Posters Russian aviation
Posters Russian aviation

Posters Aviation Russia. Emblems of civil aviation.



Do pilots have many different markings. Official images of the Russian Air Force emblems approved by the defense ministry.

According to the current orders of the municipality "On the military heraldic symbols of" small Aviation Emblem is deployed horizontally (gliding) wings, crossed with the image of a screw propeller and anti-aircraft guns. Anti-aircraft gun in the "set" is a symbol of defense.


emblem Russian aviation

small emblem Russian aviation

The small emblem of Russia's military aviation is similar to the nocturnal sign of general aviation pilots with the difference that on the last wings are crossed with only two propeller blades (the gun is missing). During the Soviet era, the emblem of civil aviation also represented deployed wings with a five-pointed star in the middle. In a word, deployed soaring wings are a universal symbol of aviation, which means flight and speed. Wings, in one form or another, are often depicted on their own emblems and the identification marks of different air units, aviation training institutions and so on. Depending on the type of troops, on the emblem in the form of wings may be present private identification marks: for example, the emblem of the engineering staff of the Air Force has a crossed hammer and a sliding key.

Average official emblem of the Russian Air Force is a golden two-headed eagle. Double-headed eagle - a very ancient symbol. On average emblem Russian aviation bird also has outstretched wings. In view of the troops crossed indicate two-blade propeller and anti-aircraft guns, which the eagle holds in its paws. Eagle complements red shield on his chest where the image is placed rider with a spear. Under the hooves of the horse winds struck the dragon.


Average emblem Russian aviation

Average official emblem of the Russian Air Force


Much Aviation Emblem (The emblem of the Air Force of the Russian Federation) repeats the image of the wings of a small emblem on a round blue field. The blue color of the heraldic shield has always been the traditional color of aviation. The field is framed by a golden wreath of celery leaves. Sometimes on the Internet you can find "variations" on the emblem of military aviators who place a blue field in a wreath of laurel leaves, as well as oak and even palm trees. This is done by masters of photoshop for ignorance or a joke. In fact, it should be exactly the leaves of celery, and no others. Celery is an old heraldic sign, symbolizing, in this case, a high honor and fidelity to military duty. At the top of the wreath of celery is placed a golden double-headed eagle (the middle emblem of aviation).


Most mascot Aviation

Most mascot Aviation

whether the commercial use of the Air Force emblem is permissible. For example, in printed material.