The Su-26. A photo. History. Characteristics.


The Su-26 type airplane is a sports car that can perform very complicated aerobatics figures. It can tolerate large overloads up to 12 g, and the destruction of the aircraft's design only occurs with overloads in 23 g. This device was developed in the design office of Sukhoi, as well as many similar machines. To make the pilot feel more comfortable with large overloads, his seat is set at an angle of 35 °. Due to the fact that this aircraft is made for sports, its design uses a huge amount of composite materials - more than 50%.

The history of the Su-26

Aircraft model Su-26 can be considered as the first civilian car that was designed in the Sukhoi Design Bureau named. By developing the project of aircraft designers began to 1983 year. A prototype of the device was ready a year later, and this time made its first flight. In the summer of 84 years this machine was presented at the air show in Hungary. The first sports performances at the World Championships in 1986, she was able to win the championship and get more medals from the 16 33, which were generally in the championship. These figures have been able to confirm the quality of the machine.


Aircraft such as Su-26 very quickly managed to win the leadership among the many sports cars of this type due to its excellent performances in competitions. During his participation in various competitions this model year back to 1993 90 was able to win more gold medals and numerous other awards. Our athletes were able to get a high rank, so N. Nikitiuk became European champion and athlete L. Nemcova received the title of absolute world champion.

This air unit has been exported to many countries of the world, all abroad sent more than 120 machines of this type. Their feature is the presence of the pilot bailout, which is unusual for sports vehicles.

To date, the aircraft such as Su-26 no longer manufactured and can not be found even in the aero clubs of our country. But still 3-26 Su machines are a part of the Russian national team in aerobatics.

Design features of the Su-26

The wings of the aircraft and not razymayutsya dvuhlonzheronnoe. Above the wing profile, a team of designers, which allowed to achieve high success in aerodynamics and quality control of the machine. Root of the wing is equipped with compartments for fuel tanks, they are made of foam, which is a petrol-resistant. Furthermore, in the middle of tanks plastered special fabric based on glass, and on top of it is covered with a sealant. Outside wing carefully polished and coated with synthetic enamels.


The ailerons on the inside of the machine contain a foam filler and have a casing made of fiberglass. Each aileron is equipped with outriggers compensators, which will significantly reduce the efforts of the pilots in the management of the machine. With respect empennage tail part, it is made of plastic. Stabilizer machine has dvuhlonzheronnoe design type. All parts of the cladding is not equipped with the ribs, they are replaced by triple panels are made of fiberglass.

The fuselage of the Su-26 apparatus made of truss type, allowing to equip circular cockpit glazing for a better view of the pilot. The farm is equipped with a fuselage frame of metal tubes, which are welded together. Boarding machine made of a special glass fiber reinforced plastic, which has several layers, between which the foam filler.

Su-26 has no way to remove the chassis, the system has a spring structure, but the springs are made of titanium. The chassis of the machine is equipped with a disc-type brake systems, which are controlled by hydraulics. The rear rack is equipped with a machine-controlled wheel, which is connected to a steering system using rods. Management ailerons and elevators by means of rigid rods and direction control - cables.

Su-26 photo

The aircraft is equipped with a sufficiently powerful propulsion represented nine-cylinder, which is cooled by air during the flight. Mounted engine of the M-14 360 delivers power in horsepower. The Su-26 can be equipped with two types of screws. The first is a two-blade design, it is made in our country, and the second model is equipped with three blades and is made in Germany. With regard to the screws, then there should be noted that they are equipped with automatic systems that allow you to change their pitch during the flight.

Fuel system represented by two tanks which are arranged in the wings of the apparatus. A special feature is that the right tank is used when performing maneuvers and aerobatics competitions and the right tank is used on stages of the machine. All fuel is pumped through the fuel pumps consumable tank.

Su-26 photo

Speaking about the equipment of the aircraft, it should be noted that the aircraft is equipped with most of the minimum necessary equipment. The on-board equipment of the machine includes systems such as altimeter, airspeed indicator, and the clock. Besides, there is a set of standard units that control the engine. The aircraft is also equipped with a small radio station of the "Breeze".

In the manufacture of the cockpit it was involved in a large number of specialists in different branches. For example, the pilot's seat is manufactured in compliance with all health care providers. The chair has a slope in 45 degree, this arrangement makes it easier to transfer large overload during performances. The back of the chair also has a niche in which to invest parachute models PLP. Very comfortable is the system of opening of the lantern on the right side. The Su-26 equipped with an automatic discharge lamp useful in an emergency.

Su-26 cabin

The Su-26 has more than five different versions, which are marked by high flight characteristics, it is necessary for the performance of the model on a global level.

Already after the fourth aircraft, improvements were made to the design. A three-bladed Hoffman propeller was installed, the tail unit was changed. Two years later, in 1986, on the Su-26M, our pilots began to steadily win prizes and gold medals at the world championships. This fact attracted general attention to the new model, and, as a result, in 1989, the Su-26M were first purchased by the United States. Other countries immediately followed their example.

           A number of aircraft characteristics, such as roll speed, pitch maneuverability, high-altitude movement, have breathtaking characteristics for people who understand.

     The creators of military equipment used a unique design and innovative technologies in a small sports aircraft. A design feature of the aircraft is a symmetrical, aerodynamic wing, developed specifically for the Su-26. An aircraft with such a wing makes no difference how to fly: up or down the landing gear. Features of the fuel supply system contribute to a steady supply of fuel during the most difficult turns.


     The aircraft is very obedient, sensitive to the slightest rudder movement, it has a fast acceleration and a high rate of climb. The angle of inclination of the pilot's seat has been adjusted to 45 degrees to make it easier to endure overloads, which, when controlling a high-speed aircraft in the small aerobatic zone, can be repeated many times and reach values ​​of + 12 / -10.

      And so, for the last fifteen years, at international aerobatics competitions and at demonstration acrobatic performances, most of the participants have been performing on Su-26M aircraft and its modifications. Its acrobatic flight is worth seeing! After this stunning spectacle, people involuntarily awaken pride for the designers and, of course, for the brave pilots.

     That small part of humanity, which was fortunate enough to fly, for whom the flight became a profession - people with a special worldview, one might say, with a particular mindset. All those who have been in the company of the people of the flight profession for a more or less long time will surely note one curious feature - the pilots are very cheerful, cheerful, laughter and jokes always sound in their company. What is the conclusion? He can be only one: these people are happy!

Features Su-26:

Modification   Sioux 26M
Wingspan, m   7.80
Aircraft Length m   6.83
Height, m   2.78
Wing area, m2   11.83
Weight, kg  
  empty aircraft   680
  maximum take-off   835
Fuel l  
  inner   60
  PTB   140
engine's type   1 PD M-14P
Power, hp   X 1 360
Maximum speed km / h  
  dive   450
  horizontal flight   310
Practical range, km   800
The maximum rate of climb, m / min   1080
Practical ceiling, m   4000
Max. operation overload   12
Crew   1


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