Aircraft Challenger 601-3R
Aircraft Challenger 601-3R. Photo, video and location of interior

Bombardier Challenger 601-3R Airplane



Bombardier Airplane Challenger 601-3R It is a large airliner, which is designed to overcome the extended range of distances.


Challenger 601-3R scheme salon

Challenger 601-3R interior scheme


This aircraft was designed on the basis of the model Challenger 601 and has a modification of 3R. This line of aircraft first became known in the 1976 year. The idea to design this aircraft came from Lear Jet, after which another company bought the idea and worked on improving this model. Many improvements are based on various modifications, for example in relation to the design of the fuselage. 


Challenger 601-3R Salon

Challenger 601-3R Salon


Spacious interior today VIP Customers can please the tables, armchairs and other conveniences. In the plane there are communication devices and other systems. Passengers will be able, if necessary, go to the luggage compartment and take it all the necessary things.



Characteristics of the Challenger 601-3R aircraft:


  • : Range: 6639km.
  • : The highest altitude: 12497m.
  • : Maximum takeoff weight: 20457kg.
  • : Cabin height: 1.85m.
  • : The length of the passenger compartment: 7.77m.
  • : The greatest number of passengers: 9-12chelovek.
  • : The volume of the cabin: 29.31kub.m ..
  • : The optimal number of passengers: 10.
  • : The width of the interior: 2.49m.
  • : Height: 6.30m.
  • Length: 20.85m.
  • : Wingspan: 19.61m.


Challenger 601-3R video

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