980 year. Pilots Gorbik and Ignatenko were the first to experience this aircraft in the air. State tests of the aircraft began only in 1986 year. One of the reasons for such a long period of the start of state tests, there were difficulties in organizing the production of TVD-20 engines. By the beginning of 1991, the whole complex of ground and air tests was conducted and the aircraft received a permit for operation. But in connection with the events of the early nineties and the subsequent, behind this economic decline, the An-3 aircraft was never put into production.

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Already only in the summer of 1997 at the Antonov ANTK company in Kiev, the work on the production of the An-3 was resumed. The main attention was paid to the production of a transport modification of the An-3T aircraft, capable of carrying up to 1900 kilogram of cargo. At the beginning of 1998, Omsk Production Association "Poljot", the first An-3T was released. The first flight of this model was made 19 February 1998 year. After passing all the test tests, 21 November 2000 year, the serial transport biplane An-3T was transferred to the now closed airline "Zapolyarye", located in the city of Norilsk.

Airplane Biplane An-3 has the following modifications:

An-3T - transport aircraft modification.

An-3SKH - version of the aircraft for agricultural work

An-3TBK - aircraft designed for business passengers. This version has a double rectangular windows. It has a wardrobe and luggage compartment.

An-3T-10 - troop-modification. This version of the aircraft used to transport and 10-12 dropping paratroopers.

An-3T-08 - this version is used for patrol and reconnaissance in forestry.

An-3T-07- transport and passenger version capable of carrying up to 12 people.

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Antonov An-3 4343


Since the design, the AN-3, produced a small series production association "Flight", located in Omsk, with 2000 2009 of the year. Then the production of the aircraft was suspended. In the early 2012 years at the Kiev State Enterprise "Antonov" opened production of An-3-100, which is an updated version of a biplane An-3. Compared with its predecessor, the new AN-3-100, it has a lightweight design, and it will install the upgraded radio and satellite navigation equipment.


Technical characteristics of the AN-3.


First flight: 13 May 1980

Years of mass production: c 2000 2009, at the city

Length: 13,96 m.

Height (land): 4,13 m.

Empty weight: 3610 kg.

The total area of ​​the wing: 71,51 sq.m.

The scope of the upper wing: 18,17 m.

The scope of the lower wing: 14,20 m.

Cruising speed: 230 km / h..

Maximum speed: 255 km / h..

Stall speed:. 60 km / h.

Ceiling: 4500 m.

Range: 1250 km.

Length of takeoff: 140 m.

path length: 105 m.

Engines: 1 turboprop engine turboprop-20

Crew: 1-2 person

Number of seats: 12 places

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An-3 comfortable enough and good airplane. Personally, I have with this machine have only pleasant memories, I was on this plane ever to fly more than once. No troubles, I did not know, probably a good thing. I can tell you one thing, I believe that the An-3 is the pride of our country.

Yes, An-3 for me just a beast ... .. In general, I think that a lot depends on the pilots. I personally flew on this machine a couple of times, but rather jumped from a plane with a parachute. I do not know what feelings people experience when boarding, but that's what I know off. An-3 very smoothly rises, it flies almost silently, but the most important thing is that this machine is very reliable.

An aircraft-3 beautiful, a pity that it was taken out of production. Oh, before the pilots get up on it wonders! It happens that the pilot ever to make a forced landing in the mountains, as the time I was on this plane, and strangely enough no one even noticed as the plane landed. Flies An-3 highly enough and I will remember for a long time on this really nice car.

In 1996 year was my first flight on An-2, flew half an hour. Aircraft regularly pulls down, then up, unforgettable experience, but this is typical and the rest of the small plane. Then there was the Lee-2 Kamchatka. We flew low over the hills, and also a decent chat. It's definitely not something on the trunk, large airplanes, but "well" are rare. But overall a wonderful airplane, landing sites for small and remote localities.

It seems to me that the AN-3 remarkable aircraft. Although I myself had to fall on it 80m year. Then the engine failed as it flew into a bird. But nothing happened and no one was injured, although the aircraft lost the wings, tail and also flew the propeller. Despite this sad story, for me An-3 is and will remain the best plane.